Random musings at 3 A.M.

So I’ve made a couple of attempts at starting a book and while scratching around with a couple of ideas I’ve had I’ve started to come up with some possible titles for it. The two I’m most fond of so far are: The Stupid Evil Bastard’s Guide to Life and You’re An Idiot If You Don’t Buy This Book. The first one would probably go over better, but I like the attitude present in the second one.

Now all I need to do is come up with several hundred pages of content beyond what I’ve already written.

7 thoughts on “Random musings at 3 A.M.

  1. Tony Pierce’s book “How to Blog” is doing well…. what about
    “How to Be a Stupid Evil Bastard”
    “A Bastards Guide to being Stupid and Evil”
    “Harry Potter and the Stupid Evil Bastard”

    Is there a free t-shirt for the winner here?

  2. Hey now all you need is for leguru,decrepit,zilch, and a couple others to contribute fifty pages each.  You tie it all together and you got it made!

  3. Actually Momma may be onto something here…

    Get say 10-20 of us to write essays on a topic, then select the best X of them, and tie it all together with Stupid, Evil, Commentary and whamo!

    It actually may not be a bad idea…

    Start something similar to 26 things… throw out 10 – 20 topics and let us all write an essay or short piece on one of them …  and then bundle the good ones together…

    Stipulate that all works to be entered into the “contest” must be CC Licensed and pub rights given to the project …

    hmm… might be an interesting project… if you are interested, maybe I will help and donate rantzone.org a dormant domain I own for the project… any takers?

  4. Isn’t it amazing how much you can write when you don’t have to, but as soon as you sit down to ‘write your book’ you end up staring at a blank page for hours?

    Well that’s the case with me when I try to write anything in a disciplined fashion, my mind is far too inclined to wander, and resists any serious attempts to get it to forumulate sentences productively with a vengeance.

    Good luck though, and I think the compendium idea is a good one, I’d certainly submit material for your consideration on a project like that one.

  5. Les, the replies you get are quite entertaining and there might already be enough of them to edit it into a small book!
    Collectively their intelligence seems to be higher than the North American average so that’s a good start right there.
    Besisdes, a list of quotes etc. is a hell of a lot easier than sitting down and composing 60-80 thousand words that are coherent and interesting at the same time, believe me!
    Allan W Janssen

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