Unemployment update.

Well, there’s isn’t much to update everyone on at the moment. I continue to send out resumes en masse and the phone continues to remain silent except for calls from the occasional telemarketer or a relative checking in to see how we’re holding up. I’ve probably got around 30 resumes out there right now and someone must be looking at them because the Monster.com folks at least keep track of how many times your resume is looked at when you post it on their site.

Being both ADD and unemployed has resulted in posting to the blog suffering dramatically and for this I apologize. One of the ways that people with ADD come to grips with their condition is to develop daily routines. Back when I was working I’d get up at 6AM as soon as the alarm rang and head straight for the bathroom where I’d hop into the shower. After the shower I’d get dressed and then get some breakfast where I’d watch the morning news for about a half hour. From there I’d login to check my email and perhaps get a short entry up before leaving for work. At the top of the stairs after putting on my coat I’d do my pat-down. That’s where you pat your pockets and coat to make sure you’ve got everything you need for the day: wallet, money, ID badge, beeper, and car keys. If any part of this routine was missed or had to be rushed I was certain to forget something and the rest of the day would be a total fuck up.

Being unemployed is a lot like being on vacation only not as relaxing. My morning routine is shot to hell, which has been surprisingly hard on the cat as well. The first week he was very troubled because that was also the week that Courtney had her winter break from school so no one was getting up early and he just didn’t understand what the hell had gone wrong. It’s clear that he’s grown most attached to me, however, as Courtney reports that he doesn’t get up with her in the mornings anymore preferring to sleep in until I get up so I can watch him eat. For not being much of a lap cat he doesn’t like to be alone. He’s currently laying on my bed behind not far from Anne and he’ll probably stay there until one of us goes out to the living room. So as far as the cat is concerned my being unemployed is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to him.

For the blog, though, it’s probably the worst thing to happen. I haven’t watched the news in two weeks and I don’t tend to read the newspaper so I’m completely out of touch with anything important that’s happened since I lost my job. I used to check the news websites out between meetings at work when there wasn’t a lot of time to do other things and I’d spent part of my lunch composing entries based on whatever I read earlier. You’d think that with all this free time I’d have plenty of time to do this stuff now, but I’m without a routine and so it throws my cognitive abilities out of whack. When I haven’t been surfing the job postings and sending out resumes I’ve tried to squeeze in some of the things I keep meaning to do, but never got around to previously like get the car in so the brakes and tires could be replaced. More about that later as it’s a story unto itself. When I’m not doing those things then I’m either gaming on the games I don’t usually have time for or I’m watching umpteen documentaries I recorded on the DVR that I’ve not had the chance to watch previously. Each day has been somewhat haphazard and I’m left with not a lot to write about. Except, possibly, reviews of games and movies which I’ve started a few entries on and need to finish up.

So I apologize for the dearth of activity around here. It’s the result of a bunch of factors not the least of which is my ADD. I think it shows that if I ever win the lottery the blog may be in serious trouble. I’m slowly starting to develop an unemployment routine, though, and I plan on working writing back into the equation sometime soon so please bear with me for a bit longer.

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  1. Best of luck on the job hunt. I cannot remember what is it called at this moment but there are people/firms you can pay so that they can help you find a job. You know something like the reverse of corporate headhunting.

    Hope your daughter is taking this well and that you have talked to her so that your anxiety (if any) in finding a job is not accidently transfered to her.

  2. Try this. Every day do your old routine right up to the pat down. Then instead of going out to your car, go straight to the computer and catch up on the news followed by a post. Not only will the routine be good for you, you’ll also stay in the habit of getting up early so when the new job does come, you won’t have to get back into the early routine, which is way more difficult than going from getting up early to getting up late.

  3. Brooks’ suggestion is a good one, one that I would suggest as well.

    Don’t worry Les, your handsome looks will land you that modeling job soon enough.  wink

  4. I wish you well on your job hunt. It seems to be a nation-wide slump even though the news says different.

    Good luck smile

  5. I know what you mean about being out of your routine for any extended period of time.  Jobs will come and go but you’ll only be 36 for two more years so I suggest that you take Brooks’ advice or some variation thereof, and prepare yourself for that next step.

    …or you could always just pray for it to happen.:-p

    Knowing your tenacity it shouldn’t be long before the Bastard rises again.

  6. Hope your job situation improves….I have a son with ADD..I often wonder who has it harder, afflicted adults or children….

  7. You should look into medication. “Concerta” has done wonders for my ADD, but I’m not sure about ADHD.

    Good luck with the job hunt. May Allah/Jehovah/etc. guide your path.

  8. Les said: “I haven’t watched the news in two weeks and I don’t tend to read the newspaper so I’m completely out of touch with anything important that’s happened since I lost my job.”

    George Bush announced; “I’m sorry, I just can’t do this job.  I’ve never been any good at it and I really just do whatever those warmongering corporate stooges tell me to do.  So Dick and I have both decided to hand the job over to a bipartisan caretaker committee.”

    See what happens when you don’t keep up on the news? wink

  9. Hey Les, not sure if you did this or not, but one of my former coworkers told me that if you ever post your resume on monster.com pay the little bit extra to get the better service (not sure what it’s called) where you pay about $20 and your resume is posted way closer to the top of the list than with a free account.  Her husband did it and had two calls within a few days and a job with one of those companies a month or so later.

  10. Good luck, Les. It’s tough out there. My husband and I got laid off last August. I finally got a job 2 weeks ago and he got one this week. Neither of us could find work in our respective fields and have had to settle for menial jobs in the food service industry bringing home sickeningly less in 2 paychecks then either of us had in one. With the added bonus of no benefits!

    And its not that the jobs aren’t out there. Being in our 40s seems to be an issue.

  11. Being manager for a big computer firm, I can give you some hints. The newspaper is a bad read. There are 1000’s of people appling for the same job. Some of the web job sites are ok. The problem is there is that there are 1000’s applying for the same position. A lot of the people we hire first comes through a contract position. We contract them for 6 mos. to a year and then if they work out, we hire them. That might be a better option. Just do not go as a supplemental, they have no rights and are the first ones let go. One of your firends sent me your resume, so I will look for you here. I have depression and ADHD, so that should not stop you. Good Luck snake

  12. Thanks, everyone, for the tips.

    Loris, thanks for the help.

    Mike, I’ve used Concerta in the past and I am currently taking Adderal to help with the focus. At least until my health benefits run out. grin

    Kitten, I think being ADD as a kid is tougher than as an adult because you may not fully understand what the issue is all about. You just know that others see you as having a problem, but you’re not sure what that problem is. Knowing that you are ADD is a big help in and of itself, though, no matter the age. I went 33 years before I was diagnosed and I had a rough time of it in school. My daughter found out at 8 and has been doing much better in school than her old man as a result. Once you know you can form ways of using it to your advantage and minimizing the negative aspects and that can make all the difference in the world.

    DOF, I wish! grin

    Chief, I haven’t looked into that, but I will.

    IMPoe, I’m only three years away from 40 myself so it’s scary to think that may be playing a role in the lack of calls.

    DR, I’ve been working as a contract worker for the past ten years at least as you can see on my resume. I have no qualms about being a contractor again. In fact, the majority of companies I’ve heard from so far have been contract houses. Just need one of them to find me a position now. grin Thanks for taking a look at my resume.

  13. At 37, relating to our experience, you’re still young enough. My husband and I are both 44 and it seems the closer to 50 one is the harder it is. We’re now trying to figure a way to re-do our resumes in such a way as to not clearly give away our ages. Any suggestions?

  14. Great idea, Lucas excaim I’ll keep that in mind and smile to myself as I serve hotdogs to hungry Home Depot shoppers and rework my resume. heh!

  15. as a geek, it’s been my experience that a slick looking online presence will get you a job reasonably fast.  i have a blog, an image gallery and a resume complete with examples of my work all available online with downloadable examples of the code used to create each.  for my industry this is a nice thing to have.  since i just found your blog today, i don’t know what you do, but i can’t stress enough how important a nice looking, online resume can be.  that, coupled with multiple downloadable formats is a nice touch, but tough to maintain sometimes.  my cover letters tend to be kinda odd and/or funny too, which helps them remember me, or at least grab their attention.

    a big part of the market though is location.  i used to live in ottawa, where the market is terrible, but moved only 5hours away and they were throwing jobs at me left and right.  maybe you should consider looking at urban centres near wherever you live.

    i like your blog.  makes for good reading.  good luck to you.

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