More amusing spam email.

I don’t normally bother to read the spam that gets tossed into the Junk folder in Thunderbird, but occasionally when I look to make sure that nothing legit got tossed by accident some subject line will catch my attention. In this case it was because of the Engrish text that declared: Latest operation system for your computer requires less presently! How can I not read any email that promises the latest operation system for my computer that requires less presently?? So I read the rest of it and here’s what it said:

“Looking for discs of operation system, graphic processing, serrver maintanance, or computer diagnostics? Why not see our store and have them with less expense!Have great super value at the store. You can have BIG value on quallity discs.”

Join others and see the freshest and latest info at e-store.

“Follow the tendency to purchase top selling computer discs at the @nline store with less expense while have the same top rank performance!Considerate custtomer suppport service is provided by the @nline store for your convenience. “

Talk about a soft-sell approach, you’re encouraged to “follow the tendency” as opposed to jumping on the bandwagon with gusto, but at least you’ll have great super value!

3 thoughts on “More amusing spam email.

  1. Now I know that this is yet another sales pitch, but I was cuttin better deals in the schoolyard as a pup. DMCA or know there are idiots out there just jumpon this fantastrical one ervey time life offfer so big you miss out.
    But Im sure the software support is the same. 

    —insert conspiracy rant here———-
    Five bucks says that this spam leads back to some special anti-terrorism funded patriot act touting office that put alot of thought into it. I think thats about par for my taxpayer dollar. Outsourced to death and ultimately ending up at our special super secret india support branch for efficiency.  Yup, and its more important than shooting border jumpers and throwing placentas back over the fence. Remember folks, the people in India work for thier water and that keeps them motivated.
    After all we owe it to them after what the cowboys did to them in the almost nucular war of 1996-2005. You all remember that dont you? Terism is everywhere.
    —concrude ranty pants———————

    sleep now. downer

  2. The worst thing about this is some people actually buy software from these spammers.  Two of my Uncles have done this and I chewed both of them out for it.  Why would you buy stuff from such a horrible marketer?  I suppose for the same reason someone would buy crack from a toothless strung out junkie.  Some things just don’t need much marketing to sell.  Personally If I am going to obtain illegal software I will get it for free.

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