“Stupid Evil Bastard?”

DajerryGuy writes:

    “I’m a new member, Les. Would you share with me the origin of your site’s name? You are certainly not stupid. I will withhold judgment on “evil” for a while.”  – Jerry

This is one of those questions that gets asked from time to time and the answer is spread around in a couple of different threads, but I think I only addressed it in an entry directly once and even then I didn’t go into great detail on the why. Here’s what I said at the time:

Different name, same bad attitude.

I changed the name of my blog today after putting a lot of thought into it. Some folks who know me will probably understand my choice for a new name immediately while others who think they know me will wonder why I picked a name that has such a negative, and potentially offensive, connotation. For the latter folks I’ll just say that after spending any amount of time reading the news these days the new name pretty much describes how the “masses at large” seem to view me. If anyone bothers to ask, I’ll try to go into greater detail later.

Originally my blog was named Wandering Randomly Amongst The Blogs, which is a pretty stupid name in retrospect, but an apt description of how I was learning about what was a relatively new trend at the time. I kicked quite a few names around for awhile before settling on SEB and one of my favorites was: Young Militant Santas For A Better Tomorrow, but that seemed a little too seasonal. I debated going with an old standby from my days of running a BBS system and just calling it Les’s Place, but I wanted something that would grab people’s attention.

It was reading the newspaper that eventually brought out the name. It had been full of stories that day that simply pissed me off and I turned to someone, I don’t recall who, and said something like, “Ya know. Based on the stories in today’s paper, these people must think I’m some sort of stupid, evil, bastard. The politicians think I’m stupid enough to believe the bullshit their shoveling. The religious nuts think I’m evil because I don’t believe in their fucking fairy tale and I play games like Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and/or video games. And if I speak up and complain about being perceived this way then I’m just being a bastard on top of it all.” I believe the jocular reply I got was: “Well, aren’t you?”

Well, yes, I suppose by some people’s standards I am a stupid evil bastard. I’d certainly been called one or more of those things many times in my life. It’s certainly an attention grabbing name and it appeals to my sarcastic side. For those folks who take the time to get to know me, either in real life or by reading this blog, it’s quickly apparent that I’m none of those things, but for the folks who meet me in passing or who only hit one or two pages here due to a Google search I’m sure it seems a very apt description. I also like the self-depreciating nature of it and I think it shows I try not to take myself too seriously. So it just seemed like the right name to use.

If I ever get around to finishing up the layout for the FAQ section I started I’ll move this entry into it so it’s a bit easier to find.

10 thoughts on ““Stupid Evil Bastard?”

  1. My husband was busily tap-tapping at the internet as I sat beading in a nearby chair. The low-volume surround-sound of the Evening News was background to a scene we have adopted over the past four years. Admittedly the serene atmosphere is often shattered with Gov’t generated expletives from one or both of us.
    He suddenly turned to me from a Google search to ask, “Where would a guy get the name Stupid, Evil Bastard from for a Website?”.

    With looking up I replied, “From his wife.”


    Anyways, he visited your site and I registered yesterday. We have been curious about “SEB” ourselves and for some reason expected to find the answer on the front page. This article today was right on time! I will be stopping in on a regular basis. I appreciate your work.
    Nice to meet you, Cyn

    PS It has became my most recent endearment for him 😀
    As he left for work this morning, I could not resist adding, “See ya later, you Stupic, Evil, Bastard”.

    We both lost it.

  2. You entire explination seemed to leave out the possibility that you really are a Stupid Evil Bastard.  So i ask, do you know who your father is?

  3. OK, I’ll humor you. The first two adjectives are subjective leaving only the last a possible factual statement so in regards to the first two you’ll have to make up your own mind, but with regards to the last one I can say that I am not a bastard in the literal sense.

    Though I also can’t say that I truly know who my father was as he died when I was only five years old which makes it difficult to have much of a recollection about him. So I know who my father was in the sense that I know his name and that he was legally married to my mother, but I don’t really know much about him beyond those couple of facts. Is that convoluted enough for you?

  4. I accept your claim and herby give you the title of ‘Honarary Bastard’ for having endured the pain and hardships of being a bastard regardless of unquestionable parentage

  5. Les, maybe you forgot to use the rest of the quote in your sidebar….?

    But we may hope that the dawn of reason and freedom of thought in these United States will do away with all this artificial scaffolding, and restore to us the primitive and genuine doctrines of this the most venerated reformer of human errors.

  6. Not sure of your point, Jason. It is a partial quote, true, but the remainder is part of what got Jefferson branded as an atheist by Christians of his time. In it he is suggesting that the whole of Christianity has corrupted the true teachings of Jesus, whom he didn’t consider as anything more than a wise prophet, by surrounding his message with fables and fairy tales of miraAcles and divinity which he felt were unnecessary and made a mockery of what Jesus attempted to impart on mankind.

    I’ve never denied that Jefferson was a deist, because that’s what he was, and the closest he ever came to admitting being a Christian was to claim he was the only representative of his particular take on the concept and a fan of the simple teachings of Christ.

      In that branch of religion which regards the morality of life, and the duties of a social being, which teaches us to love our neighbors as ourselves, and to do good to all men, I am sure that you and I do not differ. We probably differ on the dogmas of theology, the foundation of all sectarianism, and on which no two sects dream alike; for if they did they would then be of the same. You say you are a Calvinist. I am not. I am of a sect by myself, so far as I know. I am not a Jew, and therefore do not adopt their theology, which supposes the God of infinite justice to punish the sins of their fathers upon their children, unto the third and fourth generation; and the benevolent and sublime Reformer of that religion [Judaism] has told us only that God is good and perfect, but has not defined Him. I am, therefore, of His theology, believing that we have neither words nor ideas adequate to that definition. And if we could all, after this example, leave the subject as undefinable, we should all be of one sect, doers of good, and eschewers of evil. No doctrines of His lead to schism. It is the speculations of crazy theologists which have made a Babel of a religion the most moral and sublime ever preached to man, and calculated to heal, and not to create differences. These religious animosities I impute to those who call themselves His ministers, and who engraft their casuistries on the stock of His simple precepts. I am sometimes more angry with them than is authorized by the blessed charities which He preaches.—Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to Ezra Styles.

    Jefferson also took the time to create his own variant on the Bible which removed all the bits he considered utter nonsense. In some respects I think Jefferson may have been the only true Christian to have walked the Earth.

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