Winter Wonderland Overload.

We got our fair share of snow from that massive winter storm that you’ve probably been hearing about on the news. Nothing record breaking, but enough to make the trip into work today not worth taking. Seeing as I only had one meeting and it was over the phone and all I could see outside was lots of cars sliding into each other I decided to play it safe and work from home. So I sent out an email letting the two Site Managers I work most closely with know of my whereabouts and then checked my work email and voice mail.

I don’t tend to make new year resolutions simply because I have a hard time ever sticking to them, but I do tend to harbor a few new year intentions secretly to myself. One of them for this year is to move on to a new job someplace else. I so want to get back into a hands-on technical role of some sort. It’s been about a year and a half since I was unwillingly transformed from a 2nd Level PC Technician (a job I loved) into a Site Management Zone Planner (a job I hate) and I feel I’ve given it a good shake to see if I might grow into it. I haven’t. Not only do I hate it, but I’m not all that good at it and this year the role promises to move even further away from my professional skill set. I’ve been with this Automotive Company for four years now as an agency worker and in those four years my pay has gone done by 12% from what it was due to cost-cutting moves by the company. Not once in four years have I ever gotten a raise nor was I given a raise when I was forced into a job I didn’t want, increasing the buildings I support by 12, without receiving any training for it. January 2 was my four year anniversary and nothing has been said to me about a performance review or a possible raise as of yet and I’m betting it won’t be brought up anytime soon.

They say you don’t want to know how your sausage is made and I’ve learned the same is true about how your cars are built. With some of the logic used in the decision making process at this company I’m surprised the cars don’t just randomly explode when sitting at stoplights. It’s very frustrating and it’s time for me to find someplace else to go. I keep hearing the job market in IT is expected to improve this year and I’m really hoping that turns out to be true.

That or I need someone in Hollywood to “discover” me and help me realize my dream of becoming an actor with a cult following similar to Bruce Campbell or Jeff Daniels. That’d be cool too. Sam Rami’s from Michigan, maybe he’d be willing to help a fellow native. Or perhaps I could become one of the corespondents on The Daily Show. For that matter I think CNN would do well by giving me a pundit show titled WTF?!? where I’ll invite stupid people on and question them on what malfunctioning brain process led them to think it was a good idea to embezzle $10 million from their employers because they were dumb enough to believe a Nigerian email scam. Maybe I should consider a career where I get paid for offering opinions on stuff. I offer my opinions on all sorts of things all the time already, but it’d be cool to have people send me stuff and say “Hey! What do you think of this?” and then pay to have me say what I think of it.

Why I bet there’s all sorts of jobs I could be both good and entertaining at. But I’m curious, what job do you guys think I’d be perfect for?

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  1. You’re the perfect renaissance man, Les. Sadly, no renaissance just now.

    I think you would be pretty good at self-employment from where I sit here (and where obviously, a computer-related business would offer itself).

    Then again, you have sometimes hinted at you ADHD-problem. I don’t know if that might be serious enough to affect a job where you basically have to pace yourself, and where you will make no money if you don’t aplly yourself consistently (hey, you asked wink)

    I think you already have a cult following, by the way (poor cult though – most us us ain’t willing to kill anyone in your name – we don’t even stalk you). But I’m not sure you could life off that already.

    Not joking though – you MIGHT be able to turn the blog-type thing (and related stuff) into a job. But I’m sceptical if it would pay well (probably not, you’re not commerical enough) and I guess turning a hobby into a job can be critical for your enjoyment of it.

    Okay, if I get any better ideas, I’ll let you know! Back to my masters thesis (I’ll be searching for a job too, come may!).

  2. I’ve never had a job that I absolutely despised since getting out the military so I can only imagine what it must be like for you to wake up every morning and trudge off to work.

    I could easily picture you doing some form of consulting for systems/platform integration maybe for a large library system or educational institution.

    Either that or a social worker specializing in deprogramming former cult members.

    BTW: Captchas are gone.

  3. Hard to say, Les.  I’ve never known what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I figured that if I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I could at least do what I *can* in the meantime.  It’s made a living for me, mostly, but I can’t ever say that I was following my dreams, or doing work I enjoy, or whatever.

    But it sounds like they’re screwing you over financially, and that’s as good a reason as any to move on.  I hope you can find something in your area …

  4. DS, thanks for letting me know about the captchas. We’re running a beta of 1.2.1 at the moment and there’s expected to be a couple of bugs. This would appear to be one of them.

    Ingolfson, no offense taken. Nobody knows better than I do the havoc that being ADHD can play with getting stuff done. grin

    GM, me too. I used to love going to work there, but it’s amazing how much things can change in just 4 years time. I just need to be clever enough to come up with some craptastic product everyone will want like Pet Rocks (remember those?) so I can make a quick million or two and then retire.

  5. Les, too bad you have scruples—you could become a religious figure, snake oil peddler or self-help guru and make tons of money off of credulous people … But selling pet rocks would still let you keep your self-respect. wink

  6. USB-enabled pet rocks, Les. We may have a winner there.

    Then again, only people like you would buy them wink

  7. Les, I know what you mean about computer support – that’s approximately what I do and I love it.  I get to play the hero a lot because I produce visible results that people understand.  (Not like those network administrators and telecom people who have actual skills and work miracles daily but users don’t even know they exist.  No wonder they’re all a little balmy.)

    I’ve been told PC support is kind of a low-end job for someone of my decrepitude – apparently my career isn’t “going anywhere.”  But on those rare occasions when I have to go to “meetings” it bores the hell out of me and I don’t want to go there.

    I have gone broke twice trying to be in business for myself.  Not trying for a third time.  I couldn’t handle the paperwork.  But if you’re good at paperwork (or have the full support of someone who is) that could be an angle.

    My sister is always calling me up and saying; “I just wrote a check to my computer guy for $300 for three hours work!  Why aren’t you in that business?!”  Data security, backups, web presence, connectivity, updates – all services small to mid-sized businesses need but they can’t afford an on-staff guy.  You could pitch some kind of maintenance and rapid-response package.

  8. I was kinda joking to see what crazy responses you guys would come up with, but some of these aren’t half-bad. Not sure how good I’d be at running my own business, but I’ve kicked it around more than once. I know a fellow who’s been doing his own small-business consulting for awhile now for doctor’s offices and the like who manages to charge a pretty good rate for his services all things considered.

    Oh, and the captchas should be working once again.

  9. Les- I’m lousy at running my own business, and I’m not rich but we’re not broke either (my posslq has a real part-time job, which helps too).  The disadvantage of being self-employed (aside from the fact that your boss will not give you a raise) is the uncertainty- the advantage is the flexibility.  But you knew that.
    My brother is a self-employed success story (he actually earns pretty well and loves his work) in a related field to yours- he builds hardware.  Dropped out of high school, boned up on math (with some coaching from his big brother, who has since forgotten most of it), got together with a couple of friends and started putting together circuit boards for uses that were not well covered on the market.  Now he has his own company with about six employees- large enough to get the work done, small enough to be flexible and fun.
    And that is the well-known secret to success- know your stuff, know the market, do or make something no one else does or do it better than anyone else.  Just make sure to have fun doing it.
    Good luck to you, Les.  And make sure those USB Pet Rocks are Bluetooth-enabled.

  10. Data security, backups, web presence, connectivity, updates – all services small to mid-sized businesses need but they can’t afford an on-staff guy.  You could pitch some kind of maintenance and rapid-response package.

    Actually, we do that stuff.

  11. 1) I though you were looking for joke answers too so I thought exotic dancer with your scarf and fuzzy boots.  But maybe that’s too weird coming from your sister. 
    2)Yes, look into the library thing I’m there right now and what they have right now is pretty boring.

  12. Sorry about the cold weather up there. Yesterday I went to work in shorts and slept with my bedroom window open and no I don’t live in Florida. As for career oppurtunities look south. Atlanta has periodic boom periods of IT hiring and compared with many places in New England and the rust belt the cost of living is low and the winters very mild. Atlanta also is a island of blue in a sea of red—-just a thought.

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