Spending the weekend with Momma.

We’re headed up to the wilds of Otisville this weekend to spend some quality time with my Mom as she’s about to turn 70 on the 22nd. I only remember her birthday because she shares it with George Washington so when I see all the big President’s Day sale ads on TV I know it’s coming up.

Posting will probably continue to be light as a result of the trip, but I hope to get back into the swing of updating a little more regularly soon. This first week unemployed has been very disorientating in the same way that being on vacation is, only more so due to the stress which I seem to be coping with pretty well all things considered.

4 thoughts on “Spending the weekend with Momma.

  1. Happy happy joy joy birthday Momma!

    I was waiting till yesterday (the actual day of your birth) to say it so it would have more meaning and ended up forgetting to. It ended up meaning less by being a day late. I’m sorry about that.

    Still, I hope you had a great great day!

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