Michigan man claims God responsible for speeding car.

A Southgate, Michigan man named Scott D. Guzik was clocked driving his Camaro at 106 mph by an Indiana State Trooper who gave chase resulting in an hour long pursuit involving multiple police agencies through several counties before Guzik tried to abandon his vehicle near Lebanon. Inside his car sat his 6 year-old daughter, Amanda. When questioned by police on just what the hell he was doing Guzik replied that God was driving the vehicle, not him, and that he was on his way to sacrifice his daughter under God’s orders.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed Monday in Tippecanoe Superior Court 6, Guzik told Trooper Jerrod Patty that the vehicle was driving itself and going fast because “it must be what God wanted.”

Formal charges have yet to be filed.

Guzik said God spoke to him by applying pressure to Guzik’s temples, neck and forehead.

He told police he was led by God from his home outside Detroit into the country to sacrifice his daughter, who, Guzik told police, had been attacked by demons in her sleep.

Guzik said God told him to get his daughter out of his house to escape the demons because she was in danger.

Sacrificing his daughter, Guzik told police, would save the world.

The natural reaction to stories like this is to assume that the people making these claims are nutcases, but I always have to wonder why the True Believers™ seem to make that assumption along with the rest of us. For folks who so sincerely believe that God and Satan are real and active in their lives and that demons really do try to possess people they don’t seem particularly compelled to believe the likes of Guzik when events like these take place. How do they know he’s not telling the truth? It’s not like this scenario hasn’t made it’s way into countless Hollywood movies including The Omen series. What if sacrificing his daughter really would save the world from an impending apocalypse that’s right around the corner?

I suppose I shouldn’t press my luck in asking questions like that lest I unleash a torrent of people demanding the sacrifice of various individuals because God told them it was necessary. I’m sure Pat Robertson and Kent Hovind wouldn’t mind seeing me accused of being demon possessed.

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  1. What irks me more than anything about these stories is, if the man had said he got the idea from a rock album or something, everyone would be making a stink about banning/burning the album, dragging the band into court for wrongful death, etc.  Nobody ever says we should ban the Bible*.  What if this man had said Allah had told him to do it?  You can bet there’d be a stink about “those awful godless Muslims.”

    On the other hand, when God tells these same people to bomb abortion clinics or kill gays or whatever, the fundies usually adopt a sort of “Oh, we would never condone something like that! (smirk)” attitude.

    *Actually, I do remember reading about a library somewhere not allowing anyone under 18 to check out a copy of the Bible because it was an “adult book”.


  2. HOLY CRAP!  (pun intended)

    As if the Downriver area of Michigan didn’t need any help with people thinkin’ everyone living there are backward hicks or something…Yes I’m a Downriver girl (Wyandotte), no I don’t live in a doublewide and my house does not have wheels…no I don’t have any cars up on blocks in my front yard (or backyard for that matter) and I own no farm animals…

      I actually have a friend that asks me how the chickens are all the freakin’ time!  It’s a 7 year long runnin’ joke…

    Ya know I took a religion and ethics class last semester and we talked a lot about the Abraham sacrificing Issac thing…read “Fear and Trembling”  I really think a lot of people have lost their damned minds…

    Joe I agree with ya…it’s about time that people stop blaming anything for their own psychotic actions…listening to Marilyn Manson isn’t gonna make anyone shoot anyone…if you’re gonna ban stuff…let’s ban the holy books that cause destruction of so much…

  3. True Believers see no contradiction in what they read in their Bible and what they actually do because they pick the quotations that they like and disregard those that are inconvenient. They might quote “Suffer not a witch to live.” but probably would not burn Samantha Stevens. They see no contradiction in claiming God’s hand when one person escapes an explosion, but conveniently forget all the other dead victims. They see Virgins on dry toast or fence posts, and will weep over a monument with bible quotations on it, they will interfere with people dying, but when their time comes they act quite differently. I’m used to those contradictions.  It’s all a “divine mystery.”

  4. I’ve asked that same question many times.

    Jim Jones, David Koresh,  Brian David Mitchell (Elizabeth Smarts kidnapper), and various other religious cult figures all claimed to be in contact with god. Many followed these people and typically lead to tragic consequences.

    Yet the vast majority of both theistic and atheistic people were comfortable in the notion that they were all nuts. No argument there.

    But the irony is that theists bend belief to suit their needs in much the same manner. Yet when a young child dies, “it was gods will”. When they don’t win the lottery, it’s “gods will” again. No matter what happens, good or bad, it was gods will.

    This make living pretty easy for the devout theist. It absolves them of any responsibility that could arise from a bad decision. Unfortunately the more unstable or gullible the individual is, the more likely that they will carry out “missions” on his behalf.

  5. It’s a mistake to expect consistency, which is based on rationality, from belief systems that are irrational.  When there’s no consistent way to define why you believe what you do, it’s easy to pick and choose whatever you want.  This is why I see religion as a kind of mass insanity.  The only antidote is science education, starting as young as possible.  The priesthood knows this, which is why they oppose it so vehemently.

    But I digress.  Regarding Mr. Guzik – his claim of divine instruction is completely irrelevant.  Anybody could claim this, since it’s unprovable.  Either he’s a nutcase, or he’s pretending to be a nutcase.  I just hope they get his daughter away from him before he does kill her, and at least start her on those science courses real fast.

  6. The only one driving this car is Spocko!

    This is my new baby. She’s been keeping me on the streets and off the blogs lately.

    To get back on topic, might I suggest Mr Guzik get himself a Jesushorse!
    The cops might actually believe him then. cool grin

  7. Uh oh, Spocko, are you in that phase of life? The midlife crisis one?

    Just kidding, welcome back. I wondered where you’d gone.

  8. Really? Only one for the rest? Not to quote Spaceballs but… “There goes the planet.”

  9. I really dig your new transportation, Spocko- I can see why you’ve been slighting us.  But what’s that picture of a red car doing in your post?

  10. I want to make a comment on the S.Guzik story, I want to make something clear, that Mr. Guzik never claimed to be a Christian, true believer or a theist. Not everyone who gets pychotic ideas and says they are from God are truly hearing from thee God, the Creator. You have to understand that the enemy will do anything to dishonor the name of God, and he uses such circumstances as these to do so.Also remember, your believing everything you were told by the media. Have some compassion, the man has mental condition. This poor little girl loves her dad so much and what would that be like if she could never see him again. i know for a fact that he loved his daughter so much! For some reason he Freak’in LOST HIS MIND.I know this for a fact cause I am a family member.(Iam not commenting to argue the exsistence of God. You won’t or can’t change my mind so please do not send any negative comments you will be wasting your time.)

  11. I want to make a comment on the S.Guzik story, I want to make something clear, that Mr. Guzik never claimed to be a Christian, true believer or a theist. Not everyone who gets pychotic ideas and says they are from God are truly hearing from thee God, the Creator.

    I don’t believe anyone who claims to be hearing from God is hearing from God, let alone Mr. Guzik. Whether the God he believes he’s hearing from is the Christian, Muslim, Jewish, American Indian, or any other God in particular is really a moot point.

    You have to understand that the enemy will do anything to dishonor the name of God, and he uses such circumstances as these to do so.

    There is no enemy. Not that most of the God’s I’ve ever read about needed one to dishonor his name. Most seem to do it pretty well without any outside help.

    Also remember, your believing everything you were told by the media.

    Are you suggesting that events didn’t occur as the media has described them? I’ve read several accounts from different local sources and they seem to corroborate each other pretty well. Sounds like you’re making excuses.

    Have some compassion, the man has mental condition.

    How do you know this for certain? Isn’t it possible that Mr. Guzik may very well have received instructions from God?

    This poor little girl loves her dad so much and what would that be like if she could never see him again. i know for a fact that he loved his daughter so much!

    It’d probably suck, but if he’s putting her in mortal danger then it’s probably for the best. Or are you suggesting that it’s OK if he sacrifices his daughter because she loves him so much?

    “I love you Dad.”
    “I love you too sweetheart. Now lay down and hold still. This’ll only sting for a moment.”

    For some reason he Freak’in LOST HIS MIND.

    Wouldn’t have anything to do with drugs or reading the Bible too much or something, would it?

    I know this for a fact cause I am a family member.

    So then you should be able to tell us if mental illness runs in the family…

    (Iam not commenting to argue the exsistence of God. You won’t or can’t change my mind so please do not send any negative comments you will be wasting your time.)

    Then why bother bringing up all the nonsense about “the enemy” using your relative to discredit the supposedly pristine name of God?

    On the one hand you want to defend your relatively as having gone a little crazy for some reason you can’t begin to fathom yourself, yet you spend a decent amount of time talking pretty crazy stuff yourself.

    You don’t have any kids, do you?

  12. WOW!!
    I just stumbled on this website, tryin to find out if Scott had actually been sentenced. Hmmm, seems that the majority of people on this site have alresdy convicted him… I do know him personally. He is a good person that was weakened by events in life, that took a toll on his mind. He became interested in ouija boards, meditation, and the spiritual world. He had purchased some meditation material from a website called higher balance.com. All I can tell you is stay away from that website!!! They are brainwashing people !!! And thats what happened to him. He was listening to them when he was arrested. And had been for weeks .
    The family member s right about his daughter . She talks about he dad and prays for him to come home. He is missed by alot of people. If you asked anyone that knows Scott they would tell you that he was a great dad. That includes his ex-wife. The Indiana police can’t find anyone to tell them any thing other than that. I don’t wanna judge anyone for what they believe. All I do know is that he was a normal guy, like most of you. Perhaps he does have a mental condition?? Perhaps he lived thru something we’ve all only dreamed about?? At the end of the day, none of us really know!!
    Also the paper reported that he wanted to sacrifice his daughter …That is exactly the opposite of what he told the police!! The report says that he was running from the demons telling him to sacrifice her!! Because he could never do that. And that God was mad because he wouldn’t do it. So for all you judges out there, I have this question. If you believed that demons were chasing you what would you do?? Where would you turn?? Perhaps someone should stop that website from brainwashing people who are vulnerable !! It amazes me that the police in that area stated that there were several cases like this reported. Yet they aren’t investigating the root of the problem. How many more people are gonna have to fall prey before they are stopped??

  13. If you believed that demons were chasing you what would you do??

    When I see a shooting star I don’t think the sky is falling.  When lightning flashes, I don’t think Zeus (or any god) is angry.  When I see an unidentified flying object in the sky, I do not assume it’s alien intelligence.  When I see a blur or reflection in a window that vaguely resembles a human face, I do not think it is Christ (or that God put it there).  When there’s an earthquake, I do not think there are monsters lurking underneath.  When rain threatens to ruin a picnic and I think, “Oh, I hope it stops raining.”, I do not think God has answered my prayers.  When I see a ship sailing towards the horizon, I do not think it is going to fall off the edge.  When the moon goes into eclipse, I do not think a dragon has eaten it.

    Because I don’t believe in God, spirits, the afterlife, and so on, I have no reason to believe in demons, Ouija boards, ghosts, or poltergeists.  Therefore I can’t imagine what would make me think demons were after me.  Have I ever been depressed, frantic, panic stricken, anxious, enraged, giddy, disoriented, or had physical pain I couldn’t explain?  Yes.  Did I ever attribute those to demons?  No.  Even if I thought I saw actual demons with red skin and leathery wings and horns and pointy tails (or at least, that’s how artists have imagined them) chasing me, the first thing I’d think was that I was dreaming, hallucinating, or someone drugged my food. 

    I’d say religious indoctrination in this case caused this poor man to seek explanations or help outside of God in equally unreliable sources because he couldn’t conceive of any other explanation for his woes.  Brainwashing, whether by those who promote imaginary beings like God and Christ, or those who promote Ouija boards and psychic mediums, is still brainwashing.  If you think that website that sold this man all that spiritual paraphenalia should be held accountable, then I think all churches should be held accountable too—for anyone who was tortured in the inquisition, for any unwed mother or gay man who committed suicide for thinking they were bad, for televangelists and faith healers who scam money from people who probably have troubles like this man.

    Does that make this man a bad person?  Not necessarily.  Is it his fault he was “weakened by events in life, that took a toll on his mind.”?  Perhaps, perhaps not, I don’t know the whole story. 

    BUT—if his actions threaten the safety of innocent bystanders, then he needs help, and until he gets it and comes to his senses, he needs to be kept where he can’t present a danger to others—be it in a prison or psychiatric institution.


  14. My name is Scott D. Guzik and my testimony is this:
    I never new God nor was I Christian.  I never knew the only way to God was through the acceptance of Jesus Christ as my saviour.  I believed in spirituaul things and alwayys kept an “open mind” to things of a spiritual nature.
    No mental disorders run in my family, nor the three psych evals I’ve had since my tribulation show my experience as anything more than an isolated psychotic episode.  Psychosis is nothing more than believing in something that becomes your reality (from the definition I was told by the doctor).  I had a loving relationship with my daughter and was accused on occasions of spoiling her.  I was 37 at the time of this incident and was making some life changes to better myself (dieting, working out, trying to quit smoking) and I came across some meditation package from Higherbalance.com .  I didn’t think anything was potentially bad about meditation.

    I would like to talk about these meditation cd’s.  They promised “Amazing Guaranteed results” of a spiritual nature, and also warned of supernatural/metaphysical happenings although it was nothing unpleasant.  After a few weeks of using these cd’s, strange things did begin happening, visions, strange dreams, information of a spiritual nature coming to mind.  It was nothing unpleasant up to a certain point.  Then when things took a turn for the unpleasant, I called higherbalances support line and they told me not to get caught up in the emotion of it all and encouraged me to continue on to the next of the program.

    It was after that, I fled in fear of my life with my daughter.  I fled under what I will call spiritual attack.  All the pleasant “good vibratoin feelings” promised by this program became painful and terrifying.  I wont go into detail of all the strange happenings, but if you do a search of forums of this product and other products offered by higherbalance, you will find other peoples testimonies of “strange happenings” and some refuse to tell of theirs lest people think them crazy.  Like Cherie had said, my story was, something was communicating to me what to do and it wasn’t my will, however that’s not what the prosecution put out in the news.

    The truth of my story was twisted and sensationalized and I was given my 15 minutes of shame and still suffer because the truth of my story hasn’t come to light.  Even I didn’t know the truth of my story because it ultimately wasn’t God comminicating to do an evil thing.  The cd’s promise a spiritual awakening and claim to have binaural technology embedded in it.  I know very little about how this happens and what binaural technology is.  I discovered, three days after being locked up, what the truth is.  I met a man with a Bible and accepted Jesus as my savior.  Much of the truth of what happened to me is in the Word of God.

    It was by God’s grace that me and my daughter are alive and I am grateful.  The Lord was there to protect us as my vehicle was speeding at 130+ mph.  I’ve prayed as to why this was allowed to happen to me and the Word tells this:  as you sow so shall you reap.  I have lived a life of sin, idolatry, fornication, adultery, pride, and turning my back on God everytime someone offered me Jesus (and scorning them on top of it).  I always considered my way better than others because I have had a good life, good job, and a wonderful daughter that I prided myself on as being a good father.  I have none of that now, even to this day, but I do have Jesus.

    I am hopeful the Lord has a good plan for my life and will restore my life even better than before.  Many of my family members still suffer the shame of my actions and are dismayed that I no longer care to do the things I use to do and/or behave the way I use to.  I pray for their salvation and ask any other Christians to pray for them as well.  I am no better than them, just forgiven.  Thank you Jesus.

  15. Somehow the knowledge that you went from one overly credulous belief system to another doesn’t really improve my opinion of you, Scott. You traded one set of silly beliefs for another and think it’s actually saved you. Well, good luck with that.

  16. Totally QueensRyche Operation Mindcrime.

    Honestly, Scott ‘had me at hello’ right up to the
    point where he hd been saved.

    I think he gives himself far less credit than hes due.
    God couldnt possibly have been there to ‘watch over’ him
    at 130+ mph. We all know that god doesnt
    waste time on hethans or forgive all sins until you ‘let’
    him/her/it actually into your heart/head/life.
    So say the Christianesque folk anyway.

    Im sure its possible the media helped in the fucking of Scott,
    but the fact remains: he got himself into the situation.

    Also, I had completely forgot about this and couldnt identify
    this guy or his situation from Adam until he posted and
    reminded us all again.

  17. Totally QueensRyche Operation Mindcrime.

    My wife’s favorite group, and probably her favorite album by them. 

    [/non sequitur]

  18. Totally QueensRyche Operation Mindcrime.

    You nailed it on the head, Qoayn. As for you, Scott, I suggest you seek help.

  19. My name is Scott D. Guzik and my testimony is this

    My Name is God, and My Testimony is this.

    I never told anyone to kill anyone.  I never said any of your misinterpretations were better than any of the others.  I never flooded the earth and killed day-old babies.  I never said don’t be gay.  I don’t guide you, or kill people before their time, or let you win the lottery.

    Honestly, what is the point of setting up a highly detailed operating system that allows it all to look after itself, and give you lot free will, if I am going to get blamed for everything?

    When I said free will, I meant it.  Now stop arguing and pretending that little green pieces of paper will make you happy, because, by-and-large, it isn’t the small pieces of paper that are unhappy.  Just look after one another and improve the place- I put it all in your hands.  The fact you ate the dodos WHEN I SPECIFICALLY LEFT A MESSAGE TELLING YOU NOT TO DO SO is NOT my fault.

    Love Light and Peace


    PS- Sadie- Rolling Stones.

    PPS- I want to make it quite clear ANY election involving GW Bush is NOTHING to do with me.  In fact can you get him to stop calling.  Coming home to ‘you have – 27 – new messages’ really puts a damper on the evenings.

  20. Pleased to meet you, God. Hope you’ve guessed my name.

    I could not foresee this thing happening to you.

  21. I can’t get no satis faction. (yes, satis is a word. Look it up)

    Queensryche deserve to be worshiped for Silent Lucidity alone. Damn that’s a good song!

  22. Yesterday don’t matter if it’s gone.

    Queensryche deserve to be worshiped for Silent Lucidity alone. Damn that’s a good song!

    Agreed! It had a real Pink Floyd-flavor to it, which is always a good thing.

  23. You traded one set of silly beliefs for another and think it’s actually saved you. Well, good luck with that.

    As long as Jesus doesn’t tell him to go for another joyride with his daughter, it’s an upgrade, I’d say.

    And Spocko- what happened to your other “wheels”?

  24. Wow, I’m so glad to see that God is cool after all!  You go, girl!

  25. Ya know, for some reason I’ve always suspected that God was from the United Kingdom. Probably all that time being exposed to the King James version of the Bible…

  26. Ya know, for some reason I’ve always suspected that God was from the United Kingdom.

    Thanks to Eddie Izzard’s whole Noah routine I can not see God as any one other than James Mason, with Sean Connery as Noah.

  27. Thanks to Eddie Izzard’s whole Noah routine I can not see God as any one other than James Mason, with Sean Connery as Noah.

    I agree. Paul Hogan may have worked as Noah but god would have had to be James Mason.
    I wonder who the French or Germans, let alone the Italians, would have picked.
    And how would we understand him anyway?
    Maybe we all have one of those little translating implants they showed us in Hitchhiker’s Guide TTG. Wasn’t it a special type of fish?
    And to think my memory can only continue to go down-hill from here.  LOL

  28. The Babel fish, which feeds of brain waves

    The practical upshot of this, is that if you stick one one in your ear, you can understand anything that is said to you.

    This has been used to prove the non existance of God.  The argument goes like this.

    God says ‘I refuse to prove that I exist, because proof denies faith, and without faith I am nothing.

    ‘Aha’ says man, ‘but the chance of anything like the babel fish happening by accident is so astronomical, that it proves that you must exist, and therefore by your own argument you do not’.

    ‘Oh Bugger’ says God, ‘I hadn’t thought of that’ and promptly disappears in a puff of logic.

    Man goes on to prove that Black is White, and gets knocked down at the Zebra Crossing

  29. And to think my memory can only continue to go down-hill from here.

    Yes, and no, LuckyJohn.  I too am old enough (56) that memories are starting to dance tauntingly further and further out of reach; but practice helps a good deal.  What I do is memorize songs- my posslq and I perform marionette shows, where she plays the puppets and I do the music, all by heart.  Seems to tone up the old neurons.

  30. Zilch is right. More and more studies are showing that your brain is a use-it-or-lose-it organ as you get older. The best way to keep it sharp is to exercise it. Thinking on difficult topics, puzzle solving, game playing, all contribute to keeping your brain in shape.

      Research from UNSW provides the most convincing evidence to date that complex mental activity across people’s lives significantly reduces the risk of dementia. The researchers found that such activity almost halves the incidence of dementia.

      The paper, which has just been published in Psychological Medicine, is the first comprehensive review of the research in the field of ‘brain reserve’, which looks at the role of education, occupational complexity and mentally stimulating lifestyle pursuits in preventing cognitive decline. The paper integrates data from 29,000 individuals across 22 studies from around the world.

      “Until now there have been mixed messages about the role of education, occupation, IQ and mentally stimulating leisure activities, in preventing cognitive decline. Now the results are much clearer,” said the lead author, Dr Michael Valenzuela, from the School of Psychiatry at UNSW. “It is a case of ‘use it or lose it’. If you increase your brain reserve over your lifetime, you seem to lessen the risk of Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.”

    In addition to mental stimulation there’s quite a bit of evidence that physical exercise is also good for the brain.

  31. I’ve always had a great (long-term) memory, but I find that as I get older it seems to be improving even more (granted, I’m not even 29 yet). Even odder is the fact that, when stoned, my long-term memory is sharper than ever. I can totally see time, man!

    My short-term memory, on the other hand, has never been impressive, and it seems to get progressively worse at times. downer

    Of course, some memories will always be crystal clear simply for the personal significance they hold for their owners. I believe the psychological term for such phenomena is the “flashbulb” memory.

    Ahhh, take me back, memories of Intro Psych! Man, college was fun.

  32. yea i am scotts daughters cousin,he did go crazy all because of my aunt angie talking to him about religon and demons and stuff and angie said she fully suports what he did,wan’t to give he rants be my geust,her name is angie rose.

  33. To my daughters cousin.  I had made plans with Angie to go to church with my daughter and Angies family (on that weekend that I had my flight in terror).  There was no preconcieved ill intent on my part.  It was me who was being misled by the product that Higherbalance.com offered.  The newspaper could have just as easily printed , “Man uses a product of a spiritual nature and has a terrible spiritual experience.”
    The bible says carnal man cant discern things of a spiritual nature so they call it a psychotic episode.  Psychosis is when you believe a thing and it becomes your reality.
    I have passed three psych evals and they report no organic brain damage and no family history of mental issues.  I scored quite high on my eval so they called it an isolated psychotic episode and released me with a clean bill of health, “No, therapy or medication required.”

    So where then is the truth of my circumstance?
    I gave my heart to Jesus in jail and have been seeking understanding since.

    Judge not lest you be judged, for with the same measure you meet, it will be measured to you.  The Lord said this, and the times I scorned a few women who were in the news claiming God told them to kill their children comes to mind.
    The jokes I use to take pleasure in on the late night cable comedy shows about shortbus and handicap people also comes to mind.  I use to be a ladies man from my youth, breaking hearts without care, and when they retailiated, I called them psycho.  I use to spend alot of time watching tv to entertaining myself after a hard days work.  What kinda shows did I like, love stories, action (like xtrem videos and car chases), COPS, horror movies, etc.  Much of the worldy things I loved and put before God got measured against me and are now my shame.  Yet I learned these things from worldly people who practiced the same things I was taught.
    When I was a young Marine at the age of 20, I saw an adulterous man, getting the attention and affections of many women.  I wanted that attention.  He offered to teach me the game and the question of morality came up.  He cast down the word of God saying it was full of hypocrisy and what kind of God would ask Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac.  I didn’t know anything about the Bible or Jesus so I took his counsel and a womaniser was born.
    Jesus told parables about how the servant judged the Lord and he was judged back in measure.
    I told a psychiatrist just a few of these revelations and he cast them down and said I think too deeply.
    I also had a friend who use to toss about that comment ,“Stupid, evil bastard.” I think he got it from a movie.  I thought it was a funny thing to say, so I would say it too.  Well, here I am to my shame.

    I stand as an example of what an ungodly life will lead you to and example of Gods great love and mercy through Jesus Christ.  The truth I use to cast down I now preach and unless you repent and be saved the wrath of God abides on you.  For it is written the wrath of God abides on all the who hold the truth in unrighteosness.
    Jesus is the way the truth and the life and noone comes to the Father but through Jesus.
    In the last days, people will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, concieted, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God.  I was many of these as are many of you, but I have a savior in Jesus Christ and He teaches me a better way.
    One psychiatrist cast down the word of God saying its something they use to recreate themselves, another psychiatrist writes a book called, “How to recreate yourself.”  Where then lies the truth?  The bible says if we be in Christ we are a new creation.  To God be the glory.

    Consider this a small portion of a sparrows testimony…


    He who has ears let them hear,
    A dark day, a dreadful day.
    A dark and dreadful day.
    A day of wrath and revelation.
    A day of terror and tribulation.
    They say, “How can this be?”
    Let us build a stronghold,
    That we may cast him down further still.
    Let us take his substance,
    That our high place may be higher still.
    He cries for help, let us give him understanding.
    Let us pierce hime with our sword to see what comes out.
    Let us uproot him further still,
    That we may lay bare the branch.
    Oh how the firewood will warm our hearth.
    He mutters a foolish thing,
    Hah!God cannot help him.
    Lets fill him with our medicine, lets give him cure,
    That we may profit even more.
    Let the genie in the bottle be his help.
    Behold! What is this?
    He breaks our arrows with his teeth
    His words reveal our lack of understanding.
    He is a liability, who will pay?
    Sir!  You are smart, you need no help.
    Good luck with your burden.

    I say this, “How am I smart?!
    I have fallen in a pit.
    Your words and wisdom have not removed me.
    They only send me to a darker place,
    Cast me away further still,
    Cover me with more dirt.
    And you say, “I am wise?!”
    Am I so wise as to sit behind an ornately decorated desk, carved from a tall tree that has been hewn down?
    Can I be warmed by your hearth from the timber of other tall trees that have met a similar fate?
    Since you are unable to burn my timber,
    What then shall I use it for?
    Is it good for anything?
    Can I pour over the volumes of your tomes and incantations of opinions and beliefs,
    Grind my timber to pule, make papyrus?
    That I might decorate my walls with words that boast how smart I am?
    What profit would there be in that?

    I look to the heavensand cry out for God!
    You look to the heavens to admire the eagle
    that soars on high, that makes nests in high places.
    Oh! How majestic.  Swooping down from great heights to devour its prey. 
    Its eyes as sharp as its talons.
    Yet take time to consider the buzzard.
    Are they not closely related?
    Are they not both scavengers devouring the same carrion?
    What then sets them apart?
    When they oar on high, one soars alone and the others congregate.
    Yet where they circcle hungrily, death follows.

    Oh, to soar high on wing.  Do you soar alone or congregate?
    Where the eagles are gathered, there the carcasses will be.
    Or is buzzards a more fitting interpretation?

    Praise God Jesus delivers!

  34. I was really enjoying your story there, Scott, up until you got all preachy at the end. Still sounds like you traded one delusion for another, but good luck with that.

  35. Hi my name is Amanda Guzik and I am the daughter of Scott Guzik. First of all I would like to say that this website is repulsive, along with all of you judgmental pricks. I don’t believe that it is any of your business what happened with my dad and I, and though I was 6 years old when it happened, I was not happy that my name or story was posted all over social media. My dad was always a normal dad. He gave me everything I wanted and loved me unconditionally, even when I was a little brat. I truly do believe that higher balance meditation program is a money making scam. There are bad reviews and similar situations to my dads. Nobody would have ever expected it to happen, considering my dad was one of the most normal, loving dads out there. There’s a difference between a criminal who purposely wants bad things to happen, and my dad. Unfortunately this happened to my dad and he has been paying the price of it ever since. I am now 17 years old and educated on this situation and I have a good relationship with my father. I see him whenever I’d like, and he’s a great man. Even though all of you don’t believe in God, and apparently can’t respect others beliefs, the bible saved my dad. He turned each page to a better life, and is the normal man he always has been. Just now he has faith in something. It is not wrong to believe in God. we will never really know if it ever did happen, and that’s simply why it is a belief. But my dads faith in the Lord has saved his life. So for that reason I am grateful that he found God.

    “”I love you dad.”
    “I love you too sweetheart. Now lay down, this’ll only sting for a minute.””
    Way to make a joke out of what happened to me. This situation was not at all funny, that was obnoxious and rude.

    “As long as Jesus doesn’t tell him to go for another joyride with his daughter, it’s an upgrade, I’d say.”
    Once again, making a funny out of a not-so-funny situation. You people are sick.

    I myself have never practiced religion or really came to a conclusion of my opinion on it. But I do believe in some higher power, because of the events that happened during this commotion. I can not call myself a true believer, but I am not atheist. I would call myself agnostic because I just do not know. My point of this, is even though I’m not sure what to believe, I can still accept others’ opinions and beliefs. And that right there just proves that I have more of a heart than any of you who think you know so much about my story and my dad. You all know absolutely nothing but what the media told you. You were not there, and you are not my dad so you have no idea what was going on in his head. And because you’re so strong-headed with your belief that God is not real you’re judging and trying to make a joke of the situation, which I do not appreciate. While you were all having a laugh at my dad, I was putting every penny I had in a fountain wishing I could see my dad again. And my wish has come true.

    (P.S. If God is real, you’re all going to hell for this)

  36. You’re a little late to the party, Amanda, but good to see your dad hasn’t had any relapses and you’ve made it into your late teens.

    And because you’re so strong-headed with your belief that God is not real you’re judging and trying to make a joke of the situation, which I do not appreciate.

    Uh oh! You hear that everyone? Amanda doesn’t appreciate us making light of this whole story. How will we ever live with ourselves knowing she doesn’t appreciate this?

    Here’s the thing, Amanda, I wasn’t looking for your appreciation nor your approval. I’m happy for you that your dad hasn’t tried to kill you again in the years since this story took place, but beyond that I’m not overly concerned if what I wrote bothers you. If the two of you are doing OK and have a decent relationship in spite of what he put you through then take solace in that fact and try not to worry what the rest of us think. We’re just strangers on the Internet and you shouldn’t give us any more thought than that.

    Or you can keep whining and I’ll just go ahead and mock you.

  37. Here is the thing, Les. I know I’m late. I’ve read these comments years ago, but being young I realize nobody would take what I have to say seriously (though I make more sense than any of you). I couldn’t care less about what you have to say to my comment, as you couldnt care less about mine. But if everyone wants to say their opinions on a story they know nothing about and that has nothing to do with them, I guess this is the right place for me to put my input considering it happened to me and I am well educated on the whole story. The fact that you are what, 50 years old?? And even have the urge to argue with and reply to a 17 year old girl says a lot about you. I guess this is a good website for people like you. Continue being a stupid evil bastard, you’re good at it 🙂

  38. I’m not arguing with you. There’s nothing to debate. If anything, I’m amused.

    Let’s just hope mental illness doesn’t run in your family…

  39. Well if it does, I’ll make sure to remember who my first victim will be. Have a great day, Les 🙂

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