“Delivery” by Till Nowak

If only it was this simple to rid ourselves of the things we don’t like. Beautiful piece, though.

(QuickTime required)


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  1. *SIGH*  Oh, but that is profound.  I have been absorbed into that world.  If only, if only, if only…  Thank you, Till Nowak and your team for doing that.  Thank you, Brock for finding it and bringing it to SEB.


  2. That was beautiful, utterly beautiful.

    The idea at the end was utterly unpredictable (for me anyway) and really brought an extra depth to the piece.

    Positively stunning.

  3. Glad you guys appreciated it. I have yet to tire of watching it. Everytime I do I see something I missed before.

  4. are you kidding?  you put all that work into cover of a Stephen King & Twilight Zone piece? 

    Till, baby…come on.  at least have the old man blow into the box and clear the skies.  slow paced and we saw the ending before the box arrived. 


  5. I bet it was based on an SF pulp story from the 1930’s. 

    Gee agador, does every flick have to have the action pace of “Die Hard With A Vengance” and the surprise ending of “Unbreakable?”  Can’t something just be visually cool?

  6. fool… this theme has been done by every high school film making class & tired.  Why doesn’t the guy’s world move around as he carries the box?  why do we see spacecraft but the guy has an eye piece used in MADMAX?  and if the dude was such a humanitarian by eliminating the polluters why was he so carless as to kill and destroy by dropping a marble?  and why is that damn flower so big after he plants it?  if a bug was on it and got away, it would be like Godzilla terrorizing Japan.  the dude needs to be more careful.

  7. My English professor always pointed out that there are only 36 plot line possibilities and I suppose stories are going to be repeated pretty often. So it isn’t really that you need to create a new plot line, because YOU CAN’T, but that you tell an interesting, engaging story that is beautifully rendered.

    “Delivery” was an example of an engaging, beautifully rendered piece of story telling for me. But then I’m a sucker for happy endings.

    What are those 36 plot lines? Well it was my entry so maybe it’s OK for me to bore you with a long list. Maybe it’s OK for anybody to:

    1) Supplication – Persecutor, Suppliant, a Power in Authority
    2) Deliverance – Unfortunates, Threatener, Rescuer
    3) Revenge – Avenger, Criminal
    4) Vengeance by Family upon Family – Avenging Kinsman, Guilty Kinsman, Relative
    5) Pursuit – Fugitive from Punishment, Pursuer
    6) Victim of Cruelty or Misfortune – Unfortunates, Master or Unlucky Person
    7) Disaster – Vanquished Power, Victorious Power or Messenger
    8) Revolt – Tyrant, Conspirator(s)
    9) Daring Enterprise – Bold Leader, Goal, Adversary
    10) Abduction – Abductor, Abducted, Guardian
    11) Enigma – Interrogator, Seeker, Problem
    12) Obtaining – Two or more Opposing Parties, Object, maybe an Arbitrator
    13) Familial Hatred – Two Family Members who hate each other
    14) Familial Rivalry – Preferred Kinsman, Rejected Kinsman, Object
    15) Murderous Adultery – Two Adulterers, the Betrayed
    16) Madness – Madman, Victim
    17) Fatal Imprudence – Imprudent person, Victim or lost object
    18) Involuntary Crimes of Love – Lover, Beloved, Revealer
    19) Kinsman Kills Unrecognized Kinsman – Killer, Unrecognized Victim, Revealer
    20) Self Sacrifice for an Ideal – Hero, Ideal, Person or Thing Sacrificed
    21) Self Sacrifice for Kindred – Hero, Kinsman, Person or Thing Sacrificed
    22) All Sacrificed for Passion – Lover, Object of Passion, Person or Thing Sacrificed
    23) Sacrifice of Loved Ones – Hero, Beloved Victim, Need for Sacrifice
    24) Rivalry Between Superior and Inferior – Superior, Inferior, Object
    25) Adultery – Deceived Spouse, Two Adulterers
    26) Crimes of Love – Lover, Beloved, theme of Dissolution
    27) Discovery of Dishonor of a Loved One – Discoverer, Guilty One
    28) Obstacles to Love – Two Lovers, Obstacle
    29) An Enemy Loved – Beloved Enemy, Lover, Hater
    30) Ambition – An Ambitious Person, Coveted Thing, Adversary
    31) Conflict with a God – Mortal, Immortal
    32) Mistaken Jealousy – Jealous One, Object of Jealousy, Supposed Accomplice, Author of Mistake
    33) Faulty Judgment – Mistaken One, Victim of Mistake, Author of Mistake, Guilty Person
    34) Remorse – Culprit, Victim, Interrogator
    35) Recovery of a Lost One – Seeker, One Found
    36) Loss of Loved Ones – Kinsman Slain, Kinsman Witness, Executioner

  8. Hey there brock.

    Cant find “the delivery” anywhere on the web anymore.Shame…However I thought you mught like to read vasco popas’ “The small box” which really Draws some parallels.

    The small box gets its first teeth
    And its small length
    Its small width and small emptiness
    And all that it has got
    The small box is growing bigger
    And now the cupboard is in it
    That it was in before
    And now it grows bigger and bigger and bigger
    And now has in it the room
    And the house and the town and the land
    And the world it was in before
    The small box remembers its childhood
    And by overgreat longing
    It becomes a small box again
    Now in the small box
    Is the whole world quite tiny
    You could put it in a pocket
    Easily steal it easily lose it
    Take care of the small box

    Both this poem and Nowaks film speak volumes about the nature of dimensionality and the human spirit. I hope all who read enjoy…and think! grin

  9. Thanks, shiva. I’ve fixed the link so it should work fine now.

    Nice poem and definitely parallelistic.

    It might be nice to be a small box again but there can be no return to innocent, new-eyed wonder.

  10. C’mon people.  Nowaks piece is a “beautifully rendered” story. No, it doesn’t make sense all the way through and some details may be fuzzy.  A simple answer to why the old dude destroys people by dropping the “whatever it was” into the box is there were no people – it appears to be a fully automated machinistic city.  Harder to explainn is where all the transports went when the garden tool started picking up the city.

    Still, Nowak has done what all kids do.  Identified a hot problem and provided a solution.  Okay, so it’s not a solution.  But it still leaves the (average) viewer with a feeling of “what if” or “if only” and that’s where solutions come from.  I am so old I remeber when satellites and tiny hand held communicators were only known to people like Ray Bradbury and Isaac Asimov.  When people like Till produce an idea, even if it seems like a dream, someone will take that idea and find a real solution – like practical, off-planet industrial facilities.  It won’t be a quick and easy fix any more than this film was a quick and easy production.  But it will happen.

    Makes me want to know what Till is doing next (if he still has time to dream)……

    And, no, I don’t believe agador knew the end from the beginning.  He/she is just blowing smoke because we’re listening…

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