***Dave fills us in on his Foxy Extensions.

Wow, that sounds a lot dirtier than I thought it would.

Anyway, SEB regular ***Dave has an entry up about his favorite Firefox extensions that is worth reading if, like me, you’ve not bothered to make much use of that particular aspect of the browser.

One of the cooler aspects of the Firefox and Mozilla browsers is the ability to add more functionality via the extensions, but the only one I’ve made a habit of installing has been the excellent Spellbound spell checker (which is also on ***Dave’s list). I keep meaning to sit down and play around with a few of the other extensions out there, but just never seem to get around to it so seeing what other folks are making use of is always enlightening and useful. Out of the list on ***Dave’s site I’ve already installed the ForecastFox extension that puts a little icon on the status bar showing the current and future weather as reported by the Weather Channel folks and the BugMeNot extension that makes use of the service provided by BugMeNot to login to news sites that require “free registration” before they’ll let you read their news articles. ***Dave lists quite a few handy extensions so if you’ve been thinking of trying some out and could use a suggestion or two then go check it out.

6 thoughts on “***Dave fills us in on his Foxy Extensions.

  1. Garsh.  Thanks.  Hope folks find ‘em as useful as I do.

    I try not to be a FFFanatic, but I do find the extensibility of the product to be one of its charms.

  2. There’s several I use not mentioned on his list, so I figure I’ll share some of the ones I’ve found useful:

    Web Developer: Excellent for designers/developers with tons of options from viewing/editing CSS to disabling javascript.  Fantastic for testing and tweaking.

    TargetAlert: Automatically places “visual cues for the destinations of hyperlinks” on a page.  What that means is that you can get a tiny PDF icon next to links to PDF documents (or quite a few other types).  If you abhor that format like I do then this can be really nice.

    BetterSearch:  How the heck did I do without this??  Places a thumbnail image of the destination on Google (and other) search results.  Also adds other useful info/links.

    GreaseMonkey:  It “lets you to add bits of DHTML (‘user scripts’) to any webpage to change it’s behavior”.  You can find a nice repository of existing scripts.  I use the “Google Butler” script to strip out ads and other ‘non-content’ among other scripts.

  3. Even though I’ve not played with many of the FF extensions, my personal favorite is Copy URL+ which I use whenever I quote anything from a web page.  It is very handy for blogging.  Here’s an example of it in use…

    “Quick Description

    The Copy URL+ extension enables you to copy to the clipboard the current document’s address along with additional information such as the document’s title, the current selection or both.”

    (although I did just use another handy extention, TinyUrl Creator to shorten the link to the CopyURL+ page…)

    It even supports some customization, but as is usually the case, there are a few enhancements I’d still like to see added…

  4. Simple as it is, I still revel when I get home from work and can take advantage of the tabbed browsing.  That’s a Fox I can love smile

  5. The Copy URL+ extension looks pretty neat.  I’ll have to play with it a bit.

    I’ve given up on TinyURL because, to be honest, it’s dangerous.  I like to know where a link is going to take me—especially in these days of Internet security concerns.  It’s far too easy to hide the destination in a TinyURL, and I tend to avoid them, even as much as I hate the godawful long URLs that some website software generates.

  6. Yesterday’s MozillaZine pointed me to Mitch Wagner’s review of extensions—Copy URL+, TinyURL and some from ***Dave’s favorites were among those listed.

    Since some of my applications open pages in IE,  FireFoxView caught my attention. It’s the inverse of IeView.

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