Evangellical Christian Mag Gives Constantine a Thumbs-Up

In a review that surprised the hell out of me (no pun intended), evangelical Christian magazine Relevant has given the new Keanu Reeves flick Constantine a big thumbs-up. Recognizing the movie’s similarities to the Biblical books of Job and Revelation, author Kevin Miller praises the film for presenting highly relevant spiritual questions in an entertaining context:

While the theology of this film is far from orthodox, the themes and questions it raises are a different story. Few Christian films have done a better job of depicting the difference between works and grace. And few mainstream films offer such a strong affirmation of the spiritual dimension of life, showing it to be every bit as real and consequential as the physical. Constantine also addresses a number of spiritual questions that seem particularly pressing at this point in time, questions like “Is God good?” “Does He have a plan for me?” “Is He out to get me?” “Is He even there?” and “What must I do to be saved?”


It’s an interesting perspective on the film, coming from an interesting publication. Relevant represents the crystallization of what I’ve seen as a growing trend in the the last few years: evangelical Christians of my generation and a little older who’ve opened themselves and their faith up to all aspects of politics and pop culture, rather than walling themselves off from the world.

While I’m not an evangelical Christian myself, I think this is a refreshing change and hope to see more of it. Such an outlook can only be beneficial to relations between those of all faiths.

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12 thoughts on “Evangellical Christian Mag Gives Constantine a Thumbs-Up

  1. I ran across an interesting mainstream/Hollywood/“liberal” review of the movie (on MSNBC, I think) that found “refreshing” the whole idea of Good and Evil and Heaven and Hell being “real.”  Which, for someone who’s been reading fantasy and comics for decades (let alone movies like “The Prophecy” and the like), I found kind of an odd.

  2. Dave: Reviews like that lend unfortunate credence to the notion that the mainstream / Hollywood / “liberal” media is out of touch. Not just with the “values” (a nebulous and slippery word, that) of the heartland, apparently, but with the sprawling variety of pop cultural confections as well.

    That kind of thinking is, of course, a logical fallacy. It doesn’t mean that the whole media is clueless, just that one reviewer in particular is a doof. wink

  3. I am sure that there are plenty of “liberal” commentators who read Hellblazer, etc.  Indeed, I would (if I were to generalize) associate the title with a more religiously/socially/politically “liberal” than “conservative” standpoint.  That was part of why the utter and almost stereotypical cluelessness of the review was so striking.

  4. Way to take a link spammer in stride, Zilch. smile

    As author of this post, Expression Engine seems to allow me to delete spam comments. Should I nix this one, or keep it around so that the follow-ups make sense?

  5. I took care of it. They’ve been added to the blacklist so we shouldn’t be seeing those links again anytime soon. Looks like the spammers were a little busy last night. I’m cleaning up a couple of such comments.

  6. Thanks, Les. Same here with the spam. Spam Karma has caught almost all of them, but I just got hit with a comment offering “digital window perforation printing,” whatever the hell that is.

  7. great. good to hear you have that all mopped up (spamrz must die). my view: this flick sucked butt. horendous acting pluse streamlined ideology digested by hollywood = shite.

    had good bits, but not a bit good overall.


  8. Hi SEB,  What’s your take on brokeback mtn.  Or how about that transvestite movie, the social progressive liberals in hollywood are trying to change our whole culture with their push to water down morals, IMO.  What do you think?  Cool site, dig it.  I like americal idol is that ridiculous?

  9. I can’t really give you my opinion as I’ve not seen either movie as of yet. I’m the sort of guy that if I’m spending $9 to get into a movie theater there had better damn well be some impressive explosions in the movie. Stuff like Brokeback and or “that transvestite movie” are things I rent once they hit DVD. Given that I’ve not seen them I have no way of knowing if they’re attempts to “water down morals” of society, but I can always hope.

    Is it ridiculous that you like American Idol? I don’t have much to go on, but my initial impression would be no, it’s not ridiculous that you like American Idol.

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