Dad’s surgery and his Wish Lists.

Had a couple of folks write in to ask about my dad’s upcoming heart surgery which had gotten pushed back twice to tomorrow morning. Well, he just called and let me know it’s been pushed back again to this Friday. So needless to say he’s annoyed, but he’s staying good spirits about it.

Back when he was in the hospital with pneumonia several of you asked if he had a wish list available that you could send him something off of. He does have both an Amazon and ThinkGeek Wish List, but until this morning he didn’t have an address associated with them, which was the other part of today’s phone call. With that taken care of if you folks still want to buy him something you can do so via Amazon or ThinkGeek. The ThinkGeek list is a little sparse right now because their website is having trouble doing much of anything at the moment. As soon as it’s straightened out Dad has asked me to add a couple more things to it.

3 thoughts on “Dad’s surgery and his Wish Lists.

  1. Wish him all the best for me please?

    And an extra dose of patience dealing with all the delays? Hopefully the outcome will be a perfect example of “Good things come to those who wait.”


    (I’ve never noticed if your captchas are usually subject-related, but this one is ‘waiting 67’. Bizarre.

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