WordPress May Be Banned By Google For Spam

From Slashdot:

WordPress, an incredibly popular Open Source Blogging system was found to be spamming google by inserting hidden links to junk content on high paying Adsense keywords such as mesothelioma and debt consolidation. Following Threadwatch picking up the story an anonymous Google rep appeared in the original thread admonishing bloggers not to use sneaky tactics to rank highly for “duplicate content” such as the 100,000 hidden articles on the WordPress site. The articles have now dissapeared from Google and it remains to be seen whether Google will ban WordPress outright as they tend to do when SEO’s and web dev’s pull these kinds of stunts.

Apparently the dollar amount was just too much for WordPress to resist. Can’t say I blame them though, with the costs of bandwidth like they are, they have to make money somehow, and “spam” for those particular keywords pay out ALOT of money. Apparently anywhere from $40-$100 per click.

Original article appears here: http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=05/03/31/196220
There are more links in the original article for those who care to follow them.

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