An Irreverent Bet

Who will live the longest: Terri Schiavo or Pope John Paul II?

That’s the question now before the public. The competition is heating up with the Pope receiving his very own feeding tube and a federal appeals court agrees today to consider an emergency motion requesting a new hearing on whether to reconnect Terri’s.

Certainly Terri has youth on her side but the Pope has the best medical care the Vatican can buy and Terri’s been without nutrition for 12 days now. If her tube is reinserted Terri may hang on indefinitely. She’s certainly proved she has staying power.

While it’s difficult to know who is more brain dead at this point, I predict Terri will muster her meager gray matter and maintain her fragile grasp on life. The Pope on the other hand will certainly decline rapidly. Spare no pity for him though; he’s old and used up and can easily be replaced. Terri, on the other hand, is a legislative darling: Her right to life is written into her own personal law. She would be a fool to abandon it and Terri, with her reasoning power equal to that of a ficus, is certainly no fool.

Props to the Pope for finally realizing the advantage of a feeding tube, though,  and he’s tight with the guy who dispenses miracles. I just might be betting on the wrong vegetable.

(If you think the Schiavo story is worn out already, just wait till she gets the tube reinserted. Oy Veh!)

10 thoughts on “An Irreverent Bet

  1. And with this one post Brock will go down in history. Why is that you ask? Because with this post he has done what no one has been able to do yet. He has united the Catholics and the Protestants after hundreds of years of separation.

  2. The Threat of the Willful Child  This is an interesting post on the case and is bang on. It’s a bent on the whole creepy ordeal that I’ve had on my mind and somebody put it so eloquently into the words that failed me.

    …The language used also tends to reinforce the notion that this breathing body is still the person who was Terri Schiavo before the damage occurred.  (In fact, it’s very difficult to not fall into this rhetorical pit; the temptation to write about “Terri” rather than “Terri’s body” is pretty overwhelming.)  This sort of reframing carries with it some dangerous implications, implications which I’m fairly certain the Culture of Life folks are aware of.  That is, if a body with no conscious mind or independent will, a body that is dependent on the continued support of others for its survival, can be called a “person,” but living conscious creatures like cats or gorillas cannot, it becomes clear that the essential defining qualities of personhood are “possessing human DNA” and “alive.”

    On a side note… I find the vatican’s spin laughable and quite creative. The pope needs the tube to enhance his nutrition. Oh, he’s just fine, healthy and hunkydory. He just needs a few more calories.

  3. AP: “He’s stable and he was able to rest and he’s communicating with his family, as best as he can with all those tubes,” Falwell’s executive assistant, Ron Godwin, said. “He’s very stable. His vitals are steady and strong.”

    It’s amazing, really.  I’d never thought the human anus could stretch so wide as to accommodate both his head AND life support tubing.

  4. Double dip: celeb deaths come in threes – could these be the next three???

    Time to update the dead pool!

  5. Sheesh boys, you ain’t at your best today. At bit sad, really.

    Though the ‘connection’ between the Pope and Schiavo did obviously occur to many…

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