Buzz is back!

In an apparent attempt to become the Michael Jordan of the Blogosphere, Buzz of Buzzstuff has decided to come out of retirement and start blogging about nothing in particular once again.

See, the problem with returning to the blogging world (as a blogger and not just a reader) is twofold, no threefold. Wait, I think it may actually be fourfold. Well, whatever it is, it’s pretty damn foldy!

First there’s the problem of “What if I decide quitting is funner than returning”? I can’t just keep having farewell posts. Who do I think I am….Cher?

Trust me, Buzz. You’re way more attractive than Cher even if you keep doing farewell tours. I mean, I’d actually consider dating you over Cher. That is, if we weren’t both already married… and men… with beards.

He must have sensed that I was getting ready to steal his ever popular “Blog It Forward” meme because I’ve actually kind of missed it. So if you’ve missed Buzz as much as I have then let the rejoicing begin for he hath returneth.

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