Dance, White Boy, Dance.

Hey, the guy dances better than I can.

Shake your funky groove thang!

6 thoughts on “Dance, White Boy, Dance.

  1. He’d score with me, baby.  (Not that he’d want to, but there you go …)

    Consi, you were right!  Real men DO dance! grin

  2. What’s that old USAF motto?

    “You can sleep well tonight – your Air Force is dancing the night away.”

    Since this guy may be flying a plane with nuclear weapons some day, I hope he spends as much time on his aviation skills as he does on his dancing. Of course, if he ends up half as good at flying as he is at dancing, we’ve nothing to worry about.

  3. Hey, that guy rocks!  Haha!!  And I like his reaction at the end.  He thinks it’s as funny as his buddy does.  Awesome.

  4. I think that dude rocks! hes a wicked dancer, i wish i could dance like that. If i was that dude, the first thing my roomate would have goptten is a smack in the face. but hey, it was pretty cool 😀

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