Gay Penguins

A zoo in Germany has imported some Swedish Seductresses lady penguins hoping to tempt the zoo’s three gay penguins back on the straight. Oddly enough, the zoo only discovered that the penguins were gay after they conducted DNA tests as they had (I assumed) thought the mating penguins were male and female.

The actions by the zoo have sparked protests from gay groups. But it must be said that the penguins in question are an endangered species. So it is not as if the zoo is homophobic, but merely trying to breed an endangered species.

The same sex penguin couples have “adopted” some stones to serve as replacement for the eggs they will never be able to lay.

While reading this story I realized that there was this famous gay penguin family at Central Park Zoo (don’t think they are together anymore). The zoo actually gave them an egg, which the penguins incubated until a female penguin, Tango, was hatched and they were great parents, keeping Tango away from dangerous areas. And apparently, as the article points out, the same sex penguin couples have not destroyed the sanctity of other heterosexual penguin couples’ relationships.

By the way, have you seen penguins holding hands (flippers) before? So darn cute.

2 thoughts on “Gay Penguins

  1. I think it’s great they’ve found love.  Too bad humans can’t learn to be as accepting as the animal kingdom of these differences.

    I just wish the gay penguins would stop looking at me like I don’t know how to dress.  Sure, they all wear tuxedos, and I shop at Wal-Mart, but there’s no reason to be bitchy about it.

  2. Gay Penguins

    things like this is why I love SEB.  Your eye is caught by something in the ‘5 Related…’ and you end up in threads you never knew existed.

    The actions by the zoo have sparked protests from gay groups.

      Why not just give the right a big stick marked ‘beat me’.  Actions like this help no one, least of all themselves.  I look forward to Wal Mart trying to ban penguins, because they make their customers look critically at their clothes…

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