Another 137 trackbacks last night.

Mainly for two sites that, as near as I could tell, don’t actually exist at the moment. Or they’re so new the DNS servers haven’t propagated their info yet. I think I’m done with trackback. I’m going to go through and turn it off on all posts and set the default setting to not allow trackbacks from here on out. It’s just not worth the hassle anymore.

Update: I’m leaving trackbacks on for SEB for the moment for testing purposes. I’ll be turning it off for all the other blogs I maintain though.

5 thoughts on “Another 137 trackbacks last night.

  1. You know that in 1.2.1 there’s a global weblog setting that you can use, rather than doing it for each post/default? =)

  2. Kind of. I was just talking it over with Paul. I went through each blog and turned off Allow Trackbacks In This Blog and Insert Trackback Autodiscovery Code. The blogs still display a trackback URL, but don’t seem to accept pings so for the moment that’s enough.

  3. Is there a way to turn off trackback pings in Movable Type?

    I am still running an MT blog for someone and they are constantly being TB spammed.

  4. Etan, install the new Spamlookup plugin from Brad Choate, then enable the trackback and comment “passphrase” feature.

    It works so well that I’ve turned off MT-Blacklist. I have not had a single, solitary comment or trackback spam in almost a week now.

    You can see how I’ve implemented it here.

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