The rumors are true. Six Apart buys LiveJournal!

Official announcements from both companies have been posted along with info and FAQs on just what this will mean for users of both products. Here’s a blurb from the Six Apart press release:

As part of Six Apart, LiveJournal will continue to operate as a separate division and will continue to foster an active community around the globe. Brad Fitzpatrick, Danga’s founder, president and lead developer, will join Six Apart as the company’s chief architect, extending his proven skills in scaling large services to the rest of Six Apart’s products. The Danga staff will remain dedicated to LiveJournal and Six Apart expects the staff to grow as it invests in the service. LiveJournal will continue to distribute a large portion of its software under various open source licenses. Six Apart intends to invest in the LiveJournal software, which will remain separate from Six Apart’s Movable Type and TypePad products, with dedicated engineering and support teams for each product.

“Six Apart’s business—and only business—is weblogging software and services,” said Barak Berkowitz, Six Apart’s chief executive officer. “We are driven to provide the best quality weblogging tools on the planet, to the broadest number of users, and our acquisition of LiveJournal reflects this passion.

“We are now the only company to offer the full range of weblogging tools to the market,” he said. “We have a service intended for individuals to interact with family and friends through LiveJournal; a hosted service for avid webloggers who want more flexibility and power with TypePad; and the leading server-based solution for power users, corporations and institutions through Movable Type. We welcome LiveJournal users to the Six Apart family, and promise to keep the LiveJournal culture and quality which has earned their devotion.”

As mentioned previously there’s already been varying degrees of enthusiasm (or the lack of it) from LiveJournal users over just the rumor of this buyout and it looks like the Ben and Mena have learned from past PR mistakes. Mena herself has written an entry about the whys and hows of SA’s decision and there are FAQs from both Six Apart and LiveJournal that should help to calm nerves a bit, though probably not completely. This does appear to be a good move for both companies and could be a benefit to LJ users who have been clamoring for some features for awhile now. It certainly helps to solidify Six Apart’s place as a driving force in the market.

If nothng else, it should be interesting to see what happens next.

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