Rumors swirl of plans by Six Apart to acquire Live Journal.

According to Om Malik word is that SA is looking to grow a little larger:

EXCLUSIVE: Folks have been predicting a big year for mergers and acquisitions in 2005, and we are starting the year with a bang. I have learnt exclusively that Six Apart, the parent company behind hosted blogging service TypePad, and Moveable Type is about to acquire Live Journal, for an undisclosed amount. The deal is a mix of stock and cash, and could be announced sometime later this month, according to those close to the two companies.  If the deal goes through, then Six Apart will become one of the largest weblog companies in the world, with nearly 6.5 million users. It also gives the company a very fighting chance against Google’s Blogger and Microsoft’s MSN Spaces.

Live Journal is insanely popular with some folks. So much so that when some LJ users make the move to a server based package like MovableType or ExpressionEngine they will still maintain a blog on Live Journal. Cross-posting to Live Journal is one of the most requested plugins/features for server based blog packages and several such plugins exist for various packages.

There’s no official word from the folks at Six Apart or Live Journal about this rumor as of yet, but you can bet there’ll be plenty of concern on the part of LJ fans over what this deal will mean should it turn out to be true. Already some folks are up in arms about it and have started to break out the pitch forks and torches. Let the show begin!

Update: There’s a Technorati Watchlist available for folks who want to keep track of what others are saying about this rumor. A couple of other folks are claiming to have confirmed that it’s true, but that the sale has already taken place.

2 thoughts on “Rumors swirl of plans by Six Apart to acquire Live Journal.

  1. I’m sure the kerfuffle from MT3’s pricing misstep is coming back to haunt them in the LJ community.  That said, I find LJ to be just freakin’ awful from an interface and usability standpoint, both as a journal-ist and reader of same.

    If 6A does this, and is clever about it, the folks will never know the difference, except that they’ll get more readers as people are able to find, read, and comment on their stuff.

  2. A marriage between Six Apart and LiveJournal could be great – LJ login integration with TypeKey for example, and better links with TypePad. Getting Mena or someone to redesign LJ’s backend would be a great move.

    On the other hand, it could also be a disaster with both sides coming out for the worse. We’ll have to see. Of course, this might not even be true…

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