Pat Buchanan: “The Rabbi’s Exactly Right” and Other Fun Remarks of News “Professionals”

Leave it to Jon Stewart to bring much needed honesty to the Terri Schiavo misinformation campaigns. In this outtake of his show he offers a montage of snippets from major news sources addressing the Schiavo phenomenon and proves once again that if you’re expecting clarity and evidence of responsibility from the information, you’re more likely to get it from The Daily Show than from CNN, Fox or MSNBC cable news.

These news sources too often belie professionalism and that’s good news for Jon. He and his writers consistently entertainingly reveal the hidden issues at play when a nation is constantly misinformed and manipulated for the sake of religious, moralistic, political and high ratings gains. As long as hypocritical, agenda-rich opinions are presented to the masses as conscientious, authoritative investigations, programs like The Daily Show will remain a much needed counter service.

Thank you Jon Stewart and The Daily Show.

Click here to watch the video.

6 thoughts on “Pat Buchanan: “The Rabbi’s Exactly Right” and Other Fun Remarks of News “Professionals”

  1. Woohoo!  So I do semi pay attention to one news source considered worthy on this site!  I always said The Daily Show with Jon Stewart was the only news worth watching on tv.  grin

  2. I almost had a fit when they brought on John Edward, the media is really milking this for all of its worth.

    But this proves, as always, that the media are crap, and for real news, you have to go to the jesters.

  3. What I always wonder is where do they get the guests (not the celebs segments) for those interviews on The Daily Show? Do people really want to be on TV that bad or is it that they have no idea they are going to totally mocked?

    I mean come on, if some show you had never seen or heard of wanted to do an inteview with you wouldn’t you at least check it out first?

    Not that I mind. I love to laugh at those so ready to make fools of themselves nationwide smile

  4. My theory is that most of them know, and they go along with it.

    I mean, seriously… They have to sign a waiver or whatever to be filmed. How can they not know? Thinking that they’re THAT ignorant makes me embarrassed for them.

    So, I cling tenaciously to the belief that they know. 😀

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