New Star Wars Trailer Is All That and a Bag of Tatooine Fried Tubers

The trailer for Star Wars “Revenge of the Sith” is out and looking mighty fine. I wonder if purists will be pleased with the result. Chewie’s back (or before, or…I’m so confused) so that alone may save the day for Lucas. So is C-3PO. Yoda is too and this is what he had to say.

“See the movie you must. Pwned, it will. Feeling the force you will be.”

The little guy just might be right. We’ll know come May 19th. See it I will.

On a side note, I have an original poster of “Revenge of the Jedi” that fans hated the title for and caused to be changed to “Return of the Jedi”. Jedi apparently are above petty revenge but I guess the Sith aren’t. But who is really going to get revenge in this final(?) installment.

Revenge by any other name will still smell sweet in “Revenge of the Sith”.

10 thoughts on “New Star Wars Trailer Is All That and a Bag of Tatooine Fried Tubers

  1. Actually, it was Lucas’s decision alone to change the title to Return of the Jedi. As is obvious, he second guesses himself and like to rework things.

    As a Star Wars purist, I can say that this new trailer looks awesome, and what we’ve been waiting for. Episodes I & II were irrelevent, unnecessary chapters.

    Finally, we’ll get the long awaited Skywalker vs Kenobi lightsaber duel over molten lava….

  2. I must have watched the .mov file a half-dozen times after I downloaded it.  Man, I’m getting sucked in by Unka George again…  I swore it wouldn’t happen again after Eps I and II, but I’m getting really excited about Ep III.

    I am George Lucas’ bitch.

  3. It looks cool.
    I used to be the hugest star wars nerd (I had the Star Wars encyclopedia, for god’s sake). But the fact that I’m not twelve anymore and the suckiness of epidodes 1 and 2 (I did like the fight between Yoda and the other dude in episode 2, I must confess) made me sceptical about episode III.  I’m pumped for it now, though.

  4. You reach a certain point where you realize that you can’t recapture the moment, that the same music you listened to as a kid now sounds silly and makes absolutely no sense.  The Star Wars trilogy, the original one means many things to different people, and I’m sure my six year-old will have some sort of memory of these new terrible Star Wars films, but for me these new films are less about the imagination and more about cashing in on people’s love of the original Star Wars universe. 

    Lucas as a director for Episode 1, was terrible!  The movie was essentially boring and the Anakin character was lifeless due to the bad acting of the kid who played him. 

    Episode 2 was a better film and slightly interesting and the battle scenes at the end was what most fans enjoyed, but I still felt cheated.  Cheated because not one of these characters is likeable, not in the same way that the original trilogy characters were. 

    I’m sure Lucas will make a slightly better film than Episode 2, but can it save all three films from being what they are: cool special effects scenes with very little substance?  I doubt it. 

    Even in the special effects area, Star Wars has been outdone by Lord of The Rings and The Matrix Trilogies.

  5. Unsomnambulist:

    Actually, it was Lucas’s decision alone to change the title to Return of the Jedi. As is obvious, he second guesses himself and like to rework things.

    You may be right, but you may be wrong. I found sources that give different versions and reasons for the change.

    George Lucas originally planned to call the third movie in the Star Wars Trilogy Revenge of the Jedi. I have heard two reasons for his changing the name to Return of the Jedi. The first is that he decided that revenge is not a typical trait of a Jedi. The second is that a new Star Trek (boo, hiss) movie was coming out and it was supposed to be called Revenge of Khan. Lucas felt that Star Wars: Revenge of the Jedi, and Star Trek: Revenge of Khan, would cause confusion, so he changed the name. (Revenge of Khan was later retitled Wrath of Khan).

    When the original title was announced as “Revenge,” the legions of Star Wars fans denounced it, since “revenge” was not a Jedi Knight quality. Lucas agreed and the title was changed to “Return of the Jedi.” All of the advance posters were pulled from release and supposedly destroyed.
    Text Source: Heritage Auctions

    Somehow, believing that fans caused the name change makes me happier, if only for the increased value it may afford my poster.

  6. “See the movie you must. Pwned, it will. Feeling the force you will be.”

    What the fuck does “pwned, it will,” mean?

  7. Pwned:
    A corruption of the word “Owned.” This originated in an online game called Warcraft, where a map designer misspelled “owned.” When the computer beat a player, it was supposed to say. so and so “has been owned.”

    Instead, it said, so and so “has been pwned.” It basically means to own or to be dominated by an opponent or situation, especially by some god like or computer like force.

    It’s leetspeak

    Of course I mixed past and future tenses, so it is incorrect and that may be why you are confused. I should have said “Pwned, you will be!” but I didn’t, so fucking get over it. And why the fuck are you saying “what the fuck” to me. What the fuck is up with that? Let’s watch our language here, shall we? You’re gonna wreck Les’ last chance to be a part of Adsense. Is that what you want?

    Well DO YOU?

    That’s what I thought. So speak with a civil tongue and fuck-off with that gutter talk.

    (Please don’t come back with a reply that ends up pwning me.)

  8. I was 12 when the first Star Wars film came out and by the time Empire Strikes Back was finished I was hooked.

    Then came that dismal, sad and pathetic follow-up called “Return of the Jedi” – which really should have had a byline that read


    Because that is the only sound that would have been ringing in Lucas’ ears after the mounds of money he made pandering to little kids!

    What annoyed me was, that by the time we have now all grown up and become adults, he returns with such low-qual fare as Jar Jar frickin’ Binks, and Padme doing a Julie Andrews across the rolling hills.  WHAT THE -?

    However… I have seen the trailer for the upcoming Episode III – and, dare I say it, I may once again have my faith restored in Mr. Lucas.  It’s going to take a lot of restoring, though, so it better be good.

    It’s such a shame that he pandered to all those marketing suits and let Hollywood get inside his head.  I can only hope he’s going to give us one last magic show before he retires the franchise for good.

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