Stupid frickin’ frackin’ backspace key.

Whoever decided that the backspace key should work as the BACK button on your browser should be shot. I was in the middle of a big review of World of Warcraft in honor of my reaching 54th level with my Dwarven Hunter when a stray keystroke sent the browser back a page wiping out the last 30 minutes or so of writing I’d done. Dammit. It’s late and I should be in bed so I’m not going to bother trying to recreate it right now. Later. Maybe.


17 thoughts on “Stupid frickin’ frackin’ backspace key.

  1. That has happened to me a few times, but quickly pressing forward loads up the page and data from the browser cache. Pays to write out a draft in

  2. …or VIM, or even Notepad. Strangely enough, the VIM homepage is blacklisted…

    But, pretty please, do write that review later – I’d love to see screenshots, too wink

    How is it to reach towards the endgame? Are there still so many lol3Rz? I’ve met some really strange people in WoW grin – one of them was trying to get me to enable PvP (I’m on a PvE server and was in Orgrimmar at that time), then I proposed a duel. He started to run away to go to “the arena”, only that he didn’t go to the PvP arena in Orgrimmar. I told him “we’ll duel now and here or never”, and he didn’t even bother to answer and just ran on. Also, when I’m walking around, there’s all the time party and guild invitations popping up on the screen. Should be able to block them.

    Other than that, I love the game, and I love every piece of writing about the game that I can get my hands on grin

  3. Why is it sometimes backspace send the page “back” but other times it does not. Especially when you are typing in address, soemtimes a backspace simply delete the previously typed letter yet at other times it operates as a back button.

  4. I don’t know if this is compatible with your chosen form of publishing tool but I use w.bloggar with great success when it comes to that kind of craziness.

  5. I was using my laptop at the time and it has one of those little touch pads for mouse movement on it. It’s not unusual for your thumb to sometimes slap it causing the focus to shift without you realizing it.

    Mitch, I’ve messed around a bit with those in the past both under MT and now EE and I’ve never really cared for them simply because I usually do my HTML by hand. If I’m going to use one of those then I may as well just use Notepad.

  6. I had a client that wanted me to turn off the double tap on his touchpad b/c of that. 

    Using the tab key is what gets me sometimes when I’m trying to indent a paragraph.

  7. Touchpads!  The evil.  None of my clients likes them even though all our laptops have them.  They all ask for external mouse.

    Oddly the OS seems to make a difference.  My Dell laptop is dual-boot and it happens a lot more in Linux than in Windoze.  I’ll be typing along merrily in a text editor and suddenly I’m inserting the text several lines above where I was because the touchpad has decided to be too attentive. 

    For laptops I like either an external optical mouse or those little eraser-jobbies that poke up between the G/H keys.  Wal-Mart sells a mini-optical Logitech mouse with a short cord just for laptops.  $15 and it comes with a USB extender cord to use on regular computers too.

  8. I once had a Laptop that would have this little checkbox in Windoze (and I don’t remember if it was from the vendor-specific addon programs) “Wait .5 seconds after a keypress before making the touchpad useable”. Great! No random touchpad presses anymore grin

    Altough in my case, .3 seconds would easily have been enough wink

  9. My favorite was whatever genius decided that the CAPS LOCK key and the CTRL key should be swapped.

    It’s bad for touch typing DOS/Windows users doing word processing and such, but there are those of us who use vi in unix, and every keystroke means something.

    Reach for CTRL in the middle of an editing session, and suddenly, you’ve accidentally deleted two hours of work, hacked the kernel and sent rude mail to your boss by accident (at least, that was my excuse cool smile )

    Seriously, when Northgate released their Omni-Key keyboard, I bought it exclusively from their ad “…and the CTRL key to the left of the ‘A’ where God intended it to be.”

    Ultimately I did accept the new keyboard..and learned to have the CAPS LOCK key where it really belongs…in my lower desk drawer.

  10. Les, you made me laugh, because I’ve spent all this time trying to convince my computer-illiterate relatives that the browser is NOT a text editor, and you pen long works in at at your peril.

  11. Les, I feel your pain really I do. I can’t count the times I have spent ages writing a lengthy rant or response to someone on a forum, only to see the “timeout error” as I go to post it.

    I now have got into the habit of ‘select all + copy’ before I press the submit button on anything these days. Technology eh?  oh oh

  12. The mouse at the top of THIS PAGE is totally bitchin’.  I have one, though I didn’t pay nearly as much for it as I bought it with my Dell Laptop as a promotion.  I especially love the small size, and that there’s no cord, or even reciever outside of the mouse when you put it away (the little button on the left side opens up a cavity in the bottom where the USB receiver goes).

  13. Touchpad tapping is so stupid.  Many times I try to just move the curser somewhere and it just clicks/taps and then drag and drop items….

  14. As a reasonably new Warcraft denizen,i’d really like to read your latest WoW writings Les.So pull that finger out and get into it!
    (My 11th level Gnome mage Frandral is gonna kick your arse!)

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