Home Sweet Road: A year long driving adventure.

Imagine for a moment that you and your significant other have become disillusioned with your life as it currently stands and so you decide to pack up your car and take a nice, long, road trip to nowhere in particular that you’ll document via writings, pictures and movies on your blog. How long of a trip? Oh, say, an entire year. At the end of which you’re going to choose one of the towns you visited to be your new home. That’s exactly what Scott Lacy and his wife Eileen Corrigan are planning to do starting on July 24th and the blog they’ve set up to chronicle this adventure is Home Sweet Road. Here’s a little from their about page that explains the hows and whys of their decision:

How did this all come about? Last summer we found out we were pregnant with twins boys only to deliver them stillborn at 20 weeks. Eileen cried a lot and stared out the window. I stewed a lot and stared out the window. We moped and sulked and scratched around for meaning. Desperate for a little joy, a little hope, a little anything, we left town for a weekend road trip to Indiana. But when it was time to return to the scene of our misery, we turned north instead, and drove … just drove. Sailing ghostlike from town to town, with no plan, no destination, we were lost souls with an atlas and nowhere to go.

Then a wonderful thing happened. As one town morphed into the next, as the tomorrows piled up and the yesterdays receded in our rearview mirror, we began to feel better. Happy even. The road had always been good for us, but on this trip, in the midst of our heartbreak, it was doing more than providing good humor: it was healing us too.

It was about then that Eileen floated a preposterous idea: how about we take another trip just like this one—traveling from town to town, with no route, no destination—except, next time, do it for an entire year! At first we laughed at the idea. But the laughter quickly evolved into an earnest discussion of how to transform Eileen’s lark into an actual plan. Home Sweet Road was born.

I have to admit that I’ve entertained the fuck it, let’s just drive someplace fantasy from time to time in my life so reading about someone that’s actually going to do it is very appealing. Home Sweet Road launched in December just before Christmas and mainly contains entries about the process of preparing for such a life altering undertaking, but I expect it’s going to be very popular once July 24th finally rolls around. I’m always fascinated by people who seem to be able to find a way to do the things I’ve thought about doing, but never had the conviction or motivation to follow through on—probably because I’m hoping to see if there’s anything I can learn from them about accomplishing my goals—so I’ll be adding Home Sweet Road to my list of must reads.

As an aside, I found Home Sweet Road by accident thanks to a chance entry in the referrer log from a Blogsnob ad for SEB that showed up on their site.

2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Road: A year long driving adventure.

  1. That’s exactly how I found them too! I keep seeing them in my referrers and pop over there to see if they’re talking about me. grin Well, they’re not of course. I can’t wait for the trip to start though. I’ll be following it closely.

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