Another dumbass pays psychic $2,900 to be cleansed of “negative energy.”

I’ve written before about people who had to learn the hard way that psychic powers are just another fantasy, but it seems the overly credulous still have to learn that lesson the hard way. The unnamed clueless dumbass in that news item managed to keep their losses to around $2,900 before realizing that the only thing this psychic was cleansing for them was their wallet. 

The document, a police officer’s affidavit for a warrant to search a Marks family member’s Jeep Cherokee, says a person went to Mrs. Diamond Astrology in December and paid $10 for a palm reading by a woman who said she was named Paula.

Paula told the client – who was not identified in the document – that “negative energy” was causing problems with the person’s personal relationships. Even the person’s ability to have children was said to be affected.

Paula said that for $300, the “negativity” could be removed. After the person left, Paula phoned regularly. At a subsequent session, Paula warned that a curse had been placed on the person, and convinced the person that $2,600 was needed to remove it.

Paula said she would place the $2,600 in a tabernacle to assist in removing the “negativity,” then return it.

But when the person asked for the money back, Paula made excuses. The person asked for it at least 20 times.

It never fails to make me chuckle when yet another moron gets taken in by another psychic. Not that the psychic was all that smart either. What they should have been doing was claiming that they could talk to the person’s dead relatives and charging outrageous fees like John Edward does. That’s perfectly legal. Never promise to give their money back, just tell them their dead relatives are fine and they love them and that’ll be $300 please.

4 thoughts on “Another dumbass pays psychic $2,900 to be cleansed of “negative energy.”

  1. You gotta open a chain of Stupid Evil Psychics.  “Seperating the sucka from the scrilla”

  2. Folks will need to cut and paste that URL into a new browser window as EE chews up any URLs that have question marks in them for security reasons.

    But, yeah, I’ve heard about this one as a lot of bloggers and sites that list odd news stories have been linking to it. It’s amazing how much attention a few pics and a little creative writing can get, eh?

  3. I think P.T. Barnum underestimated when he stated, “A sucker is born every minute.” LOL

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