Gmail gets RTF and expands to 2 Gigs of space.

Looks like Google is still working hard to improve their Gmail service. First they announce that they’re adding Rich Text Formatting to the service, which will allow you to change font sizes, colors, and make text bold or italic and so on, then they announce that they’re expanding the available storage to 2 Gigabytes per user with plans to increase it further as time goes on. They are rolling both of these features out over time so you may not have one or the other just yet, but when you do you’ll see a New Features link at the top of the page. I didn’t have the RTF option this morning, but I did later in the evening. Here’s a screencap of the help page:

First spotted over at Dave’s Chalkboard, which is where I stole the screencap from.


3 thoughts on “Gmail gets RTF and expands to 2 Gigs of space.

  1. Well, I for my part will keep sending plain-text mails, if simply because I know of several friends of mine who use text-only email clients. But I like it that Google keeps improving their service grin

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