Updated and new items in the SEB Cafe Press store.

For those of you who are so inclined to want a T-shirt or other form of collectible that will proudly display your fandom of all things SEB, but have been patiently waiting for me to clear out the stuff with the moldy old design I had used previously, your day has finally come.

In addition to updating several older products with new logos based on the current design I’ve also increased the number of products bearing our popular tag-line including a new version of the SEB clock that is guaranteed to turn a head or two if you’re brave enough to hang it up at work. There’s also a couple of new shirts on offer now as well so if you haven’t been by the shop recently then go check it out.

5 thoughts on “Updated and new items in the SEB Cafe Press store.

  1. Wonderful stuff, Les. I would purchase a cute little shirt or even the coffee traveler if I could get away with it. If you had things with SEB and WTFIWWYP on them I, too, could be trendy!

  2. That can be arranged. Let me know what product you’d most like and I’ll whip up a tamer variation on the logo to put on it at least long enough for you to make a purchase or two. grin

    If the store ever really starts to rack up sales then I’ll consider forking out the cash to upgrade to a premium store where I can have multiple variations on a single product, but until then I have to juggle things on occasion.

  3. Thanks muchly, Les. I want the raglan shirt and the coffee traveler. I’ll be ready to purchase next week. Will that give you enough time to get it together?

  4. What would really rock is the SEB shirt in black instead of white (I so do not look good in white). Speaking about the organic cotton and value shirts, and maybe the hoodie sweatshirt. I plan on purchasing at least 3 or 4 of the items in there even if they are white, just because the shock and awe they would produce in this small hick town is worth every penny I will spend. smile

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