This dude is truly a “Break Dancing Badass.”

Go watch this video of a guy break dancing. It’s incredible. There are points where you’ll swear the video must have been enhanced with CGI because humans aren’t supposed to be able to move like that, let alone have the upper body strength this guy must have. Makes me hurt just watching it.

11 thoughts on “This dude is truly a “Break Dancing Badass.”

  1. Sorry if this post is off-topic. But I was editing a post (RFID) due to horrific typing errors and grammatical problems and the post disappeared and all the replies were gone! I hope that editing it did not delete everyone’s comment!!!

  2. PT, your entry is fine. When you edited the entry its status was changed back to “pending” as that’s the only status members are allowed to set. This allows me a chance to look at it before it goes live. I missed your comment here about it yesterday, but noticed it was back to pending when I checked the queue this morning. It’s now once again available. No harm done.

  3. What Momma and Socialist Swine said – couldn’t agree more. To what Brooks said, my first thought was that this guy could be a world class gymnast. My second thought was a question. How many world class gymnasts could do this routine?

  4. Vern. If it’s mainly a strength thing, I suppose with a little practice they could do it. The big difference being that their toes would be pointed. grin

  5. Didn’t you guys notice?  That was just Les pushing his video from back in the day.  Nothing like a little Eric B. and Rachiem in the morning.

  6. that’s junior, he’s from france,that battle was one of the RED BULL BC (forgot the year), and he can really do all those things, but it looks cooler in real life

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