Republican Representative Takes a Leaf Out of Cheney’s Book

I doubt many people have forgotten Vice President Dick Cheney’s suggestion that Senator Leahy (Vt) go “f*@k [himself]”  after a heated exchange last year.  It looks like Bill Cadman, Republican representative in the House, did Cheney one better

A dispute between two state representatives over a military license-plate bill escalated into a foul-mouthed threat of bodily injury on the House floor Tuesday.

“If you try that again, I’ll ram my fist up your ass,” Republican Bill Cadman told his Democratic colleague, Val Vigil, at Vigil’s desk during the morning session.

A new trend in politics perhaps?

5 thoughts on “Republican Representative Takes a Leaf Out of Cheney’s Book

  1. Yet another Republican proponent for fisting. Sen Packwood is probably crying tears of joy…..

  2. Yes…

    Good times here in Colorado.

    But it’s no more then we expect from someone from Colorado Springs.

  3. Go easy on the Springs, the higher elevation does something to the brain cells.

    You know, for such a homophobic lot, these republican politicians seem to be obsessed with deviant sexual practices.

  4. Next on news 10 tonight—President George Bush tells Senator Clinton to go to that bad place…where all the bad people go.  Cause they’re bad.

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