Another conversation with a dumbass.

It’s once again time for another Conversation With A Dumbass. Yes, it’s yet another example of one of my biggest pet peeves: The IM User who contacts me to ask why I’m on their contact list:

[14:41] angiebaby80746: HEY
[14:41] StupEvilBst: Yes?
[14:42] angiebaby80746: IDK WHO U R AND Y EXACTLY UR ON MY BUDDY LIST
[14:42] angiebaby80746: DO U HAVE A PIC?
[14:42] StupEvilBst: If you don’t know why I’m on your list then why am I on your list?
[14:42] angiebaby80746: IDK
[14:42] StupEvilBst: Why do you people insist on doing this?
[14:42] StupEvilBst: Are you naturally stupid or something?
[14:43] StupEvilBst: I can’t believe how many people hit me with messages like this.
[14:43] angiebaby80746: WE DID TALK A WHILE AGO
[14:43] StupEvilBst: And it’s always the AIM folks.
[14:43] StupEvilBst: Never the yahoo or MSN or ICQ. Just AIM.
[14:43] StupEvilBst: It’s like AIM attracts all the idiots or something.
[14:43] angiebaby80746: FUCK U
[14:43] StupEvilBst: Fuck me? You can’t even figure out why I’m on your list. I doubt you could fuck me.
[14:44] StupEvilBst: You probably need detailed instructions on how to tie your shoes.
[14:44] StupEvilBst: It’s amazing you haven’t forgotten English altogether by this point.
[14:44] *** “angiebaby80746” signed off at Wed Mar 09 14:44:42 2005.

What is it with these morons? Why are they always AIM users? Why do they have to use that stupid abbreviated typing style? Why can’t they just say, “Gee. I don’t know who the hell this guy is or why he’s on my contact list. Guess I’ll delete him.” That’s what I do when I don’t know who the hell you are or why you’re on my contact list. I figure if you’re someone important I’ll hear from you eventually.

25 thoughts on “Another conversation with a dumbass.

  1. you know, I get this a lot, and it is invariably from Yahoo! users.  My AIM users are the best behaved.

    How strange.

  2. I sure am glad I don’t bother with IM clients. It’s like getting unsolisited phone calls. They really piss me off and I just can’t do anything about it.

    Well, I can with the IM thing at least… smile

  3. Too funny!!!  I find this alot with AIM and Yahoo. But not with ICQ (which I love!).  I’ll have to post some of my lovely conversations sometime for all to enjoy.  And being female, you know they all start with, “What are you wearing?”

  4. Les, I’m disappointed that we never get to have stupid conversations like the one above. smile I never see you on AIM or Yahoo.  In fact I never see anyone on Yahoo anymore.  I think the whole invisible mode has kind of undermined the purpose of Yahoo Messenger.  Oh well.

  5. Blehh! I hate people who type in all caps and use those silly abbreviations! If you cannot type using full words, then I assume you have the attention span of a goldfish and aren’t really worth talking to anyway.

    Again I am reminded why the only product of AOLs that I use are the shiney cup mats (CD’s) that they send me every once in a while. smile

  6. Just after the Iraq War started, this guy IMed me and started asking those same questions.  When I wouldn’t put out, he tried to guilt trip me by telling me he was leaving for Iraq soon and I should have cybersex with him because it could be his last.
    Talk about supporting the troops!

    I also despise netspeak.  It is the most vile thing ever.  I can see a smiley here and there, and acronyms for common phrases like ‘As far as I know’ but u for you?  it’s 3 letters!  Is what they have to say so important they can’t take the time to spell it properly?

  7. I wouldn’t know what AIM dumbasses are like because I don’t ever bother to og into my account.  Diddo for Yahoo.  I do get tons of peope from ICQ, though.  Sample conversations:

    1)  A/S/L?  do u liek cybersecks?

    2)  Make 300k/wk by working at home!

    3)  add me plz?  They don’t bother to say “hello” or
        ask who I am, just “add me”.  GRRRR!

  8. Am I the only one that would think it was funny to do a Pulp Fiction riff?

    Jules:  What country are you from?
    Idiot:  whu?
    Jules:  Whu ain’t no country I ever heard of.
    Jules:  Do they speak English in whu?
    Idiot:  Whu?
    Jules:  English, motherfucker.  Do you speak it?
    Idiot:  Whu?
    Jules:  Say what again.  I fucking dare you.

    It played out much funnier in my head.

  9. Funny stuff.  It is not enough that you are the stupid evil bastard.  This person wants to add in ugly as well.  Certainly stupideviluglybastard doesn’t have the same ring to it.  Yahoo seems to have a problem with many of it’s communities.  The dating component is filled with people simply trying to sell their own sex sites or similar.  I got ripped on on their auctions site.  And the Yahoo IM users act like this?  These people are probably best ignored.  When you are stressed out you don’t need to let some random stranger piss you off.

  10. I’ve started receiving this sort of tripe in my business email. People seem to think it’s fine to communicate this way.

    Hi evry1 pls dont be late 4 teh mtg @ 4!

    I refuse to deal with sort of thing in business, and usually reply with a request that they conduct themselves appropriately for a business environment.

    Our company (of over 25,000) even had to lock-on the email spell-checker. Those of us who are literate at a grade 3 level or better are now forced to spell check every technical word or acronym in every email message we send.

    It still hasn’t stopped the AOL crap. I guess the Microsoft spell-checker includes “words” like ‘any1’.

  11. Reading stuff like this makes me very glad that I do not use IM. People like that would drive me nuts, and I am afraid that I would enjoy turning them into chewtoys.

    I don’t get the telegraphic typing- I learned keyboarding yonks ago, and can type faster than they can telegraph. Nyah!

  12. Uhm
    Who the fuck runs this website, Y is it on my blogroll?

    I have read this site once in the past, but I dont know Y – Do U?


    Why Iz N0-1 listen to me

    You R all S0 rude you will not answer me. U will b that way



    Yet another happy AOL Customer LOL

  13. I keep Trillian running mainly so I can hear from you dear visitors as quite a few of you will contact me via IM on occasion. Plus it does give me the occasional quick and dirty post fodder.

  14. mebbe he typ3 like dat cuz itz ez-er.  sum ppl typ3 like dat cuz itz k3wl, d00d!  dun b3 st00pid.  abbrev. r0xx0rz!!!!!  STFU ALRADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. JethricOne, you are a horrible, horrible person, and will probably go to hell for taunting your friend like that.

    Funny story though.

  16. I’m glad I am not the only one who gets such ridiculous messages.  I get them on Yahoo mainly.

    Usually I just dump them into my ignore bin.

    As for all the acronyms and abbreviations these days, I am currently studying an Arts degree and some students, who are evidently just out of school and used to SMSing each other or sending IM’s on their computers, seem to think it is acceptable to post in our forums by murdering the english language.

    I have even heard of school teachers receiving assignments handwritten with such abbreviations.  The day I am in that position and one of my students hands me such lazy shite, they will be getting an ‘FF’ for FRICKING FAIL.

  17. Once again a prime example of individuals going above and beyond the call of stupid.  I still think that you should be required to take a written test for two things in life… to own a computer and produce offspring!

  18. Alright, I admit it. I have to come clean. It was me fucking with you, Les. kiss

  19. I doubt that, but only because I get this sort of thing so often from so many different people that I’m sure you’d have something better to do with your time than sit around on the Internet harassing poor little old me.

  20. You’re right, I don’t have to be nasty, but sometimes it’s the best way to get the message across. Especially after being kind doesn’t work. I try to be a considerate individual, but you’ll get out of me what you put into me and if you’re rude or a dumbass then what you’ll get out of me won’t be all that pleasant.

    Kindness has its place, but so does telling someone off.

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