Trouble often comes in pairs.

If it ain’t one thing then it’s another. Not an hour or two after I wrote my last entry I came down with a bad case of the chills and shakes. Seems the stress lowered my immune system enough to allow some nasty form of virus to take hold and lay me flat on my back for the past two days. This is the first I’ve been on my PC other than a quick login yesterday morning to send my coworkers a note letting them know I wouldn’t be in. Went to the doctor’s yesterday and they checked me for pneumonia or a bladder infection and declared my ailment some form of virus of a non-specific variety. I’m on antibiotics and motrin and I’ve been mainly trying to stay hydrated and asleep ever since. I’m feeling much better this evening though I’m still achy all over and have a headache like you wouldn’t believe.

First, I want to thank everyone for the kind comments and encouragement. It does help to keep the spirits up and it never hurts to hear that folks believe in you. I also appreciate all the tips on companies to look into everyone has sent my way. I’ve gotten a number of phone calls from friends and relatives asking me for a copy of my resume which I plan to start sending out tomorrow morning. I’m only waiting until then because the most recently updated copy of my resume is on my work PC, natch. Should of sent that one home awhile ago, but I didn’t expect this to happen either.

Second, what am I looking for? I’d like to get back into IT doing hands on tech support of some sort. Ideally I’d love to end up working someplace that offers a lot of growth potential where I can learn new skills like perhaps networking. That’s what I was doing when I contracted in and I loved my job back then. The move from a 2nd Level PC technician to a Zone Management Regional Planner was an involuntary one and I’d like to go back to what I know and enjoy. As idiotic as it sounds I get a great deal of satisfaction in taking a PC that’s screwed up and getting it working again for someone so they can go about their job. It’s the closest I’ve come to being a superhero in some people’s eyes and that’s a great thing to go off and do every day.

Third, the blogs aren’t in any danger of going anywhere anytime soon. Thanks to the donations that have already come in the costs of hosting are covered for the next year at least unless we suddenly need to change webhosts. Now, my ability to afford an Internet connection to update my blog might become a big question mark soon, but the hosting aspect of it should be covered for the time being.

Again, thanks to everyone who’s written in and commented with ideas and tips. I’m still a bit under the weather so I’m going to go back and lay down and try to sleep the rest of this illness off so I’m fit for the challenge ahead come the morning. I’ll try to answer more of your questions then.

9 thoughts on “Trouble often comes in pairs.

  1. Are you sure that it wasn’t the tequila shots you did after you got the bad news? wink  Take care, bro, and drink lots of water and juices.

  2. That makes sense – I often get sick when shit hits the fan.  Hope you feel better soon.  And get the fan cleaned up.

    I like doing desktop support for the same reason.

  3. What they said. Forget (as far as you can) about all the shit for a day or two (playing video games comes to mind wink) and then get back up, rested again.

  4. I’m back on my feet as of today and back at work trying to get caught up all the while updating my resume and forwarding it on to all the folks who have asked for it. It’s been a very busy morning and I still haven’t gotten the resume out yet, but I hope to do so within the next ten minutes or so.

    Still, the point being, I’m back to feeling like my old self once more. No aches to speak of and a relatively decent energy level.

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