A Waisted Message?

Now everywhere you go you can ask “What the fuck is wrong with you people?”  with the Scrolling Belt Buckle. You might even get an answer you can understand and respect. Regardless, you’ll have them looking in your direction. Starting a conversation just got so much easier, you’ll wonder why you haven’t let your midsection do the talking before.

What would you have it say? I’m quite curious.

10 thoughts on “A Waisted Message?

  1. Most likely sayings, as predicted by me:

    1. Hawaiian shirts Rock!

    2. I [heart] Billy Ray Cyrus.

    3. Pocket pool champion-2004.

    4. Jesus Saves

    5. Hoosier Harry’s Used Kia Car Lot

    6. Little Peter Meter

    7. Property of Tyrone.

    8. Needs batteries. 

    9. Howard Dean 08.

    10. Proud to be a Dittohead

  2. Good ones guys but I should be able to think of one or two too. How about:

    “Help, I’m being held prisoner in a scrolling belt buckle factory!”


    “Film at eleven.”


    “Hey good lookin’, we’ll be back to pick you up later!”


    I wonder how many of these people will actually get.

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