Maddox Publishing First Book

Maddox is publishing his first book!  Maddox, a graduate of the University of Utah, started his satirical weblog, “The Best Page in the Universe” in ‘97 and it has grown in popularity significantly since then.  Getting at one time about 1 million hits per month, Maddox’s witty satire has attacked nearly every group of people on the planet.  Most well known for his “I am better than your kids” page and the follow up, “More crappy children’s art work” I am expecting great things from his book.

The publisher, Kensington Books, will be releasing it in March ‘06.  It will have 144 pages and although the title has not been announced yet, it will be either humor or, if Maddox gets his way, self-help.  The books will be available in all major bookstores in America, Australia, Canada and the UK.  For more info on Maddox’s new book go here to sign up for updates.

8 thoughts on “Maddox Publishing First Book

  1. Pfft, who cares?  Maddox is just some over-opinionated asswipe with nothing better to do than rant about how he likes licking balls or something.  Boycott his book!!

  2. Finally the genius of Maddox will be in print; now even the technicapped will be able to experience his enlightened words (known to his fans as ‘piratey badassness’). I think it is beautiful irony that Maddox’s book will be published by a company that has published books such as “Confessions of a Pregnant Princess”, and “Are You in the Mood?”.

    I wonder when I will stop laughing?

  3. hehe. I can’t wait…I’ve always found Maddox’s attitude wildly hilarious, even if his opinions aren’t too in line with my own.

  4. Maddox recently posted an update on the status of the book.  He decided to have fans submit illustrations and chose a lucky eight to work with on the book.  Go here to see the update.

  5. If you don’t liek his site, then don’t buy his book. How plain and simple is it? Don’t waste your time persueding people to buy it you loser. I am a fan, so I plan to purchase it. If not, fuck off.


    Shawn Sager

  6. Hey Freck, what the hell are you talking about? It sounds like you’re just bitching for the sake of bitching. Take your own advice and fuck off.

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