Happy Easter!

For those of you who buy into the idea that some guy 2,000 years ago died and was raised from the dead three days later so that you would one day have a four day weekend where you’d spend the Sunday biting the ears off of a chocolate representation of a Pagan fertility goddess while your kids hunt around for the other representation of said Pagan fertility goddess hidden by yet another representation of said goddess because your religion stole her holiday in a successful bid to subjugate her followers… well…

…have a Happy Easter!

8 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. LOL  Thats frickin hilarious when you put it like that, but oh how very true it is

  2. Funny stuff, Les.  It deeply disturbs me that 4 years ago I was so ignorant that I was celebrating this stolen and the other stolen “Christian” holidays.  Keep up the good work with the blog.

  3. Rob, I wouldn’t be too disturbed about it. Most of the rituals in these holidays are pagan in origin which is part of why they’re so much fun. Dem pagans knew how to party.

  4. We had a great Easter egg hunt today, Easter Monday, with “Eierbecken” (two people slamming their eggs together to see which one breaks first- my daughter Rosi was the winner with five kills), and of course lots of chocolate and marzipan eggs too.

    Good thing the eggs are laid well in advance, because guess what we had for supper yesterday…

    Yep.  The Easter Bunny.  Mmmm.

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