P1r4t3s 0f Teh C4r1bb34n: Teh Curs3 0f teh Bl4ck P34rl

I don’t know why stuff translated into l33t sp34k amuses me so much, but it does. Someone out there made a FanScript for Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and then someone else took it and translated it into l33t sp34k:

Young Elizabeth Swann: p1r4t3s r0xx0r
Governor Swann: d00d, p1r4t3s r teh 3vul
Young Will Turner: omg wtf th4t suxx0r3d
Elizabeth: *st34ls teh m3d4ll10n*

Will Turner: s3xx0r m3 3l1z4b3th
Governor: l053r
Elizabeth: l8r d00d
Captain Jack Sparrow: i m teh cr4zy
British Soldiers: wtf????//
Commodore Norrington: s3xx0r m3 3l1z4b3th
Elizabeth: *f41ntz*
Cap’n Jack: omg i g0tt4 s4v3 h3r
Soldiers: d00d u r t0tlly bu5t3d
Cap’n Jack: wtf suxx0r!!!111
Norrington: d00d th1s p1r4t3 == teh sukc
The Evil Pirates: 4rrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!1111
Elizabeth: p4rl4y!!11
The Pirates: wtf suxx0r!!!1
Elizabeth: i m 3l1z4bth turn3r
Captain Barbossa: g1mm3 teh m3d4ll10n
Elizabeth: l3mm3 g0 1st
Barbossa: 0k
Elizabeth: h3r3z j00r l3wt
Barbossa: h4 h4 h4 h4 i l13d
Elizabeth: wtf suxx0r!!!1

Like I said, not sure why I find it so funny, probably the same general amusement I get from most idiots. I’d love to see a blooper reel someday where the cast is geeky enough to suddenly break out into l33t sp34k while filming just to confuse the hell out of the director. I know I’d do it.

Found via Boing Boing.

9 thoughts on “P1r4t3s 0f Teh C4r1bb34n: Teh Curs3 0f teh Bl4ck P34rl

  1. I find it hilarious too.  It’s hard to explain why, but it has something to do with how ridiculous l33t sp34k is and how cool people thought they were while doing it.  It’s as antiquated now as “right on,” “far out,” and “gag me with a spooooooon.”

  2. I too am a sucker for twisted language.  When I was a kid I came across a delightful book in the library by Howard L. Chace entitled “Anguish Languish”.  Here’s the first sentence of his “Ladle Rat Rotten Hut”:

    Wants pawn term dare worsted ladle gull hoe lift wetter murder inner ladle cordage honor itch offer lodge, dock, florist. Disk ladle gull orphan worry Putty ladle rat cluck wetter ladle rat hut, an fur disk raisin pimple colder Ladle Rat Rotten Hut.

    Now that the copyright’s expired, the whole thing can be found at
    I’ve found this a good test of English comprehension- even otherwise very good non-native speakers often can’t make heads or tails of it (you hear the gauntlet hitting the floor, elwed and ingolfson?)

  3. Now now shana- I’m going to have to chide you here.  At least some fundies rock- one of my best friends, now alas an ex-friend (long story), was a fellow music major at the university.  She was the best musician I’ve ever known- she rocked.  Grew up Jewish, was snared by Jews for Jesus. I spent lots of time trying to unsave her, to no avail, even though she admitted it was a bummer that all her real friends were not going to be keeping her company in Heaven.

    True, most fundies do not r0xor, but there are exceptions to every rule.

  4. Well, you got me there.  I would still say that the overall r0x0rness of fundies is, like, -368.
    I went to a Baptist church once and there was a guy there playing guitar and it totally sux0red.

  5. I’ll r0xx0r your b0xx0rs!

    Sorry, can’t help myself. It’s such an idiotic thing to say and an equally idiotic way to say it that it cracks me up every time.

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