Foxtrot does “World of Warcraft.”

Yeah, I can relate…

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  1. A computer shaped as an strange.

    Yeah, I can agree with your statement on the addictiveness of gaming.

    I am still waiting till they can create a game where you can play some lameoid guy who wanders the earth in search of a decent 9-5 job while maybe smiting evil aliens or orcs. If only I wasn’t so lazy I might program that game myself.

  2. This is so true…

    I’ve been playing WoW too much over the past couple of days, and I need to take a break…. right after I complete this next quest …..

    What server(s) does everyone use, and what characters? I am on Hyjal and run a couple of different ones, but have settled into my NE Hunter…


  3. I’ve got a NE Druid (Ulfrekr) and a Tauren Warrior (Yaksblood) on Hyjal, but have been having trouble sticking to a server. I’ve also got an Undead Warlock (Sarinth) on Dunemaul (which I started when Hyjal was down for a day), and a Dwarf Hunter (Njall) and NE Rogue (Brenath) on Burning Blade (which I started when I found out a bunch of my college friends had a guild there.) The Druid on Hyjal is the furthest along, but I enjoy the Warlock the most, and of course neither of these is on the server where I most want to play. It’d be really sweet if they implemented some kind of one-time-per-character server switch.

  4. I have a level 45 NE Druid on the Stormscale server named “Broccus” and that’s it. I just can’t bring myself to start another character with the resulting 1st level. I know we were all level ones once but I’ve blocked the shame of that from memory.

    I’ll probably play this character to 55 or 60 and then try out City of Heroes. I love the idea of being a super hero.

  5. City of Heroes has an awesome character creation utility, and it’s pretty fun, but it definitely lacks the depth of WOW. I also thought it had some pretty major gameplay flaws (I kept getting stuck in doorways). I haven’t played in in a while though and I hear they’ve fixed a lot of glitches.

  6. I agree. WoW is addictive. I haven’t played for a week now though, since I have to snowboard (I am a guide and go to camps with schools) and I got addicted to that, too grin

    I’ll return to proper WoW addiction shortly after though wink

  7. i TOO am addicted to WoW. im so obsessed/addicted that i noticed my character smiling and i vowed not to sleep until i find the answer to WHY she is smiling. its so freaking odd! she used to look so emotionaless and tough, now she smiles! like a dumb ass! i wish i knew why!

  8. i was addicted to that piece of (insert your bad word here), scientist hack in head game too.  World of Warcraft is wickedly fun and was designed to be so.  psychologists took the time to seriously help design this game… or so ive heard

  9. Lol. I used to game back when Diable 2 expansion was cool. I was good at that but I stopped. Ironically my brothers are both addicted to gaming. They play from 11:00 AM – 2:00 AM (at least during the summer). I have personally moved on, I lost interest in gaming due to the fact that I would always get bored of it in about 30 mins of playing.

    Instead I picked up programming…. I think some people take gaming way to seriously. Heres a link to a funny set of videos about a “pro gamer”. They are funny(at least I think they are…). Its called PurePwnage.

    If you like gaming(or at least understand it) then it is quite a laugh.

    Cheers BunBun

  10. Hahaha… Diablo 2 was awesome.  I remember playing the original Diablo at a friends house.  The sorceress always seemed to end up on top in both of these games, in my opinion.  raspberry.  I stuck with the paladin though in my higher levels, how about you?  I don’t think your brothers play that long.  I used to play computer games all day and all night.  I quit World of Warcraft about 2 months ago.  I still have thoughts about that game, not physically addicted anymore, damn that sounds bad.  I only get mental images now.  Picking up computer programming seems to be a really good alternative to gaming, but I just can’t seem to get myself into it.  One or two days I would look at those web pages that teach you, but I just couldn’t seem to get into it. I would learn some stuff, but of course this can’t even touch the base of C++, Java, and all that other stuff.  I have books on all that stuff, but I just can’t seem to get interested.  Any ideas?
    Never did look at that web page, a web page with the label “Purepwnage”, I am sure is very funny.

  11. Awsome; I had a 97 barb(1054 ith cbs), 2 97(one i got rid of the other a java/bowazon with ss, bward, and such) zons and a 95 sorc(nova). my sorc used occy rings and my barb/zons use cons + bvalors. My sorc had skulders if i remember correctly. I agree, sorcs owned. But so did my barb and zon, they were not totally useless but my sorc sure was a hell of a lot faster at cows. OMG I just realize how addicted I was to that game. To a non d2 player this must sound like another language.

    And about programming: I think the best language to start learbing would be Perl, PHP, or C in a linux enviroment. Linux has TONS of free stuff and tutorials and is an awsome platform for software development. After you learn a language like that I think java is a good choice to explore. It is more complicated due to the fact that it is OO(object oriented, like C++) but it is a very good language for general crossplatform use. Well, if youunderstand any of that keep working…programming IS cool despite what anyone might say. Lol.

    Cheers BunBun

  12. God damn.  You had some really nice equipment, lol.  It took me forever to get occys for my sorc.  I saw someone using some pick up hack that made someone drop everything, something of that sort.  The funniest damn thing I have ever seen.  I seriously got my occys, some other really nice equip, can’t remember.  I really am thinking about going to get that game right now and starting a hard core player.  I never did do that.  And yes, to a non d2 player, this looks ridiculous.  But who can define really what’s cool raspberry
    The pick up hack was seriously one of the funniest things I have ever seen.  Now that I remember it better, the person actually locked up, dropped his stuff, and had no idea what really happened.  Remember those games where you went in to get hacks?  omg… me and some other people would just get equipment after equipment.  I think it’s wrong but then again, it’s so funny, and it’s just a game, plus less time getting that shit smile

  13. I know that I need to start with Perl.  However, I just can’t get on the page where I feel like I am accomplishing something.  I guess I should start setting goals.

  14. OK i was and still am addicted to D2, It is a fucking great game and i havent stopped playing it. But my Ex-Boyfriend cut me off and i so i moved on to WOW and it is awsome, it cant beat d2 but i do love the system setup it has and i can maintain a simple guide to playing it.. But i also got cut off from that as well..currently i am playing D2 OFFLINE!!EEKK!!i HAD A COMP. Problem and i party way to much to be paying for 12:00 am – 12:00pm the next day..(times i play, the rest is used for getting whatever and partying) so yes… anyways holla out you guys keep it real and be good to your games they will be good to you…unless you throw them.. 🙁
    Love- Casey

  15. My boyfriend of a little over a year started playing World of Warcraft early last year.  I recently moved to Texas to live with him from Michigan (a lot of our relationship was long-distance) and after getting a job and an apartment, I am beginning to think that maybe this is just going to turn into a mistake, possibly the biggest one of my life.  At first when he called me, I’d ask him what he was doing and he would invariably reply, “Just playing Warcraft.”  Then it started getting worse . . . by the time June rolled around, he had little else to tell me about . . . he’d say, “Oh babe, guess what?! I got to level 35 today!” And me being the ignoramus I was (I’d never played WoW at the time), I’d humor him and smile and laugh and congratulate him. Soon it got to be where I’d try to talk about something else and he’d divert the conversation back to him and to WoW.  Still, I never thought much of it . . . he had a full-time job that gave him a small windowof free time anyways.  Then I came to visit him for a few weeks in late July and that was literally all he would do, hour after hour, day after day.  He never took me anywhere at all except to his friends’ apartments so he could play with them.

    Now I live here, and he plays 12 hours a day, sitting here at this freaking computer and ignoring me.  He never has sex with me, even though I work out and I’m good-looking and in shape; he never takes me anywhere, never buys me anything come the holidays or my birthday.  He’s on probation now for something that happened at work, and this month, with 250 due from him at rent time, he revealed to me and our other roommate (who also plays WoW) that he had spent several hundred on a video card for his computer.  The 420 I had to fork over almost broke me, and to top it all off my car broke down that same day and the repairs are costly.  I play WoW too . . . mostly to try and share some time with my boyfriend, who I love . . . but I can’t keep up with his demands and I don’t have any idea who he might be talking to on this freaking game.  Two of his friends came over the other night and we all got drunk as they had a “LAN party;” when I, in my inebriated earnestness, tried to get my bf to stop playing, one of his friends came in and yelled at me for being a bitch and trying to control him.

    I’m lonely and I have no friends down here – the only people I know are my bf and my roommate.  I don’t know what I should do and I need help . . . I don’t want to be a controlling bitch either . . . please . .

  16. Crap, you already know WHAT you need to do; all you gotta do now is leave.

  17. “You love that WoW character more than me”
    ” I do not love THAT character more than you”(thinks ‘don’t ask me about the druid, don’t ask me about the druid…’)

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