Red vs. Blue: Welcome to the Internet.

The Red vs. Blue gang are back with a new PSA made especially for people who are venturing onto the information superhighway for the first time to help illustrate the differences between activities in real life and on the Internet called: Welcome to the Internet.

WARNING: SEB is not responsible for any burns resulting from snorting hot coffee out your nose as a result of trying to consume said beverage while watching the aforementioned video. Nor shall we be held liable for cleaning bills, PC repair bills, or other similar costs for damages related to the spewing of liquids of any kind as a result of watching this video. Humor impaired people may fail to fully experience the intended effect of the video in question and therefore should probably avoid bothering to watch it in the first place. Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Red vs. Blue: Welcome to the Internet.

  1. Well I just thought I’d try and drink coffee while watching.  I thought “Oh c’mon!  how funny could it be?”

    I think you know the rest of the story.  Anyway, I’ sure the stuff will harden between the keys and I can scrape it out later.  smile

  2. LOL!  The coffee quirted out my eyeballs!  Wait, no it didn’t – that would be disgusting. < voice="announcer" > Just like the Innn-ternet!!!

    < /voice >

  3. I didn’t drink coffee while watching it… but I had a Great Big One™ from Dunkin Donuts an hour before… and nearly pissed myself laughing so hard…


    Whom gets the drycleaning bill?

  4. Addendum to Les’s warning: also, do not munch popcorn while viewing. It presents a choking hazard.


    Dude, it’s funny cause its true… raspberry

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