CNN’s Nancy Grace is a putz.

How the hell does Nancy Grace keep her job as host of her own program on CNN’s Headline News channel? I’ve not watched CNN in awhile so I was very surprised when I encountered her for the first time the other day and for a couple of moments I thought I had mistakenly turned to FOX News. She manages to avoid the screaming of Bill “Douchebag” O’Reilly and I’ve yet to hear her tell someone to shut up, but that hasn’t stopped her from being just as obnoxious in her own way.

As I type this she’s beating the Terri Schiavo issue into the ground with interviews of people on both sides of the issue and it’s clear that her bias is that Terri was effectively murdered. When she’s not getting the responses she wants she interrupts with loaded questions instead of letting the people finish what they were saying. She’s been letting one of the doctors who examined Terri really have it over the fact that Terri died of dehydration. To his credit the doctor seems to be keeping his sense of humor about it. When a presbyterian minister launched into him and repeatedly demanded that he explain what it’s like to die of dehydration the doctor said, “Well, if you’d let me I’d be happy to explain to you what it’s like.” Nancy’s trying to compare Terri’s situation to the fact that the Pope is currently on a feeding tube and she keeps rehashing the fact that the Schindler siblings were barred from being in the room when Terri died.

Now she’s complaining about how it became a circus at the end. The irony, of course, is she doesn’t seem to realize she’s one of the acts participating in it. Man, I have to turn this off before I end up throwing a brick through the screen. Wow, she’s a major putz. Unbelievable.

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  1. How the hell does Nancy Grace keep her job as host of her own program on CNN’s Headline News channel?

    Les, you said it all in your title.  It is simply because she IS a putz that she gets her own show.  That’s what it takes to have your own “news” show in this strange time.  How else can one explain that the demented chipmunk Michelle Malkin is a “news analyist?”

    All it takes is loud, ignorant and uber-conservative and you’re a star.  I think they are both bitches.

  2. My dad hates her. Every time he sees her on TV he says, “Man, what a bitch!” She’s supposedly a “former prosecutor” that CNN brought out every five minutes to give “expert testimony” on the Scott Peterson trial, but she’s so full of crazed vitriol that I can’t imagine how she kept a job as a prosecutor. Her inability to carry on a logical debate is probably the reason for her being a FORMER prosecutor at such a young age.

    Or maybe, CNN needed someone to counter the ratings of Douchebag O’Reilly.

  3. Maybe someone at CNN watching Ann Coulter said “Man, we gotta get one of those!”.

    Coulter’s on Fox, isn’t she?  Dunno – I rarely watch them.  I get tired of the 10 minute news loop.  Douche- and airbags that spray spit and talk over differing opinions I find boring, since there’s little real info to be had.  Besides, those fuckers just pull shit off AP wire, which I’ve usually already read online.  The only time I find them worth watching is when shit’s getting blown up or John Stewart’s calling somebody a dick.

  4. I don’t normally bother either and I’m not sure why I decided to stop and watch Nancy “Putz” Grace for any amount of time other than I’d never seen her before and was curious. It makes me wonder if they have on the application forms for those jobs questions like: “How many years experience as a major asshole do you have?”

  5. Nancy on the (E) channei a few weeks ago Latoy was talking about Joe her father having sex with her an Janet. The one night after Joe git done with her she said he was going to go in to Janet an the Mother said Joe let her rest tonight, noone has ever said anything about Joe molesting any of the other kids. He probly is the reason Michel is like he is. Anyway I was wandering if you heard this.By the way I think you are great.

  6. It’s because she’s such a screeching harpy that she has her own show. Well, that and this:

    The Headline Prime block ratings are up 56% in total viewers compared with a year ago, due in part to the success of “Nancy Grace.”

    She is apparently a former prosecutor from Atlanta (you should have heard her maudlin reminiscing during the courthouse shooting incident). She is also, as I’m sure you discovered, completely nuts.  And those outfits she wears—outré doesn’t even begin to describe them.

    Accused=guilty as far as she’s concerned, and she has absolutely no scruples about advocating for someone’s guilt before their trial has even begun. When the Robert Blake verdict came out, she looked for days as if she had personally been punched by every one of the jurors.

    If it wasn’t a matter of criminal justice and biasing the public in favor of the proposition that the cops are always right, you could almost enjoy her show as a form of high camp.


  7. Knee deep in conservative town usa, I feel like I have the obligation to say how much I think Nancy Grace sucks!  I’m sorry but regardless of the news content being presented (Jackson Trial) she should still be scientific and impartial.  She seems to just blab-out her own opinions to the public.  Is she really working at CNN?  She seems to be the ignorant type that works and watches FOX news.  Sad.

  8. Nancy Grace should not have her own show. She is ignorant, and really abuses her power. TV becomes annoying to watch when you see people like her reporting. She is having the biggest field day with the Michael Jackson case!! Why?!?! That man did not do anything to her, but she constantly slanders him, and accuses him of being a perverted child molester. In America, you’re innocent until proven guilty;should’ve been fired a long time ago.

  9. If anybody hates Nancy Grace, as I do, then you need to let CNN, Court TV know that you won’t watch their channels or shows until this putz if fired!

    nuff said.

  10. She did the same thing with the Michael Peterson case.
    She is dead wrong on virtually every issue Iv seen her open her mouth on.
    She is always heavily bias, Always dead wrong and probably one of if not THE worst reporter iv ever seen.

  11. Wow. I just went to Google and typed in “Nancy Grace sucks” and up came this Web site.

    Seriously, I don’t want to be vicious, I agree with almost all of the previous postings.

    She is an actress with a law degree. She goes into this dramatic mode that should land her on “Geriatric Real World.” Which is probably why she has become so popular.

    Yes, everyone is guilty in her book before the trial even begins.

    But all this hand waving, cutting off people while they’re talking, blatant impartiality, goofy commentary, and then all these subtle fake tears, cracking voice and false emotions. Wow! She honest and truly, and I’m not being funny, should be an actress. Seriously. She is hideous.

    Lastly, and I hope this doesn’t offend anyone, but she has a long look down that snoot of hers at the common man, and she’s from Georgia!!!

    Where can we formally complain?

  12. I am so frustrated with Nancy Grace!  I was looking for a place to complain tonight as well.  It just makes me so made that her “reporting” is tolerated and even endorsed by CNN and Larry King. 

    I just posted a thread on the Court TV Message board titled “Nancy Grace” under the Cold Case section.  I included a poll.

  13. My husband and I can hardly stand the look of Nancy Grace…she certainly does feel that everyone is fully guilty..before being tried…and That phoney, low, cracking voice of hers makes me shudder !! I personally think someone should look into the death of that fiance of hers…she probably ordered it…and it is obvious to me why she has never married…who in hell would want to live with someone that is never ever wrong ??? She thinks she knows it all…but it doesn’t take much to realize that she really knows nothing at all…Boo.. Nancy (airhead) Grace.

  14. For all of those tragic results of unfortunate sexual acts that believe that Miss Nasty is so well-versed in the law, I challenge them to have a look at the info regarding what the Georgia State Supreme Court had to say regarding her prosecutorial misconduct in State of Georgia v. Wayne Carr:

    She also came out swinging when Richard Ricci was mentioned as a suspect in the Smart abduction. Not one word was ever uttered regarding how very wrong she was even when he was posthumously cleared.

    To Nasty, “Defendant” is synonymous with “convicted.” To cloak her in the mantle of “journalist” is to take a Louisville Slugger to standards of professionalism and objectivity.

    I wish CNN would give her the consolation bag of Alpo and send her on her way.

  15. Les,

    I figured you might like this:

    Given that Grace comments so frequently on matters of criminal law, I wonder if she’ll comment on the Eleventh Circuit’s opinion today in Stephens v. Hall. In an opinion by Judge Pryor, the Eleventh Circuit considered the remedy for a case in which a certain Fulton County District Attorney’s Office prosecutor was found by the court to have “played fast and loose with her ethical duties” under the Constitution. The name of the prosecutor? Nancy Grace.

    Compliments of

  16. Am I the only one so blissfully ignorant?

    Ah, elwed, the ignorance furthered by living in Europe is sometimes bliss… LOL

  17. You, Stupid Evil Bastard, are the fucking putz!!  Nancy Grace is an intelligent, knowledgeable individual.  Her purpose is to evoke different thoughts and opinions on the subject she is undertaking.  If you so can’t stand to watch her, don’t you stupid dumbass!!  Grow up you weirdo!!

  18. Hey Spocko—you are an childish, immature, spock-loving asshole—you dumbass dick!!!

  19. Oooo!  She called you a spock-lover!  Now THAT’S gotta hurt.  grin

    Boy, cartec2, you sure convinced me.  Anyone who has such mature, intelligent, thoughtful supporters as you has GOT to be right. 


  20. Uhh, anyone notice that Cartec2 appears to be associated with the Montgomery County government office in Maryland?

    Should someone in such a position be posting profane …

    …are the fucking putz!!

    … remarks on a public blog?  Tsk tsk!


  21. Yes, gm, you can tell how erudite she is from her vocabulary.  lol What’s really amusing is that she suggests we just don’t watch Grace’s show, but conservatives are always the first to try to ban TV/radio shows or books that don’t agree with them.  I wonder if her boss at the Montgomery County government office knows how she is spending her time typing out cusswords and name-calling. tongue wink hahaha

  22. Her use of cuss words doesn’t bother me considering I tend to use them myself, but the total lack of anything resembling a reasoned argument speaks volumes. If this person were hoping to change my opinion of Nancy PutzGrace then all they’ve done is prove to me that she attracts viewers who are of similar dubious quality. It’s about the same level of reasoning that Nancy herself tends to use from what I’ve seen.

  23. “Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood clean from my hand?”

    Oh, yes, I feel sufficiently chastened now! Ahh, the scourge of a cathouse curse.

    Montgomery County of sniper fame… Chief Moose evidently didn’t bring down all the losers, n’est-ce pas?

  24. I don’t understand all the fuss over Nancy Grace. I watch her every day and I think she is a very intellegent person. She finished with honors from law school. It is not her style to sit in that anchor chair like a puppet. She is feisty and she says what she thinks, just as we all do that live in the USA. Her tv shows and her daily radio show would be very dull if she was not the way she is each day. She was an ADA, so naturally that is her mentality, just as the crimianl defense atty. guest on with her have their views. I don’t hear you saying anything about their views. Her make-up could use some adjustments, but other than that, she is GREAT!
    Learn to love your fellow americans and you will feel so much peace within yourselves.
    Have a good day!!

  25. She’s an obnoxious bitch with a questionable career as an ADA behind her.

    As for learning to love my fellow Americans, when I come across some that are actually lovable then I’ll make a point to do so. Nancy Grace is about as lovable as a pit viper. Considering you’re obviously a fan I’d have to question the soundness of your advice.

  26. Claudia,
    I am alrealy a member of Nancy’s fan club. It’s nice to know there are some objective people out there that love Nancy. You know, she is a very compassionate person and I don’t understand why people do not see this side of her.
    Have a blessed day.

  27. Ragman,
    I have never even been on google. I have AOL and I
    use that search engine. I don’t have a URL anywhere. I was just stating how I feel about Nancy Grace. Soooooooooooooo, I guess you are wrong!

  28. I have AOL and I use that search engine.

    Well, that explains a lot more than it should.

  29. I don’t see how anyone could be a fan of this beeotch!

    “Cops only arrest the guilty, so why bother with a trial?”
    —Nancy Grace

    The Atlanta defense bar, however, was not so enamored. Defense lawyers accused her of intimidating witnesses and withholding evidence. They also lambasted her for her behavior in the courtroom, which blended the sacred (the Atlanta defense lawyer Jack Martin says Grace would ostentatiously thumb through a Bible while the defense was cross-examining one of her witnesses) with the profane (another Atlanta attorney, Dennis Scheib, complains that she would wear low-cut blouses and provocatively lean over into the jury box). “You needed three lawyers to try a case with Nancy Grace—two to watch her and one to argue the case,” says Scheib, who represented a man Grace successfully prosecuted for murder in 1996. Grace vehemently denies all of these charges, dismissing such complaints as “sour grapes” from the very people she repeatedly bested in the courtroom. But, in at least two instances, the Georgia Supreme Court also took issue with her prosecutorial tactics. In 1994, the Court overturned a drug-dealing conviction she had won on the grounds that she improperly inflamed the jury by mentioning in her closing arguments an unrelated triple homicide and a serial rape case. And, in 1997, the Court reversed a murder and arson conviction Grace had secured, chastising her for “an extensive pattern of inappropriate and, in some cases, illegal conduct,” including her decision to allow a CNN camera crew to film her inside the defendant’s house, to which she had gained entry through a search warrant.

    found here

    We conclude that the conduct of the prosecuting attorney in this case, Nancy Grace, demonstrated her disregard of the notions of due process and fairness, and was inexcusable…

    —Georgia Supreme Court

    Recently, she has really been having fun chastising past jurors and judges who set free defendants who later committed a heinous crime. Never mind the fact that she wasn’t present to hear the testimony or personally see the evidence in those cases. In her mind, every last one of those jurors and judges should be hanging their head in shame. Toward the end of this “commentary”, she asks how jurors in a child molestation trial who acquitted the defendant could look themselves in the mirror now that the defendant has been charged with abducting and murdering a young girl. (In the same article, she chastises federal prosecutors for making a plea deal with Eric Rudolph and settling for four life sentences, instead of seeking the death penalty, even with the very real risk of an acquittal, but that’s another story.) I hope those jurors look themselves in the mirror and remind themselves that they took an oath to follow the law and not convict someone unless the offense was proven beyond a reasonable doubt—and that they followed that oath. It is this type of argument that makes it so hard to win acquittals in child sex cases. Jurors, even in the face of having a true reasonable doubt, are worried about setting free someone who might be a child molester and might hurt another child. I’ve also never seen Nancy ask how jurors who wrongfully convicted an innocent person can look themselves in the mirror. Not that she would admit that’s ever happened.

    Found here


  30. I have never even been on google. I have AOL and I use that search engine. I don’t have a URL anywhere. I was just stating how I feel about Nancy Grace. Soooooooooooooo, I guess you are wrong!


    Considering that you and Claudia are both on a anti-Nancy Grace thread blowing sunshine up each other over a fansite, I still say you’re trying to jack the google rating of said fansite. 

    Oh, by the way, you ARE on Google now.  Google your email addy.  (Don’t happen to live/work in LaGrange GA, do you?)

    Of course, I can’t dismiss the possibility that you could just be a newbie AOLer.

    Kudos for having good grammer.

  31. First: I doubt there are many lawyers that have not been slapped on the wrist for something. I worked in a hospital lab for 30 years and we were always being looked at and occassionaly fined for something. Yes, even the doctors. They even get sued by patients. Surprised? As a Meidcal Technologist, I even had to carry malpractice insurance.I have read all of the data in the past that was posted about Nancy by Spoko Not new news!

    Second: I am not from Georgia. What is wrong with my grammar, too southern?? At least I do not use foul language to express my feelings and I certainly do not hate anyone. Totally unnescessary! Ragman must be a yankee that hates southern women.

    Third: Nancy is right about Eric Rudolph. If anyone should get death, it is him. He took the lives of many innocent people, so his life should be taken. Yes, I am a right wing conservative and a christian and I do believe in the death penalty
    in some cases.

    Last: Les, sorry I sent you an email by mistake. I am sick with many incurable diseases and my eyes do not always see what they need to see. One of my diseases affects my eyes. Sorry!

    All of you have a good day.

  32. Ragman
    Yep I use google! I love it just about as much as I love watching Nancy Grace. And no I don’t have a website. Shucks I can’t even get my printer connected to my pc.Duh. Get happy, it’s much more fun to live.
    Take care

  33. Claudia,

    Good response. Some of these people are so tense.
    Being happy is so much better than having bitterness in your heart.
    So, you and I are not computer savvy, why is this so annoying to Ragman? I just sign on to AOL and do searches and send emails. I am glad that he knows so much about computers and the internet and can teach us what we do not know. Thanks, Ragman!
    Have a great day!

  34. You guys read one post and you have the arrogance to claim we’re tense and unhappy. That takes quite a bit of gall on your part.

    Now before you and Claudia get much more intimate with each other I suggest you go someplace and rent a room.

  35. We southern belles do have gall and we thank GOD for it.  As for me and Claudia, talk about gall.
    I told you I was a Christian, not a lesbian.
    Yes, Ragman!! I am from the south, but not Georgia! Just so you will know, I am from South Carolina and a graduate of the University of South Carolina. I live 30 miles from the Georgia border, 150 miles from Atlanta.
    Anyway,have a good evening.

  36. Poor Les, he can dish it out, but don’t it hurt soooo much to take it?
    Kathy and I don’t even know each other, we are just friends and Nancy Grace supporters. We are here to have fun and tell people that Nancy Grace is not given fair credit where it is overdue. No one, not even Les can ever make me lose focus. A room Les? when we are having so much fun here!
    Take care

  37. Nancy Grace is very biased; she is a commentater not a news reporter. I used to watch CNN; not anymore.

  38. Guys, guys!  No need to get tense and unhappy about CNN and Nancy Grace!  Just watch Bill O’Reilley and the “Fair And Balanced™” (FAB) team at Fox news!!!

    You know they’re FAB because they remind you about every minute or so during their broadcasts.

    Alas, since I don’t have cable and FOX is the only news channel on at the gym, I’ve never seen her broadcast.  Seems I’m missing something special.  cool smirk

  39. Second: I am not from Georgia. What is wrong with my grammar, too southern?? At least I do not use foul language to express my feelings and I certainly do not hate anyone. Totally unnescessary! 

    If I had a problem with you being a Dixie Belle, I wouldn’t have used a specific location.  Kudos means praise, as in you have better grammer than most who come trolling.  I can take the compliment back, if you like.  It’s no problem for me to bash on the Great Satan AOL. 

    Ragman must be a yankee that hates southern women.

    Funny, considering I had to move north to live in Mississippi.  If you couldn’t tell from my grammer, I’m actually a coonass. smile

  40. We southern belles do have gall and we thank GOD for it.

    Why am I not surprised you’d thank God for being the obnoxious and arrogant person who appear to be?

    As for me and Claudia, talk about gall.
    I told you I was a Christian, not a lesbian.

    What? You don’t think it’s possible to be both a Christian and a lesbian?

    Now as for Claudia…

    Poor Les, he can dish it out, but don’t it hurt soooo much to take it?

    Take what? Your inane blathering? Are you kidding? I’m laughing my ass off over here!

    Kathy and I don’t even know each other, we are just friends and Nancy Grace supporters. We are here to have fun and tell people that Nancy Grace is not given fair credit where it is overdue.

    Seems to me she’s up to her neck in credit. It’s just a shame so much of it is negative.

    No one, not even Les can ever make me lose focus. A room Les? when we are having so much fun here!

    And here I thought you might be worried about being arrested for performing such acts in public.

  41. Les, you can not be a Christian and a lesbian.
    Againist the laws of GOD and I do thank GOD for all things. Even you.

    Sorry I misunderstood your compliment,Ragman.
    I thought you were putting southern women down.
    I do thank you for the compliment. As you know, some people think southern folks are beneath them.
    My daughter thinks since I was a Chemisty major that I am not very good in English. I will let her know that you think I am rather good.
    I guess I am not educated in this AOL thing and this conspiracy theory though. Could you update me on that? I would appreciate your input.
    Have a great Tuesday.

  42. Les, it looks like you got a sudden “WE MUST DEFEND DEAR NANCY AT ONCE” sort of rush. What do you think? Seriously; do you think these people are for real? This weird. Look at the dates on your comments. Some sort of organization seems to be evident here. Of course, I just returned from a bar…

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