Trailer for Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride.”

Ooooo. Eric’s going to be pleased. Looks like Tim Burton is making a return to the realm of stop-motion animation next Halloween with a new movie titled Corpse Bride. With the voices of Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Albert Finney, Richard E. Grant, Christopher Lee, and Joanna Lumley it looks like it’ll be a fun romp. At least if the trailer is anything to go by.

3 thoughts on “Trailer for Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride.”

  1. I’ve been waiting for this trailer for months. I can’t wait. I love Burton, and this film looks great. Next Fall cannot come soon enough. I’ll just go watch Nightmare Before Christmas about 900 more times to hold me off till this one arrives.

  2. While I love Burtons past work and think this trailer looks great I don’t like the name at all. Is there some double entendre I am missing? Does ‘Corpse Bride’ sound like something else that is supposed to be a clever in joke? Just feels awkward, but since he’s the film genius I suppose Tim knows best.

  3. I like the imagery as is Burton’s best contribution to any film, but my concern with this one is it seems like the plot is going to suck.  I mean what is the film about really?  I’ll see it eventually, but I’m still most looking forward to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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