I’m still standing.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in asking where the hell I was and why the hell I haven’t been updating the blog. No, I’m not off on some job-loss inspired road trip to nowhere in particular. Nor have I grown so despondent that I haven’t gotten out of bed since Friday (though I did sleep much longer than usual on Saturday). I had fully intended to write something to the blog on Friday, but there were still people in the Alpha building who hadn’t heard that I was leaving and word was finally spreading to them on Friday so they day was spent chatting with well-wishers while doing the last minute tasks required on the last day of employment. A nice lunch paid for by my good friend and coworker Greg (JethricOne on SEB) ate up some of the time as well. We went to Red Robin where the wait staff treated me to a Moving-On-To-Bigger-And-Better-Things free sundae complete with a rousing chorus of that “Sha-na-na-na” song. My boss came by the building and did the exit interview where I turned in my ID badge, beeper, and secureID keyfob thingy that I used to access work computers remotely and then I was free to spend a little more time getting goodbyes in before leaving for the last time.  So there ended up being no time to sit down and get an entry up in all the fuss.

Then when I got home there was an email from Wide Open West telling me I needed to reset my cable modem as they had just upgraded our speeds from 4MB to 6MB and it would require a reboot of the modem. I did so and the modem refused to resynch. Doh! After a couple of hours or so of fiddling with it I called the tech support folks and was told that they were aware that some folks who had Webstar modems were having trouble and the techs were looking into it and hoped to have everyone up soon so just sit tight. OK, fine.

Seeing as I couldn’t get online I decided to try and diagnose a troublesome audio issue I’d been having on my PC and ended up getting things to the point that I had no audio at all. Rather than dick around with it any further I decided my PC was due for a restage anyway and promptly went about backing up my data and doing a restage from scratch. Once that was done I was unable to patch the system and reinstall some of the software because my connection to the net was still offline. So I went to bed.

The next morning the cable modem looked like it had synched, but wasn’t actually doing anything when you tried to access the net so I reset it again and it once again refused to synch. Apparently it had just given up during the night and decided to pretend that it had synched. I got on the horn again and the tech support fellow I got this time around put me on hold to talk with his network staff. This time they bumped the firmware down to the 4MB setting and then back up to the 6MB to see if it’d take, it did and I was back online. Why they didn’t do this the night before is beyond me, but I was finally back up and running. I spent most of yesterday getting my PC back in working order after which I played some World of Warcraft where my good friend and former coworker Greg (JethricOne again) loaned me the remaining 40GP I needed to finally buy a damned mount for Balfour, my 42 level dwarven hunter.

So that’s what I’ve been doing rather than posting new entries for the past couple of days. I’m doing OK mental health-wise. I’m not depressed or freaking out with anxiety. I’ve not had a lot of responses from all the resumes, but one bit of good news is that I have an interview on Wednesday at 10AM with the contract house I work for in regards to an internal position as a Software Support Specialist for a new engineering package they’re about to unleash. It sounds like it’d make good use of the skills I have while providing new ones in the bargain and I’m very excited about the possibility of staying with a company I know and love. I haven’t been given a billing rate yet, but the job sounds like it’d pay more than I was making previously so perhaps getting laid off will end up being the best thing to happen to me. It’s going to take some serious selling of myself to land the role as I’m not a 100% match for the qualifications, but I’m eager and determined so hopefully this will be the shortest period of unemployment possible. Keep your fingers crossed.

5 thoughts on “I’m still standing.

  1. Best of luck on the job front, Les!

    On the weekend, my friend’s internet also went kaput, so she played The Sims. Sim!Tish now has a baby…hope you take better care of Balfour than my pixellated alter-ego does of her sprog raspberry

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