Arrogant Nation by Doug Soderstrom

Arrogant Nation

By Doug Soderstrom

29 April, 2005

Claims to be “a psycho-social analysis of United States” and is well worth a read, especially if you’re American!

The arrogance of ignorance, a profoundly dangerous and ill-informed presumption that one’s own people are better (wiser, morally and spiritually ascendant, and more capable) than others, seems rather well entrenched within the American populace. It is such that seems to have created a social-political environment that continues to encourage the American effort to build a World Empire. All of the elements are there, in fact, it seems that at this very moment, at the very dawn of the third millennium, the foundation has been laid. The people have been primed, the leadership (The Bush-Cheney Administration) is in place, and The Great American War Machine is ready to take action.

we have become so ethnocentrically arrogant, so open to the use of violence, so religiously crippled, so pervasively ignorant of our impact upon the world, so terribly frightened and insecure? Such I believe means that we, as a people, have allowed ourselves to have been set up, to have become rather ripe for the picking, to have become very ready and extremely well-prepared to be led by those in power (The Bush-Cheney Administration) into a jack-booted, goose-stepped march toward world empire, a determined attempt by our own country to dominate and to eventually rule the world.

Follow the link and read the whole thing. This guy makes interesting and valid points and even ends on an upbeat note :

It is time that we, as citizens, stand up and take charge of our nation and do so in a manner that might enable our country to become a harbinger of peace, love, and justice; a beacon of light, an example for the rest of the world to follow.

2 thoughts on “Arrogant Nation by Doug Soderstrom

  1. Ok. Read you. It is time etc: what have you thus far done today to Stand Up etc etc? Either lead, do it on your own and not worry about others, or stop typing crapola

  2. Um, you’re a little difficult to follow, legion. English not your first language maybe? I assume you’re not in full agreement with Dr. Soderstrom which doesn’t surprise me although I had hoped for more reasoned comment than “stop typing crapola”. I’m not sure which is the most alarming – the “I disagree with you therefore you’re wrong” attitude on display here or the sentiment “do it on your own and not worry about others”. The Hell with everyone else, eh?

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