OK, let’s try this again.

I spent most of this weekend cocooning and trying to ignore the fact that I’ll be jobless in about three weeks. It was much needed after the way last week went. Between finding out my contract was ending and then getting sick plus learning that a relative had died the previous weekend the whole damn week was pretty much a wash. So escaping reality was both a good thing and a bad thing this weekend.

Due to the illness I missed a couple days worth of work and as that’s where my resume was I also missed out on getting that updated until Friday when I asked JethricOne to take a look at it as he does a lot of interviews. He offered up quite a bit of advice on changes and tweaks and so I brought it home to work on over the weekend and then completely failed to work on it over the weekend because I was busy pretending I didn’t have a care in the world. So this morning I’ll be working on that so I can start flooding folks with them. Assuming I don’t have a ton of other things to do once I get into work, that is. If worse comes to worst I’ll just start sending out what I’ve got as it’s been decent enough to land me the past few jobs I’ve had, but then it was largely a formality for most of them too.

On the good side I’m feeling much better than I have in a long time today despite my situation. The massive amount of rest I got in while ill combined with a very short work week and a weekend spent relaxing has really helped to recharge my batteries. The stress isn’t completely gone and is bad enough that I’m breaking out in a cold sore, but it’s not as bad as it could be. One thing I did accomplish this weekend that I’d been meaning to do was take down the Christmas tree. Yep, I still had it up and if it were my choice it probably would’ve stayed up all year. First year I lived in this apartment that’s exactly what happened and it became a very elaborate night light for me. This year it stayed up longer than last year, but not as long as that first year so I think I’m doing pretty good on average. I think Anne’s at the point where as long as it’s down by her birthday (January 30th) then she has no complaints.

So my weekend wasn’t spent totally goofing off, but it wasn’t as productive as I had hoped either. We got hit with that big snow storm you’ve been hearing about on the news and I’ve yet to go outside to see how bad it is, but I suppose I should get started so I can clean off the car and head into work. Temps haven’t been above 20 degrees for the past several days around here so it’s unlikely much of it has melted away. That’s one good thing about being in an apartment. Someone else ends up shoveling the snow off the sidewalk.

Update: I also wanted to mention that I owe several folks some help with web page layouts that I promised them awhile back and have yet to deliver on and that I intend to try and correct that this week. I’ve been having trouble with inspiration and motivation, but I think I’ve got plenty of both to get these projects done soon. So if you’ve been waiting patiently for my assistance hang in there a little longer and I should have something soon.

4 thoughts on “OK, let’s try this again.

  1. I was wondering have you tried this.

    Sending an “appreciation” letter to your boss or perhaps the even the big boss or the boss of the boss. (I think you can tell that I love Hugo Boss products:)

    Specifically, telling the person you appreciated them giving you a job for the past 4 years and allowing you opportunity to work for them even if you did not have a college degree.

    Perhaps the head boss might think you are a gem to keep and may change the policy or accomodate you.

    By the way, are you planning to get a degree?

  2. The last few years we have had a 14inch ceramic tree on a table, easy out of, and back into the box.
    In the days when we had a 6 feet tall artificial tree with all the lights and ornaments, it usually came down the 6th of January, known as Epiphany. 
    However, one winter had quite a run with ear infections for the sons, trips to the ER with kidney stones for the hubby, bronchitis for the missus, and Flu for all.
    Well the tree was up until Lincoln’s Birthday.  Which in this town February 12 is a day off school.
    During a time of recovery, the decoration in the corner should be the least of your worries.

  3. PT, nope I haven’t tried that and I probably won’t. Truth is I don’t really want to keep this job and I was planning on finding something else to do this year anyway. Just wasn’t planning on doing it so soon into the new year.

    Besides, my boss and probably even my boss’s boss would love to keep me, but they don’t make the policies involved. In my four years I’ve had my pay cut twice for a total of a 12% loss, have never received a raise even after being shoved into a new job I didn’t want and tried to get out of, and have generally been crapped on despite my professionalism and hard work. Like I said, I’m not so much upset about losing the job as much as not having something better lined up ahead of time.

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