Sony’s official PSP website goes live with launch lineup.

Sony’s bid to swipe the portable gaming market away from Nintendo has it’s own official website now and it details the 25 launch titles that will be available when the PSP hits U.S. stores on March 24th. The majority of games look to be ports or adaptations from the PS2. That isn’t surprising, but it is a bit disappointing.

Not that I can afford a PSP anytime soon, but if the majority of the titles are just going to be the same game as what I already own on the PS2 I’m not sure that there’s much of a reason to get one. The one truly unique game for the PSP that caught my attention, Death Jr., isn’t slated to be a launch title. Hopefully we’ll see more developers coming up with original content for the PSP that takes advantage of its features before too long.

1 thought on “Sony’s official PSP website goes live with launch lineup.

  1. Well, the Metal Gear game is actually supposed to be a card-based game. So, it’s not really a port of the previous metal-gear games…

    I can tell you, though, I will probably wait until Square starts releasing games for the PSP before I even think about buying one.

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