Microsoft officially launches MSN Search.

Microsoft has officially rolled out their answer to Google today with the launch of MSN Search. So how does it do versus Google? I put it to the test by searching for each of the words in SEB to see where we would show up in their rankings.

First, the results from Google:

  1. Stupid – 7th link
  2. Evil – 20th link
  3. Bastard – 4th link

And now, MSN Search:

  1. Stupid – 4th link
  2. Evil – 21st link
  3. Bastard – 3rd link

MSN thinks that SEB is more stupid and bastard-y than Google does, but less evil.  So what does this prove? Not a damned thing, but it was an amusing diversion for a few moments.

7 thoughts on “Microsoft officially launches MSN Search.

  1. All of my sites rank higher in the new MSN search vs Google.  I searched for Sandals Negril Pictures and came up first, same for Napa Valley Pictures where Google seems to go by how many links you can trade vs how relavant you are.

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  2. I resent the fact that my site is first on an MSN Search for my name, but only third on Google…I want to prefer Google just on principle.

  3. I searched for my name.  The first 6 links in Google are relevant.  The top return is my Penn State homepage, which is the page I *want* to be first when someone does a web search for me.

    For the MSN search, the first 4 links are associated with me, but none of the top 100 MSN results include my Penn State homepage (1st in Google), or my former U of Wisconsin homepage (5th in Google), both of which I consider the most important pages that mention me.

  4. c’mon les, you know you want to talk about the newest photo of the “american hostage”. if you’ve watched the news tonight, you know what i mean.

    or maybe, you want to talk about the professor and his thoughts on 9/11 victims?
    i’d be glad to hear your take on both these. :3

  5. I wish bastard wasn’t in it at all, it keeps preventing me from being able to bring it up onscreen to my students, so I have to print it out for discussion…

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