Now, folks, that we have all gone through 4 years of Bush administration of our country, let’s see what you have to say about it.

How many of you believe that when G.W.B. was offered the chance to serve his country on activity duty, but instead got his Father to get him a commission in the National Guard, that this makes him some kind of military hero, entitled to strut in uniform as an example to all our brave boys? Raise your hands.
How many of you believe that when G.W.B. was shown to go A.W.O.L. from his National Guard duty, that this is a shining example to all our brave boys in uniform? Raise your hands.

How many of you believe that when G.W.B. smirked and mocked at a lady scheduled for execution in Texas, that this showed his “compassionate conservatism?”

How many of you believe that before 9/11, when G.W.B. took long vacations on his ranch, because being president was “hard”, that this shows he was on the alert against terrorists and took every precaution humanly possible against them.

How many of you still believe that Iraq had a mighty store of Weapons of Mass Destruction and that our country was in “imminent” danger from them?

How many of you still believe that Bush took every diplomatic step necessary to force Saddam Hussein to divest his WMD’s but was forced to take preemptive action because of the terrorism that Saddam had unleashed against the U.S.?

How many of you believe that all the W.M.D.’s were secretly taken to Iran or Syria, making it necessary for us to invade them soon?

How many of you believe recent statements of Condi Rice that there are NO plans, at the present moment, to invade either Iran or Syria?

How many of you believe that all the money spent on the war in Iraq was justified and that the U.S. economy doesn’t need it?

How many of you believe that G.W.B. is supposed to tell people when they can take a feeding tube out of someone in a vegetative state?

How many of you believe that G.W.B. is right in taking quotations out of the Bible and putting them a legal documents into our Constitution?

How many of you believe that oil had nothing to do with our invasion of Iraq?

How many of you believe that giving Millennium Corporation control of Iraq oil, without contracts, was perfectly fair?

How many of you believe that Millennium Corporation is corrupt?

How many of you are satisfied that Martha Steward, dangerous felon, was prosecuted but that Ken Delay is still enjoying liberty?

How many of you think that G.W.B. and his father never sold any arms or WMD’s to Saddam, or had any profitable business dealings with him.

How many of you don’t believe there was any Right Wing Conspiracy to put G.W.B. into office for immense access to government and the treasury?

How many of you believe that the Republican Congress is free and independent of all control by the Executive Branch and that senators will all vote independently of any executive pressure?

How many of you believe that the appointments of judges should be made independently of their personal religious beliefs or of executive pressure?

How many of you believe that judges should be appointed because of their religious beliefs which coincide with those of G.W.B.?

How many of you believe that Liberty and Freedom can be made by cruise missiles, heavy weapons, nuclear threats, and destruction of lives and property?

How many of you think that the death of over 100,000 Iraqis is a mere trifle, not even to be counted when compared to aspirations of G.W.B.

How many of you think that when G.W.B. strutted and swaggered in a flight suit on the deck of a carrier, that the Mission had been Accomplished and that all was back to normal relations?

How many of you think that putting a huge air base in a country we invaded is showing that we respect their sovereignty?

How many of you think that a foreign president hand-picking puppets to fill vital government posts in another country is respecting their sovereignty.

How many of you think that keeping 120,000 troops on duty, with guns drawn, tanks revved up, planes with loaded missiles at the ready, in a foreign country, still killing civilians and destroying property, is normal diplomacy.

How many of think that it was worth killing 1,500 of our brave soldiers, and wounding or maiming thousands more was worth seeing G.W.B. strut about in monkey pants?

How many of you think a theocracy is much better than a democracy?

How many of you believe that G.W.B. has shown enough progress to tell other nations how to regulate their affairs?

Did you raise your hands at anything? Your voice?

Thank you for your opinion.

9 thoughts on “PUBLIC OPINION POLL

  1. How many of you are tired of peter fredson’s continually spitefull and arogant posts?

  2. Waaaahhhhh, Waaahhhhhh!  Hey do you hear that noise, Mr. Death?!  It’s the Wahmbulance, and it’s coming for you…Waahhhhh!

    I enjoyed the article Peter.

  3. I can’t answer these questions. I’m too wrapped up in the Terry Schiavo case.

  4. I always like your essays too Peter.Mr Death seems a little paranoid to me.Maybe he senses he may be in enemy territory..

  5. Hey, Peter, thanks again. Is your writing more the result of hobby or professional writing? There isn’t much you write that I’m not at least a little entertained by.

  6. BlueEyed Banshee, Frumpa and Arc Legion: Thanks for your comments.

    I began writing about 3 years ago when the shenanigans of Bush and his True Believer army went beyond normal democratic procedures.
    The Bush lies about WMD’s and the fact that he had made up his mind to invade Iraq when he first took office, led me to investigate the NeoCon and True Believer networks. What I found enraged my sensibilities.

    I found Bush and company using recruiting tactics similar to Francisco Franco and his Falange, to Benito Mussolini and his Classical Fascism, and to Adolph Hitler with his Homeland Security forces. I saw the all-pervasive and deliberately intrusive religiosity indicated a trend toward a theocracy. I knew that the appointment of Ashcroft signaled a change in our democracy.

    I know that Bush believes his powers are unlimited. I saw first-hand death and destruction by troops, the vile concentration camp at Dachau, and determined that such events should not repeat. I don’t believe in political assassination so my only recourse was to vent my outrage by writing before Bush and company have complete censorship.

    I try to warn people about the dangers Bush presents to the U.S. I try to show the exploitation of Bush by waving flags, kissing crosses, by referring to our brave soldiers who are his cannon-fodder, and by continually distracting people from real issues of our country by emotional appeals regarding sexual activity.

    I try to show the conspiratorial strategy of all of the Right Wing Think Tanks mixed with corporate greed. I try to show the nefarious influence of all of the televangelists out for a quick buck and their dumbing-down of American education. I try to warn people about the goals of dominionists, reconstructionists, apocalyptics, army of goddists, etc.

    I know that my essays will not affect the Bush True Believers in the slightest, that their course was set long ago, but I cannot stand idly by while our democracy is being transformed into a hideous simulacrum of imperial splendor for the elite, and a miserable existence for the rest.

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