SEB is testing a new Polling module.

Fellow ExpressionEngine user King of Fools has developed a Polling module that allows you to put those little multiple choice poll questions on your EE blog as so many folks are wont to do. He’s already gotten it up to version 1.2 and that means I’m a bit late getting started on helping to test it out, but better late than never.

I must say that it’s really spiffy so far and I’ve always felt that my websites should have polls on them even though when I’ve gone through the trouble of adding them in I never actually bothered to come up with poll questions for them. Still, if there’s ever a question I need a completely unscientific poll about I now have the power to conduct it via SEB. Go ahead and try it out yourself and let me know of any errors you get. It’s over on the sidebar.

12 thoughts on “SEB is testing a new Polling module.

  1. Really? Interesting. Did it crash when you submitted the poll and it tried to display it afterwards?

  2. I like it although I can see where generating poll questions could become a hassle.  Especially since this is such a discussion oriented site.

  3. Hmmm…
    I can see it used to pick the Best of SEB, or the Best of the Blogroll, etc …

    That and what kind of ice cream smile

    Les, is there a good list of modules available for EE? There is a for plugs,but nothing for mods that I can find πŸ™

  4. I believe that either plans are afoot to either modify the plugin site to include modules or come up with a modules site in addition to it in the near future. There’s not even a handful of modules available yet to make it worth the effort though. I do know that the EEWiki has a listing of the known modules available (all 4 of them) in addition to two currently unreleased modules.

  5. It crashed, after I hit the choice, selected the submit, when it was attempting to display the results.

    Is this still a beta?

    If not, why isn’t it on the EE plugins site?

  6. Because it’s a module. grin As far as I know it’s not considered beta at the moment, but the author isn’t 100% sure it’s bug free either.

  7. Is this still a beta?

    If not, why isn’t it on the EE plugins site?

    I can’t answer the first question, but I would bet its not on the EE Plugin site because it is not an EE Plugin, but rather an EE Module … a different entity entirely smile

    as I said above, it would be a good thing™ to have a in addition to … build it and they will come

  8. I have noticed one thing…

    I installed it on my about page for testing and when you submit the form, it automagickally goes back to your index page, not the page that called the form… not a Good Thing™ it should return you to the original page πŸ™

    Other than that, the install was flawless … although I still need to test it on my mac when I get back to my hotel tonight…


  9. In case you want to pass along the suggestions to the author you can join in on this discussion on the pMachine Forums. From the looks of it there are a few bugs yet—such as the parameter along you to change the height of the bar isn’t working properly—and lots of ideas for new features being bandied about. Also instruction on how to use it in entries with a new custom field added to your blog.

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