Polish man didn’t know he had knife blade embedded in his head.

Here’s a news story that only serves to reinforce why so many folks make jokes at the expense of Polish people. Mr. Leonard Woronowicz, 61, fell in his kitchen while doing some home repairs and had been having bad headaches ever since so he went to the doctor’s office where they x-rayed his head to see if perhaps he had fractured his skull in the fall, but the problem turned out to be a bit worse than that:

“I thought they might give me an aspirin. Instead they pulled a 5inch knife blade out of my head,” he said.

Mr Woronowicz said the knife must have been among tools scattered on the floor. He did not realise it was missing until he needed to cut some bread.

“Despite carefully searching the room I could only find the handle. But I forgot about it as my headaches got worse over the next few days.”

Granted the man is 61 years old, but that’s some pretty serious memory issues he’s got going on if he can fall onto a 5 inch knife and embed it in his head and then forget about it for a few days.

9 thoughts on “Polish man didn’t know he had knife blade embedded in his head.

  1. Just a headache?  Think of all the structures that knife had to miss going through his head like that.  Good grief he is lucky.

  2. Can I just ask why Americans seem to target Poles so much? lol.

    It’s a question that’s been bugging me for a while now as it’s not even as though you’re neighbouring countries having a bit of a giggle (ie, with us Brits and Ireland or France).

    So, why Poland?

  3. Can I just ask why Americans seem to target Poles so much? lol.

    It comes from Polish immigrants to America, not from experience with the country itself. In the early days of Polish immigration most Poles were non-english speakers and many of them were Illiterate and they had a difficult time assimilating themselves into society. They jokes began in the Irish and English communities and many Poles, feeling the need to fit in with their neighbors took to encouraging the jokes and laughing at themselves, much they same way many blonde women feel about blonde jokes.

  4. When I was a kid, I once knocked my head pretty hard on the pointy part of a curb during an attempted bicycle stunt. Afterward I had no recollection of the accident, only of my friends helping me stumble back to my house.

    Had a bad headache for a couple of days, and the doctor said that I probably had a mild concussion. If all that can happen from just bonking your head on a concrete curb, I imagine getting a 5-inch knife blade embedded in your skull could cause similar problems or worse.

    My guess is that they guy didn’t remember the accident itself, and wrote the bleeding off as the typical gusher you get from a cut on the scalp.

  5. The reason North Americans make fun of them so much is rather simple.

    A good portion of them are arrogant.  Coming to, (in my case, Canada), without being able to speak enough English to compile a sentence.  Why would you move to a country without knowing the language?  I can understand if you’re in the middle of a war.  However, when you’re in search of a better life…  Hah!

  6. When I Googled “Stupid American people I got 13,400,000 results.When I googled “Stupid Polish people” I got 2,990,000 results. Well I just found the dumbest nation in the world. Old article so please remove it and post something smart.

  7. Yes, Markaroo, this is an old article. It was written almost five years ago on a blog that’s in its ninth year. Imagine that! A long-running blog that has really old articles in it.

    If you’re looking for something a little more current you could try hitting the Home link at the top of the page and checking out the most recent entries, but I wouldn’t want you to have to put too much effort into anything.

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