Protesters outside Schaivo’s hospice are a bit on the nutty side.

There have been a lot of people holding vigil outside of the hospice where Terri Schiavo resided throughout the past few weeks. When word finally came this morning that she had passed away many of them were understandably upset. They had all put a lot of passion and emotion behind their vigil as well as more than a little wishful thinking, but a select few of them demonstrated a worrying lack of sanity about it.

Upon hearing the news, Patrick Bautch, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, disgustedly tossed away a sign that said “President Bush, Please Help Terri.”

“He could have done something,” Bautch said. “He was supposed to be for life and he neglected his role. … The value of human life has just gone down the drain.”

OK, nothing too horrible with that comment other than it implies that Mr. Bautch believes the President has the power to do whatever the hell he wants regardless of what the law says or the courts have decided or the people involved want.

A few feet away, a small group burst into hymns, singing the traditional song, “How Great Thou Art,” as Richard Jacobson, of Corning, New York, accompanied them on a tarnished trumpet.

Jacobson, who has been playing religious and patriotic music outside the hospice for the past three days, said he didn’t really believe that Terri was dead.

“I’m not believing the report of man,” the bearded man said. “God will raise her from the dead, and all the world will see it.”

Now this guy has lost touch with reality and has apparently confused Terri with Jesus Christ. As far as I’m aware, JC has been the only person to do the ‘lookit me I’m not really dead” routine so far in history, if you believe in that Bible thing at least, so why God would suddenly decide to have Terri provide an encore performance of that trick is beyond me. It also leads me to wonder if he thinks God would bring her back to life fully restored or just to the state she was in prior to death. Wouldn’t that be kinda cruel if God were to bring her back to life, but leave her in a persistent vegetative state?

After the announcement, Mike Stafford, of Hollywood, Florida, stood before police, who had arrested more than 50 people trying to bring water to Schiavo, gave the Nazi salute and shouted “Heil Hitler.”

“It’s really sick what we’ve seen here,” Stafford said.

This guy isn’t so much of a crazy as he is an asshole. He removes all guilt I sometimes feel about referring to the overly fundamentalist Christians in this country as the American Taliban. These people need to get a friggin’ hobby and stop sticking their damned noses in where it doesn’t belong.

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  1. Did you see the jugglers? How about the guy who let his 10 year old kid get arrested and then he was picked up at the hospice because he’s a frigging child molester!!
    How about all the horn blowers and noise makers? That place was a fucking 3 ring circus. I almost wanted to go up there and just take pictures of the loonies for fun. They looked like wack jobs on local tv…lmao

  2. You want to see sad…

    Plus, there is a whole list of people out there all going bonkers over this:

    This site has a list powered by Blogrolling that contains hundreds of nut cases all showing their stuff. :shiver:

    All I can say is that I’m glad it’s over for her, and it angers me that she wasn’t allowed to die more peacefully in the comfort of family without millions of onlookers and new media out to make a buck off of her suffering.

    Now if only humans could put this kind of energy into real problems like ending this war…


    Christian Europe: In 1591, a woman in England was convicted of recieving a certain unnamed medicine to help relieve labor pain. She was found guilty of witchcraft, chained to a stake, and burned to death.
        It always seems that the christian view of morality changes even though the book hasn’t changed (not counting “new” translations) in 2000 years. The tone of the morality changes whenever people finally get tired of the B.S.
        Advances in medicine have gone from being considered trying to play god and evil to being exactly what god wants.

  4. dave M. This is my favorite comment from the second site you posted.

    I love the Holy Father. I think his suffering is closely linked to Terri’s suffering. They will become known in history as a pair like J.F.K and Martin Luther King.

    They’re going to try and make her a saint now or something…lol
    Wacked. Just wacked.

  5. I may have been for keeping her alive, but everyone who was yelling for intervention by Bush and Perry to intervene must have missed the whole “not above the law” idea.

    A Saint? I doubt it, but this may very well be the Roe v. Wade of Euthanasia cases.

  6. How about Mithra, and the Dahli Lama? And is this the innocent life that will be taken before the Seventh Seal is broken? Boy!! Are we in for it, now! LOL

  7. What a spectacle!

    Shana, my brother said to me once, “sometimes you just have to relax and enjoy the Spectacle”.  But this particular spectacle is too unsettling to really enjoy wholeheartedly.  Sure, a lot of the absurdity is funny, but the level of passionate stupidity is frightening.

    Terri Schiavo deserved, as we all deserve, to die a dignified death.  That right was wrested from her, and she became a media porn.  Luckily, she was oblivious to it all.  Unfortunately, she has become an unholy focus for crazies of all ilks, who will do their best to inflict their madness on the rest of us.

  8. There was also Dorkus DOF…that would be the Little Girl who Jesus raised.  As well as an instance of an disciple breathing the breath of life into a dead man…though that sounds more like the first instance of CPR than necromancy to me.  wink  I’m too lazy to look up verses right now, maybe later.  But so long as you’re going to talk about people being raised from the dead (aside from Jesus), there’s a precedent.

  9. I forgot about Dorcas! (AKA, Tabitha)  She was raised by the disciple Peter, who raised her with the Aramaic phrase, “Tabitha, cum” which always sort of gave me the giggles.  And Jesus raised a girl named Talitha (the one you mentioned) with the same phrase.  Oooooooo!

    Boy, a guy with a stethoscope could really clean up back then.  I wonder how many people really were buried alive?

  10. Oh, and by the way… the same contradictions about “once to die, then the judgement” apply to both Tabitha (Dorcas) and Talitha.  Did they die again, or what?

  11. A Saint? I doubt it …

    Actually, I could see it happening.  Certainly as a martyr (though I expect to hear of miracles being done in Terri’s name, or at her intercession, any day now).


    Best Lazarus “answer” I ever heard was in Bill Willingham’s “Elementals” comic.  Stuck in a permanent raised-from-the-dead condition (Jesus not having put in an expiry date), Lazarus found himself shunned by his friends and family (“Dude, you were *dead*—that is *seriously* creepy, getouttahere!”), and went on to start accumulating occult knowledge, initially to find a way to die, but eventually becoming a powerful evil wizard out to destroy the world (presuming that would destroy him, too).

    Talk about the law of unintended consequences …

  12. Actually, I could see it happening.  Certainly as a martyr (though I expect to hear of miracles being done in Terri’s name, or at her intercession, any day now).

    I’m no expert on Biblical/Catholic law when it comes to making someone a saint, but it’s my understanding that committing suicide is considered a major sin.  What of attempted suicide?  Also as major a sin, a sin of a lesser degree, or what?

    I read that Terri’s condition was brought on by an eating disorder—it strained her heart, cut the flow of oxygen to her brain, etc.

    Terri may not have really intended “to commit suicide”, and I’m not trying to trivialize eating disorders, but I wonder if this would disqualify her from becoming a saint?


  13. A person has to have in their portfolio at least 2 miracles that they performed in order to be named saint….

  14. Having eschewed my catholic roots a long time ago, I’m not entirely certain of my knowledge of saints, but I’d bet a paycheck (one of my husband’s even) that there are saints whose miracles didn’t happen until after their death. We have many miracle opportunities with Terri’s possible autopsy, two funeral services and the laundering of the bed linens on which she died.

    That’s some fertile miracle ground if I ever saw it.

  15. “A person has to have in their portfolio at least 2 miracles that they performed in order to be named saint.”
    And proof of WMDs are required to go to war.
    Rules are for bending wink

    As for Terri RIP
    As for the nutjobs raising a ruckus outside the Hospice.Have some consideration for the dying you tossers.

  16. On the Daily Show (last week?), Falwell(?) saying about Shiavo case(I thought) “The Rabbi’s absolutely right”. 

    Miracle 2?

  17. The Schindlers started this whole fiasco because Michael Schiavo would not bow to their demand that he give them 1/2 of his award from the lawsuit, which they had ZERO rights to and had the pure unmitigated gall to ask for out of pure greed.

    They are disgusting, vile and hateful and have proven this fact over & over each time they open their mouth to spew the next lie.
    I hope they get exactly what’s coming to them all right, but it isn’t money.

    Fundamentalist of every ilk be they Christian or Muslim etc. are the same, crazy as a loon, as this macabre Religious Bros. Schindler & Bush Circus outside the Hospice proved beyond any doubt.

    Take note that most all terrorist in this world are highly RELIGIOUS.

    Most of the worlds problems and hatred, intolerance, civil unrest, genocide etc. almost always have religious origins.

    What is dividing this country right now?  Religious insanity!

    It is ridiculous that in this day & age in the 21st century that we have 2/3rds of the planet believing in fairytales and at least 600 million or more are completely out of their mind Fundamentalist that reside in some supernatural world of their own design, complete with demons, angels, invisible supernatural beings with total control over the natural world, Giants, & talking snakes, all whipped up with the wave of a magic wand and a few choice words of Hebrew!

    This is completely unacceptable and should not be allowed to continue if we want to survive as a species.

    Fortunately the tide is turning in the USA as just 15 years ago we were at our peak of insanity with approx. 86% of the population claiming to be Christian.
    Today only 73% claim to be.

    At current rate of attrition Atheist/Agnostics will outnumber Christians in the not so distant future.

    What these lunatics have done to this poor man Michael Schiavo has got to be one of the most disgusting things iv seen Fundies do in a long long time, they have demonized him on a global stage, turned him into a monster to the entire planet and ALL based on bald faced LIES. He & his family are now subject to death threats from these crazy assholes.

    Here is a man that has been the ONLY one to do ANYTHING for his wife AT ALL, HE is the one that got not just a 2nd opinion but more than 20+ opinions, HE is the one that after exhausting all known therapy took her to Calif. to have experimental brain surgery done to no avail, HE is the one that even went to Nursing school just so HE could take care of her properly if it ever came down to that and he had to.
    After finding out that malpractice was involved in Terri’s demise HE is the one that sued the doctors involved and got enough money to keep excellent care of her going all these years, (money that was put into a Trust Fund with the Bank as trustee).
    HE is the one that rode the backs of Hospice staff to the point where they hated to see him everyday because he demanded they take excellent care of her,(to HIS credit she never had a bedsore in 15 years, Christopher Reeves died due to complications from a bedsore,“decubitus ulcer”).
    HE has visited her FAR more than the parents, HE is the one that has stood by her side this whole time.
    Now HE is the one that wants to see to it that her wishes are carried out and she is not left in this condition with positively ZERO hope for ANY recovery just so she can be some sick twisted shrine for these severely delusional parents.

    He deserves a freaking medal & I hope he gets a Multi million $$$ movie deal that will show just how absurd and psychotic these parents and their Fundy nutjob backers are.
    What was with the bizarre, demented fight to keep this poor woman in the state she was in all these years by these fanatics?
    After all isn’t she going to a “better place”? Isn’t she now without pain & suffering and whole once again in heaven?

    Do these Fundy nutjobs really just want to torture this poor woman forever then?

    Could it be that these lunatics really dont believe in a word of their fairytales after all?
    or are they so deluded that they dont even have a clue what they believe anymore?

    Here is her CAT scan:  her EEG was flat as the Christian Earth for the last 15 years with no spark at all, most of her Cerebral Cortex was gone & replaced with spinal fluid.

    Here is some more information, (Real unbiased info) not the pure shit being spewed by the Religious Reich propaganda machine.

  18. What Nunya said…  Every day I find myself saying, “Unbe-fucking-LIEVABLE!  How are they getting away with this?”

    They’re getting away with it because there aren’t yet enough people willing to rise up and call Bullshit. It wouldn’t be “nice.”

  19. Here’s what I want to know.  What do the people who were camped out do for a living?  What kind of job do you have that you can just get up and go?  If I did that, my ass would be fired.  On top of that, I’d miss too many classes. 
    Do these people just wait in suspended animation for this kind of thing?

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