Dead Man Working.

Today’s the day I clean out my cubicle. Tomorrow’s my last official day, but I don’t expect it’ll be a full day and I’d rather spend it getting my goodbyes in than cleaning up so I’m going to get the cleaning up bit done today. I’m a little nervous as this will be the first time in the 10 or so years I’ve been working as a contractor that I haven’t moved directly from one assignment to the next. It’ll also be the first time I’ve ever collected unemployment.

I’m not going to miss the position as I never wanted to be a planner in the first place and I wasn’t happy with being forced into the role from my position as a 2nd Level PC Tech, a job I did love. I will miss the building I resided in and its residents. There are a lot of good people there who thought I was the greatest tech they’d ever had and who still come to me on occasion and ask for help because they’re not getting it through the official process. I’ve been amused by the fact that this has picked up in the last three weeks as word got around that I was being let go. It’s like they were double checking to see if they had any outstanding problems the SPOC folks couldn’t fix so they could ask me before I was unavailable. That’s flattering in a way. Several of the building residents have been helpful in forwarding my resume on to other areas that are looking for tech workers and I’ve talked to an unprecedented number of contract houses as a result. It has been a pleasure working with these folks and they will be what I miss the most.

On the job search front it’s been a mixed bag so far. There’s no shortage of listings for tech work on the job search websites, but Michigan’s unemployment is tied with Alaska for worst in the nation so there must be a shitload of people all trying for these jobs as well. I’ve got around 40 or so resumes that I’ve personally submitted out there along with who knows how many that have been passed along by helpful people, but so far I haven’t had a single interview. Still, I’m optimistic as there are a lot of contract houses that seem to think they can find something for me to do and my own contract house has an internal project that I am being considered for that would require a two year commitment. My pimp mentions the two year part like it might be a problem. I pointed out that I love my contract house and the only reason I might give up a good position before two years is up would be if I won the lottery.

Anyway, as long as I’m not out of work for more than a couple of weeks then the time off should be useful in terms of making me really flexible in scheduling interviews. I get paid once a month and today is payday for the time I put in for January. So I have, essentially, a month of time before I receive my final paycheck for the current position which will have 11 days on it. One month to find something new to do before things start to get precarious. Whew! I’m getting a little nervous just thinking about it.

Oh, and if any of you guys are famous Hollywood producers or directors that have been thinking I’d make a great unknown for your next film then now’s the time to act. I’m inexpensive and willing to put up with huge amounts of abuse in return for moderate fame and fortune.

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  1. Oregon’s unemployment rate isnt too pretty either.  But do not despair.  The only way you won’t find a job is if you stop looking.  Hang in there.

  2. Here’s hoping you get a nice little two week break, and then are plopped down into the middle of a totally sweet job.

    *squeezes eyes shut, muttering ‘c’mon, c’mon, c’mon,’ while crossing all fingers and toes*

    (It’s a sad state of affairs when a trained professional who wants to work has to worry about whether or not he’s actually going to get an opportunity to do so).

  3. Hey Les. Did you get the email I sent you about the MT blog project I needed help with? I never got a reply, so maybe it got stuck in SPAM hell on your side.

  4. What nowiser said, and –

    I know lots of tech guys who can impliment a solution if someone hands it to them, but if asked to solve a problem on their own, they’re stuck.  Some company just needs to realize how much they need someone who will start and run and solve problems.  Which of course, is you!  cool smile

  5. Les,

    Good luck and I hope you find something soon.  My father’s last day at his job is next week and my wife’s company laid off 10 people yesterday (in a company of about 75).  Fortunately she was not one of the unfortunate, but she commented that the atmosphere there was pretty grim.  So, it certainly hits home and makes you realize that you always need to be prepared for these situations!

    It seems to me that you have some pretty good skills considering how well you run this blog.  Good luck.

  6. Wyrd, I’m hanging in there. No problems yet. I’ll get through this eventually. grin

    Nowiser, that would be wicked cool. Even better would be to win the lottery, but I’d be more than happy with what you proposed.

    Brooks, I did get your email and I thought I responded to it, but checking on it again it appears I was delusional. I appreciate the offer, but you’re probably better off going with the BlogMoxie girls. I’ve been struggling trying to come up with a layout for DeadScot’s blog for a few weeks now and the creative juices just ain’t flowing at the moment. Besides, the girls are WAY better designers than I am.

    DOF, thanks for the encouragement. I appreciate the morale boost.

    Chad, seems it the four years I worked at my current position it seemed like there were always layoffs happening someplace in the company. This time it’s my turn.

  7. I already have the design part down… It’s part of what I do. My problem is my lack of knowledge of MT and it’s templates and CSS and all things BLOG. If it were HTML, I could do it myself. I want it to have a similar layout as (technically), but based on a design that I have in my head. I would supply all of the graphical elements. I just need a Moveable Type Template Guru. I’d rather give you the money than BlogMoxie.

  8. If you’ve got the layout then I could probably make it work, but, honestly, if you’re good at HTML then picking up on how to use MT’s tags should be within your grasp. CSS isn’t mandatory (though it makes designing some things easier).

    Part of the reason I don’t try to get a job as a web designer, though, is because my ability to come up with layouts that don’t suck complete ass is sporadic at best. But taking someone else’s design and making it work in MT or EE is something I’m pretty good at. If you want my help, I’ll be happy to see what I can do.

  9. WTF?  I go past your cube and notice the name plate changed to “Leah”.  I thought maybe you finally got that sex change operation that you’ve been wanting.  I ask Ben (you know Ben, the only 30” monitor, 20 GB RAM but its a standard load PC in the building) about it and he says “No they gave Les the boot.”  Damn, I didn’t know.  The worse part is I obviously missed the going away party at the Toy Chest!  Let me know if there is a “landed a new job” party.  First table dance is my treat.

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