Solonor’s Ink Well gets some new threads.

My favorite half-elf, Solonor, has been fortunate enough to have someone with actual design skills take pity on him and whip up a new layout that won’t make your eyes bleed after looking at it for a few minutes. It’s way better than someone with the first name “Lester,” who keeps trying to muscle in on my claim to “Les,” really deserves, but he’s been at this blogging thing long enough that I suppose he’s due for a little lovin’ from his fans. All three of them.

It doesn’t matter that he’s got shiny new digs that make my pathetic attempts at web design look like the efforts of an epileptic color-blind ape ‘cause he’s still going to fail in his aims of taking over the world. Evil isn’t pretty! And he’s too pretty now to maintain the evilness world domination requires! Muhwhahahahahahahahaha!

*Ahem!* Uh… what I meant to say was… Nice new layout, dude!

1 thought on “Solonor’s Ink Well gets some new threads.

  1. You’ll rue the day you mocked me, Bastard. Ya hear me? RUE.

    Have ya started rue-ing, yet? No? Well, ya better get prepared to do so. That’s all I’m sayin’.

    Um, I mean, thanks!

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