New “Doctor Who” will debut on CBC April 5th!

If you’re close enough to the border that you can get CBC Television and you’re a Doctor Who fan then you’ll be happy to hear that they’ve put up an official press release and show schedule for the new series:


Acclaimed British actor Christopher Eccleston stars as DOCTOR WHO in the new BBC series, making its North American debut on CBC Television, Tuesday, April 5 at 8 p.m. Billie Piper, who starred in the critically acclaimed Canterbury Tales: The Miller’s Tale, plays the Doctor’s companion, Rose Tyler.

DOCTOR WHO is a smartly written, contemporary, full-blooded drama that embraces the original series’ heritage and introduces the characters to a modern audience.

Travelling through time and space, the Doctor and Rose come face to face with a variety of new and menacing monsters, as well as battling with the Doctor’s arch-enemy, the Daleks. The series features a number of high-profile guest stars including Penelope Wilton, Simon Callow, Richard Wilson, John Barrowman, Noel Clarke, Annette Badland, Camille Coduri and Simon Pegg.

Russell T. Davies, executive producer of DOCTOR WHO, said, “Eccleston’s Doctor is wise, funny and brave; an adventurer who travels through time and space. His detached logic gives him a vital edge when the world is in danger, but when it comes to relationships, he can be found wanting. That’s why he needs Rose. As they travel through history and across the universe, the Doctor shows Rose things beyond her imagination. She starts out an innocent girl, fettered by earthly concerns. But she ends up an adventurer who, by the end of the series, can never go home again.”

Slawko Klymkiw, executive director programming, CBC Television said, “Bringing back the hugely popular DOCTOR WHO series to fans-new and old alike-was an exciting opportunity for CBC. We are pleased to be working closely with the BBC to bring Canadians this exceptional new series.”

DOCTOR WHO is a BBC Wales Production for BBC One and is written by Russell T Davies, Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, Paul Cornell and Robert Shearman. The executive producers are Russell T. Davies, head of drama, BBC Wales, Julie Gardner and Mal Young.

Here in the Detroit area most of the cable companies carry CBC due to the fact that we can normally get it without cable. This will be like old times for me as I’d catch the series alternately on the local PBS affiliate or on the CBC on those occasions when they carried the series.

Interestingly enough, rumor has it that the BBC may have leaked the first episode in Canada intentionally in order to stir up interest among North American fans and perhaps get one of the American networks to consider picking up the series. It’s just speculation on the part of fans, but I wouldn’t be surprised as it’s something I’d consider doing.

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11 thoughts on “New “Doctor Who” will debut on CBC April 5th!

  1. Well, fart-knocker!

    I’m just a wee bit far from the Canadian border down here in Texas, so there’s certainly no CBC for me.  I must admit that I’ve never been a fan of “Dr. Who”; not because I dislike it, but simply because I’ve never really seen it.  I’ve just not had a chance to become A Dr. Who fan.

    When I first heard about the new version I was excited because I figured that would be a good opportunity to get in on the series on the “ground floor”, so to speak.  That’s exactly what happened with the new Battlestar Galactica (I never really watched the original series [plural]), but I’m absolutely in love with this new series.

    Unfortunately, so far at least it looks like I’m not going to get a chance to do the same thing with this new Dr. Who.  Let’s hope that changes.

    Incidentally, I finally saw “2 Days Later” last week and I was very impressed.  It wasn’t really much horror at all; it was far more sci-fi than I was expecting.  I mention it, of course, because it had Christopher Eccleston in it and I hadn’t seen him before (that I recall).

  2. Dr. Who? is simply the best sci-fi show ever in my opinion. It mixes British humor (which I prefer anyhow compared to lame-o American style humor), cheesy but brilliant effects and unique/off-the-wall props and tools instead of your ho-hum “lasers, phasers, spaceships and communicators” (Sonic Screwdriver and the T.A.R.D.I.S. anyone?). It also features some of the best storylines ever, without too much emotional baggage (unlike alot of Star Trek shows, where they try to repackage every human emotion into a tiny pill to make us swallow).

    In short, Dr. Who? is simply entertaining without all of the fuss and muss of your average stuffy sci-fi offering. In fact, as far as sci-fi things are concerned, Logan’s Run, Star Wars, Firefly, Red Dwarf and Dune are the only things I truly and whole-heartedly enjoyed other than Dr. Who?.

    And yes, I think the first episode of the new series was leaked. I saw the episode and it is in release quality, which leads me to strongly believe only an insider could have let this one loose on the net. And no, no spoilers from me, I want you all to see it for yourselves.

    It is interesting news though that the BBC is trying to find a way to host the series for legal download. I for one would welcome the opportunity, as even though I live about 5-6 hours outside of Toronto (3 if you go as the crow flies), don’t get the CBC.

    Personal Opinion Disclaimer: Star Trek, and ST:TnG were the best two ST shows period, all the rest were el lame-o. But this is my opinion.

  3. As someone who grew up with Dr Who, from cowering behind the sofa watching the daleks through my fingers to letching at Tom Bakers more nubile and scantily dressed assistant.
    I look forward to his latest incarnation

  4. My family lived in England from 1976-1979, so I only ever saw the Tom Baker series, and for me, there is no other Dr. Who! (no disrespect intended towards the other series)  I wish more of the Leela episodes were available on DVD … so far it’s only The Robots of Death and the brilliant Talons of Weng-Chiang!

    I liked Red Dwarf until they changed the sets; the episodes seemed to be less about Lister’s isolation and more about battling slimy aliens and lots of special effects.  Did Freddy Freiberger take over?

    And then there was Space: 1999 …


  5. What’s a Doctor Who?  And How and Why did he get this moniker, Which begs the question: Who cares?

  6. You really don’t want to get me started on explaining what Doctor Who is all about. I’ve been known to ramble on at length about the show causing more than one set of ears to bleed.

  7. Actually, I was just geeking off in an attempt to play on the journalist’s technique of covering the Who, What, Where, When, Why, How in a single sentence.  That’s why I capitalized all of them incorrectly. Although I noticed I forgot where and when.

    Seriously, I just never “got it” with the Dr.  I tried to watch one episode a few years back, and had to change the channel, or slip into a coma.  There was a movie that was done not too long ago, and I tried to give it yet another go…same effect.  There are some shows that just don’t do it for me, and that’s one.  Nothing against it, I love the Sci-Fi genre.  Maybe I just experienced the wrong episode/movie.

  8. I believe that I sat through about 3 incarnations of Tom Baker. I wished that I had his incredible Time Machine that opened from a Post Box, like a telephone booth, into a vast chamber. I thought that the very long scarf he wore was a bit much, but, yes, his assistant was nubile and delectable. I always worried about the horrible grinding noise his time machine made and that it often required a kick start. But, I admit it was not to everyone’s taste.

  9. The grinding noise of the TARDIS was created by rubbing an ordinary housekey along a piano wire.

    —Joe grin

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